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The Big Game of the T20 World Cup: India VS Pakistan

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Big Game of the T20 WORLD CUP AUSTRALIA 2022



India VS Pakistan

A very huge clash between the two neighboring countries India and Pakistan takes place on the upcoming Sunday 23rd October 2022. This is the biggest match between these two teams. The match starts at 1:00 pm (PST). The match venue is Melbourne Cricket Ground(MCG) in Melbourne. This is the fourth match of the Super 12 round and the 16th match of the world cup 2022.

Recent Clash Between India VS Pakistan in Asia Cup 2022 at Dubai

  1. In the 2nd match of the group stage, India Won by 5 wickets with 2 balls left.
  2. In the 8th match of the Super Four matches, Pakistan won by 5 wickets with 1 ball left.

Head to Head T20 Matches between India VS Pakistan

Head to Head between India and Pakistan

Head to Head between India and Pakistan

These head-to-head T20 matches of India vs Pakistan include Asia Cups, World Cup matches and also the t20 series between them.

  • 11 Matches to be played between them.
  • 1 is the tied match between them.
  • India won 7 matches.
  • Pakistan won 3 matches.


The fans of both teams will be ready to watch this high-power game. Not only in Australia, but in home countries. In-home countries, both team fans will do their every type of important work before Sunday. On Sunday, they only watch a match and eat their favorite snacks like Chips, Cookies and Pop-corns during the game. Fans excitement at its peak.

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Is there is a twist in the game due to rainy weather forecast?

Rain is likely to happen in Melbourne on Sunday 23rd October. The weather forecast shows up to 70 percent fall of rain which may affect the game either to be short or abandoned.

Melbourne Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast

Winning Poll for the Match

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