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Lindor's 1st season with the Mets was disappointing. What will the next 10 years be like?

Lindor smiled as often as he struggled in his 1st year with the Mets.

Lindor smiled as often as he struggled in his 1st year with the Mets.

The Mets and Lindor's disappointing season finally ended. Mets season has been disappointing with a 77-85 record. They went from holding on to first thru July to finishing the season in 3rd place in the NL East.

Francisco Lindor who came over from Cleveland in trade to the Mets has been a disappointment. He's batted just .230 and had 20 HRs and 63 RBIs which is pretty good for a player that missed 5 weeks with an oblique strain, but it's the .230 average that is the eyesore.

The Mets caved into his and his agent's demand prior to the start of the season and foolishly gave him a 10-year $341 million contract. He had to make more than Tatis got which was $340 million over 14 years. However, Tatis is just 22 and can play SS and the OF and he put up the #s; 42 HRs 97 RBIs and batted .282.

Lindor is a talented player, but not elite, and playing in New York is another challenge. You have to be resilient, thick-skinned which he's not. I simply wanted the Mets to wait to at least the All-Star break or season's end to sign. Since he was already signed for $22.3 million this season and you have other SS coming available such as the Rockies Trevor Story, 29 who had a better year (24 HRs 75 RBIs .251). Even former Mets SS, Amed Rosario nearly had a better season (11 HRs 57 RBIs .282).

No doubt, Lindor is a talented player who has a good glove, works out walks and scores runs, but 10 years for $341 million! The Mets had options. A 5-6 year deal was more likely and would make him trade-able if necessary, now the Mets are handcuffed.

Lindor's high point was hitting 3 HRs vs. the Yankees on a Sunday night on a nationally televised ESPN game. His low point was the thumbs-down foolishness to the fans that he and his good friend Javier Baez participated in and later apologized for.

Yes, the new Mets owner has plenty of money, but why didn't wait to sign him long-term or go 5-6 years? That's history now. Just maybe he will get accumulated to playing New York and produce and that means more than improving his stats. I mean helping the Mets win a World Series or two which they haven't since 1986.

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