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Texas Rainbow Trout Fishing - Community Lakes and Ponds

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Welcome to the Texas Rainbow Trout Fishing - Community Lakes Webpage, published for fishermen by fishermen.

We appreciate your support in our endeavor and would like to welcome you to our site.

Our team is based out of Allen, Texas, located in Collin County just North of Plano and Richardson and the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

We are avid fishermen, who enjoy fishing the local ponds and lakes in our area. Of interest are the community lakes in the Metroplex and the Rainbow Trout stocked by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department each Winter.

The locations we fish vary based on the season; however, in Winter, we pay close attention to the Trout Stocking Schedule and fish the local community lakes within reasonable driving distance of our homes.

Our guiding principle is a commitment to the fishing experience by providing others with useful information about fishing in the area. In this instance, providing suggestions/tips on fishing the community lakes for Rainbow Trout.

Good Luck and Good Fishing!

Texas Parks and Wildlife Trout Stocking


The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's (TP&WD) Trout Stocking Program provides recreational fishermen an opportunity to fish for Rainbow Trout in the Lonestar State.

Each Winter, community lakes and ponds throughout Texas are stocked with hatchery-raised trout.

Closest to our team's home base is Collin County in which five community lakes are stocked annually. The community lakes are:

  • Bethany Park Pond C in Allen
  • Commons Pond in Frisco
  • City Hall Pond in Murphy
  • Towne Lake in McKinney
  • And, Frontier Park Pond in Prosper

Update: November 4, 2018

2018-2019 Trout Stocking Schedule is posted! For our area - Collin County, stockings in Allen, McKinney, Prosper, Frisco, and Murphy are planned this Season! Do checkout the videos below from past seasons!

Also, do check out our summary of fishing reports over the 2009-2013 Seasons - Field Study - Lures and Baits for Stocked Rainbow Trout.

Also, we will keep the section on day trips across the border to Oklahoma to the Blue River for our Readers' reference - "More COAF on YouTube Videos - "How about the Blue River, OK".

For more on fishing the Blue River (~2 hours from Dallas), checkout Blue River by Hughes Crossing: Suggested Areas for Rainbow Trout Fishing!

Trout Stocking in Collin County

First stocking in Collin County is usually Bethany Park Pond C in Allen. The stocking occurs mid-December with ~1,700 Trout released.

The next trout stocking is the Commons Pond in Frisco around the first/second week of February, depending on the weather, and has ~3,000 Trout released.

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And then, the latter half of February is a Trout stocking at City Hall Pond in Murphy with ~2,600 Trout released.

Next, comes Towne Lake in McKinney with 6,000 Trout released late February or early March also depending on the weather.

Finally, it's the stocking in Prosper with ~2,500 Trout released in Frontier Park Pond (formerly Community Park Pond) around late February or early March.

For directions to the lakes and updated stocking schedules, click-on TROUT STOCKING SCHEDULE.

Included in the link is the state-wide trout stocking schedule that should prove useful for those looking outside the county for other trout fishing opportunities.

Or, save a copy for those who are planning to travel over the holidays. There could be a trout fishing opportunity waiting at your travel destination.

The Rainbow Trout, stocked in Collin County, are raised by the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center (TFFC) in Athens.

The trout are panfish-size, typically running between 8" to 9". However, a 10" plus size trout can be taken.

No matter the size, the fishing is fun and the trout are great fighting on light tackle or flyfishing gear.

So, put the dates on your calendar and plan to stop by and fish for these scrappy fish this Winter!

Bethany Lakes

Locations in the Spotlight


Bethany Lakes Park is located on the Northeast corner of the intersection of Allen Heights Drive and Bethany Drive in the city of Allen. It has several ponds, a fishing pier, a playground, picnic areas, and a Frisbee Golf Course.

The ponds contain Bluegill, Sunfish, Bass, Catfish, and Crappie. Bluegill and Sunfish are the prevalent fishes but Largemouth Bass are in fair enough number and size that they make things interesting.

Work the shallows for Bluegill and Sunfish early morning and evening in the Summer. Go for Bass by working shorelines in the Spring. In Winter, focus on the Rainbow Trout. For Catfish, any season is good with bread being a sure bet for a hook-up with one!

Bethany Lakes is a catch and release pond with exception of the Rainbow Trout. The catch and release regulation has been in effect for about three years. That said, the Bass seem to be doing well with 2-3 pounders caught and released regularly and an occasional 5-pounder observed. However, beware the Bass tend to stay "lock-jawed" during the spawn.

As for the Rainbow Trout, Bethany Lakes is the first of four community lakes to be stocked in Collin County. The trout are released in Pond C, also called the Upper Pond. And, with over 2,000 Rainbow Trout released, fishermen have an excellent chance to catch a limit of trout for the table. The daily bag limit for Rainbow Trout is five and requires a freshwater fishing licence. Also, anglers are limited to two fishing poles; new regulation for 2008.

So, take a break over the holiday's and make an effort to fish Bethany Lakes for a chance at Rainbow Trout!

Lake Lewisville Ecological Learning Area


Lake Lewisville Ecological Learning Area is located in Denton County and is a popular fishing spot for area fishermen.

Within its borders are Lake Lewisville's tailrace that feeds into the Trinity River. It also has hiking trails, primitive camping, and canoeing/kayaking, and a river that provides an excellent opportunity for Rainbow Trout and White Bass/Hybrids in the Winter.

In the heart of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, LLELA feels isolated from the urban sprawl. Its river contains Bluegill, Sunfish, Bass, Catfish, Crappie, Carp, and White Bass/Hybrid with the White Bass/Hybrids and Rainbow Trout being the main attraction in Winter. Work the tailrace for White Bass/Hybrids. Walk downriver and fish the river bends for Rainbow Trout.

LLELA is a research area used by the University of North Texas. So, be sure to heed the special regulations. Some that come to mind include:

  • No cast nets or fishing nets such as seines are allowed;
  • Area is open only Fri-Sun from 7AM to 5PM in the Winter;
  • And, access requires purchase of a day use fee.

Make an effort to fish Lake Lewisville Ecological Learning Area (LLELA) this Winter!

How to get there

From the South:

  • Drive north on I-35E through Lewisville
  • Exit Valley Ridge (east) to the stoplight at Mill Street
  • Turn left (north) on Mill Street and drive to Jones Street
  • Turn right (east) on Jones Street and proceed east until Jones dead-ends at the LLELA front gate, at the junction of Jones Street and N. Kealy Avenue

From the North:

  • Drive south on I-35E through Lewisville toward Dallas
  • Exit Valley Ridge (east) to the stoplight at Mill Street
  • Turn left (north) on Mill Street and drive to Jones Street
  • Turn right (east) on Jones Street and proceed east until Jones dead-ends at the LLELA front gate, at the junction of Jones Street and N. Kealy Avenue

Waterloo Park Pond (Denison)


Waterloo Park Pond is located in the city of Denison (Grayson County). Small in size but big in action during the Winter Trout Stockings, it is a sure bet for Trout. Just heed the stocking schedule and target fishing trips to the pond within the first two weeks of a stocking. Better yet, plan trips within the first week of a stocking.

About 30 miles North of the Metroplex, Waterloo is distant enough to keep the crowds low which works out well as the pond is less than a 1/4 acre in size and looks more like an ornamental pond. It has sidewalks that border its shoreline and park benches.

When Trout fishing plan on bringing Corn, Bread, Cheese,and Salmon Eggs. Also, keep a supply of Powerbait in Orange and/or Chartruese. Fish the bottom with light tackle using the Carolina Rig described in the Tips Section.

We have on occasion taken Trout using fishing flies, Super Dupers, and Rooster Tails. But, have found that bait outfishes lures overall.

Check out Waterloo this Winter. If the Trout are not biting, then head to the larger lakes just South of the pond. Bass and Catfish are a good bet and back-up if the Trout decide to stay lockjawed.

Getting There!

From DFW:

  • Drive north on Hwy 75 and head to Sherman.
  • Pass through Sherman and continue to Denison.
  • As you near Denison, take Exit 69 and proceed to the feeder road.
  • Continue north on the feeder road to the intersection/overpass.
  • Make a right at the intersection onto W. Morton Street.
  • Proceed east on W. Morton Street for less than a 1/4 mile to an intersection.
  • Turn right (south) at the intersection onto Lillis Lane.
  • Proceed south on Lillis Lane for about a 1/2 mile to an intersection.
  • Turn left (east) at the intersection onto Crawford Street.
  • Proceed east on Crawford Street for about 3/4 miles an intersection.
  • Turn right (south) at the intersection onto Waterloo Lake Drive.
  • Proceed south on Waterloo Lake Drive for about a 1/4 mile.
  • The parking area to the park will be on you right.
  • Once in the parking area, you will see Waterloo Lake to the west and the pond to the north just past the boat ramp.

Towne Lake

Towne Lake (McKinney)

Towne Lake is located in the city of McKinney (Collin County). It is comprised of a main lake and a small pond that are connected by a small channel.

The lake contains Bass, Catfish, and Bluegill and is another convenient get away for area fisherman in the Metroplex.

In Winter, action heats up with the Trout Stocking conducted by Texas Parks and Wildlife and is kicked off by the Annual Trout Derby hosted by the city of McKinney.

Although the lake is large compared to the typical community pond, Trout are contained by netting to the back portion of the main lake, the small pond, and the channel. This greatly increases the chance at catching Trout and makes for a great time with the kids.

Suggested baits and lures vary each year. As a rule, bring Corn, Bread, Cheese,and Salmon Eggs. And, keep a supply of Powerbait in Orange and/or Chartruese. Fish the bottom with light tackle using the Carolina Rig described in the Tips Section.

Limits are the norm the first week of stocking. By the second week, plan to go early or late in the day/early evening as the bite slows mid-day. Be ready for light strikes giving line on the initial strike, and plan to set the hook quickly on the follow-up strike.

Getting There...Refer to Google Maps link to Towne Lake - McKinney.

Community Park (Rowlett)


Note: Trout Stockings have been infrequent here; do check the current schedule to confirm one is planned for a given Season.

Community Park Pond A is located in the city of Rowlett (Dallas County) and is comprised of two small ponds that hold Bass, Catfish, and Bluegill.

It provides a convenient get away for area fisherman in the Metroplex. In Winter, action heats up with Trout Stockings conducted by Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Of the two ponds in the park, "Pond A" is the one to target for Trout. It is the pond with a fishing pier and is nearest the parking and picnic area.

As each year is a gamble when it comes to bait and lures to use, it is better to be prepared like the Boy Scouts motto.