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The Cardinals Way - Drafting & Developing

Matthew is a St. Louis Cardinals fanatic and has been keeping up with the team since 2004 (age 3). He has not missed a game since 2017.

St. Louis Finds Success Through Drafting & Developing Talent

For the St. Louis Cardinals, prospects are their backbone. As an organization, their product is producing talent. This is the talent at the major league level, the minor league level, and the talent that they are currently scouting. In recent years, the Cardinals have been able to produce a lot of great talent, thanks to their ownership and scouting team. They are responsible for finding the prospects they want to develop and helping in their development. This has been a key to success for the Cardinals over the past few years.

*Although this video is dated, it offers excellent insight on how the St. Louis Cardinals go about forming their team. This is the "Cardinals' Way" and it has not changed throughout the years.

The Cardinals organization is known for being one that does not like to regularly spend big money when it comes to free agency. The way that they avoid this is by finding talent in high school, college, or internationally, and drafting them to see them grow within the Cardinals organization. This makes it so that they are in control of developing the talent and can make sure that all their prospects' flaws are worked out by the time they make it to the major league level. Building their team from within also makes it so that they do not have to pay their guys nearly as much as they would a free agent or a proven star, and can wait until their "homegrown" talents become proven stars.

Current Talent Generated from the Cardinals' Way

Currently, the Cardinals are finding great success with this method of drafting and developing talent. Players like Jack Flaherty, Dylan Carlson, Tommy Edman, Jordan Hicks, Ryan Helsley, Brendan Donovan, and a few others who are on the current team are there because they were drafted by the Cardinals and developed by the organization. This makes it to where the team is successful because they have so much young talent, and they are not yet at the point where they have to pay these guys big money, so this talent is affordable and should be able to stick together for many years to come.

Future Talent Currently Being Generated by the Cardinals' Way

To go along with the players already making an impact at the major league level, the Cardinals also have guys like Jordan Walker, Masyn Winn, Alec Burleson, Tink Hence, Gordon Graceffo, and many more other great pitching prospects on their list of Top 30 Prospects. These men will soon be helping with the Cardinals' success, and make it to where they can build upon their young core with even more young talent, which will be affordable and make it to where they too can stay together for many more years. This will lead to continued success for the Cardinals, and if done right, will make for a never-ending cycle of meaningful baseball in St. Louis.

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