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The Correct Technique to Curving a Football: Tips to Curve a Football

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You have probably seen a football match and it probably has a free kick. If you watch closely, you see the ball sometimes isn't exactly going in the direction of the net, but somehow manages to find itself inside the goal.

What the ball does is, it curves and no it does not occur randomly. There is a technique for curving the ball. It is an art that has to be mastered and i'm here to teach you. Of course, after a lot of trial and error, I know the right way to curve the ball.

The Run Up

  • Take 3-4 big steps behind the ball. If you are right-footed then take around 2 steps to the left side and vice-versa
  • Now you have set yourself up, time for the run-up. Run on your toes with a medium pace till you reach the ball.

The Shoot

  • Now that you have reached the ball, plant your weak foot firmly on the ground. It should be about 1 step away from the ball. It should also be facing a little to the side of your desired target.
  • Your body should lean back a little. This sets you up for the curve. Make sure your body is loose.
  • Lock your ankle and swing your foot.
  • Your foot should make impact just below the center of the ball. Not too low, just beneath the center of the ball.
  • The side of your foot, which means the area just beside the bone near your big toe.
  • Make sure your foot does not stop while it is swinging. Follow through the whole movement.


If the ball does not curve at the first attempt, do not get disheartened. Practice is the most important part of this whole tutorial. Make sure you follow through this movement and make adjustments where it is required. Soon you will be curving the ball masterfully, and being quite a pain to the keeper.

Best of luck champ ;)

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