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Lindor on 10-day IL with an oblique strain. that's more likely 20-30 days...


Mets well-paid steady Eddie at Shortstop (Francisco Lindor) is on the 10-day IL with an oblique strain. Correction; let's be realistic considering all the Mets have invested in him, it's safe to say 20-30 days is more likely.

Francisco Lindor left Friday night's game vs. Pittsburgh in the 5th inning with soreness on his right side. Lindor winced after grounding out to 2B. He's initially was listed as day-to-day.

Lindor's stats are still not what they should be; batting .228 to go with 11 HRs and 36 RBIs.

However, they have been on a slow and steady rise over the past month, but keeping it real his numbers don't equate to him getting superstar money.

Tatis, who's 22, and is the player Lindor insisted on getting a bigger contract than, is way out in front of him statically; 28 HRs 64 RBIs .296. His deal is much better structured than Lindor's as well. He will get an annual signing bonus of $714,286 from 2021-2034. This season he surprising will make $1.7 million and then from 2029-2034 will get the big money; $36,714,295 each season.

Thus far in a Mets uniform, Lindor has about five games in which he was a factor in a win. Tuesday night's game was he certainly was a factor with that clutch RBI single.

For the most part, he's been a disappointment offensively batting .228. However, his fielding has been above average and he leads the Mets in walks and runs scored.

I was disappointed when the Mets brass caved on Lindor's demand to sign him prior to opening day. I was even more upset when he got a 10-year deal and a ridiculous $341,000,000.

I simply wanted to see how he played and handled NY for one full season and then talk long-term contract. He was already signed to $22.3 million 1-year deal. No doubt, considering his talents, prior track record with Cleveland and his age (27) he was worthy of a long-term contract, but 10 years? I was thinking 5-8 years, but wait first she how he handle being in NY, then resign him.

Now the Mets are saddled with a huge contract for 10 years. A contract that will pay him $34.1 million each year plus pay him an annual signing bonus from of $2.1 million from 2022-2028.

If the Mets are to make a deep playoff run, Lindor needs to continue to contribute offensively just as he's been doing of late.

However, batting just .228 is still far what you expect from your $341,000,000 SS. Certainly not by July 16th. If you're an optimist, his glass is half full and his numbers as of late are in-fact on the rise.

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