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Lindor & the Mets take on Miami at Citi Field tonight at 7:10.

Francisco Lindor

Francisco Lindor

The Mets and Francisco Lindor were disappointing last season. They finished with a 77-85 record and Lindor batted just .230. That's now history and Lindor's big contract kicked in this season. The Mets are in 1st place in the NL East (97-57) and have a 1-game lead on the Braves in the NL East.

On Tuesday night at Citi Field, the Mets take on Miami. With Marte still on the 10-day IL, Lindor is batting 2nd.

However, this season, Lindor is having a much better year; 25 HRs, 103 RBIs, and is batting .275 which is respectable. However, not exactly what you would expect from a player you gave a $341 million contract to.

This season Lindor broke the Mets team record for most RBIs by a Shortstop which was 82 set by Jose Reyes and has also broken the club's record for most HRs by a SS and he's one RBI from reaching 100 RBIs for the 1st time in his career.

What will fellow New Yorker Aaron Judge be worth at the season's end when he becomes a free agent? The Yankee slugger who is 30, leads MLB in HRs with 60 and in RBIs with 128 and is batting .314.

Let's compare Lindor this season to these privileged to get a $300 million or more contract.

Mike Trout, $426.5 million for 12 years.

37 HRs 77 RBIs .276

Manny Machado, $300 million for 10 years

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31 HRs 100 RBIs .299

Bryce Harper, $330 million for 13 years

18 HRs 61 RBIs .287

Fernando Tatis, Jr. $340 million for 12 years.

Was on the 60-day IL and is yet to play this season. Now he's serving an 80-game suspension for using PED. 2021 42 HRs 97 RBIs

Lindor who came over from Cleveland in a trade with the Mets along with Carlos Carrasco didn't live up to expectations in 2021. He batted just .230 and had 20 HRs and 63 RBIs which is pretty good for a player that missed 5 weeks with an oblique strain, but it was the .230 average that was the eyesore.

Lindor is a talented player, but not elite, and playing in New York is another challenge. You have to be resilient, and thick-skinned which he's not. I simply wanted the Mets to wait until at least the All-Star break or season's end to sign him. Since he was already signed for $22.3 million last season and you had other SS coming available such as Trevor Story, 29 who had a better year (24 HRs 75 RBIs .251). Even former Mets SS, Amed Rosario who was included in the Lindor trade, nearly had a better season (11 HRs 57 RBIs .282).

Lindor's high point in 2021 was hitting 3 HRs vs. the Yankees on a Sunday night on a nationally televised ESPN game. His low point was the thumbs-down foolishness to the fans that he and his good friend Javier Baez participated in and later apologized for.

Yes, the new Mets owner Steve Cohen has plenty of money, but why didn't he wait to sign him long-term at the season's end? Maybe Lindor will get acclimated to playing in New York and produce, which means more than improving his stats. I mean helping the Mets win a World Series or two which they haven't since 1986.

As a Mets fan of 50+ years, I want to be wrong. Many of my fellow Mets fans have told me the same how they hate the deal he got. Thus far it seems like the Mets may have way overpaid for a good, but not an elite player.

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