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Sport Stacking Is A Game That Require Athletic Skill

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Sport Stacking Event

Sport Stacking Event

When most people think of a sport, they don't think of one that involves the use of plastic cups. When it comes to competing in sport stacking, plastic cups are as essential to it, as a baseball is to playing the game of baseball. Some people refer to it cup stacking or speed stacking. The goal is to stack specialized plastic cups into planned sequences as fast as possible. In some cases, participants compete against one another. In other situations, they compete against the clock. The sequences can involve creating a pyramid of up to ten cups. It has quite a following in the world of YouTube and elsewhere.


Sport stacking was created during the 1980s by a man named Wayne Godinet. It was first done at a boys and girl's club in California. Godinet improved the cups used for sport stacking by putting a small hole at the bottom of the cups. He formed a company called Karango Cupstack Co. This company made and distributed these modified cups. During the 1980s, Godinet organized the yearly event known as the National Cupstacking Championship. Sport stacking got national and international attention after Godinet appeared on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson.

Wayne Godinet And Sport Stacking Team

Wayne Godinet And Sport Stacking Team

Speed Stacks

In 1995, Bob Fox became passionate concerning the game of sport stacking. He created a company called Speed Stacks designed to promote the game of speed stacking. The program developed by Fox was offered to physical education (PE) teachers around the United States. It quickly developed a national as well as international following. More than 42,000 schools around the world offer speed stacking as part of their physical education program.


Sport stacking provides participants with the thrill of competition. It is a chance to develop cooperation skills. Participants are also able to improve their hand-eye coordination and ambidexterity. A study conducted at the University of Wisconsin showed that those who do sport stacking can improve their reaction time up to 30

Sport Stacking

Sport Stacking


There have been a number of studies that demonstrate the health benefits of sport stacking. A Study concerning the benefits of sport stacking was conducted by the University of Wisconsin by Dr. Brian Undermann. He confirmed that the activity of sport stacking improves a person's hand-eye coordination as well as reaction time by approximately 30 percent. Melanie A. Hart, Ph.D. works at Texas Tech University. She is the Assistant Professor of the Department of Health, Sport Science and Exercise. Her study was able to confirm that sport stacking uses both side of the brain.


A participant cannot stack two pyramids simultaneously. If a stack is not finished in the correct order, it must be fixed right away. Each participant is permitted two warm-ups and three timed attempts for each event.

Sport Stacking Tournament

Sport Stacking Tournament


The 3-3-3 sequence takes nine cups.

The sequence is three cups with three cups each. This sequence must be done from left to right then right to left. Then the cups must be down-stacked into the original positions. It needs to be done in the exact same order as how the cups were stacked up.

The 3-6-3 sequence takes twelve cups.

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This is done like the 3-3-3 stack but a the middle stack is six cups instead of three cups. The rest is done is the same order as the 3-3-3 stack.

The cycle sequence takes twelve cups. This is done is a 3-6-3 stack order and then a 6-6 stack, which is two pyramids of six cups. Then a 1-10-1 stack is done. This is a pyramid of ten cups in the middle. This is followed by a down stack of 3-6-3.

Sport Stacking Competition Categories


During this competition an individual wins who has the best time for each sequence when compared to the other competitors.


Two competitors stand beside one another to complete a stack sequence. One of the competitors uses their right hand, and the other uses their left hand.


This happens when four participants take turns competing at an event on one table. As one participant does the event, there are three others standing in a row behind a foul line. When one participant finishes one stacking event, the next participant in the relay comes up and does it. This can be done as a competition between teams or as a timed event.

Sport Stacking Stack Mat

Sport Stacking Stack Mat

Super Stack

Super Stack


The cups used in sport stacking are not standard plastic cups. They've been made to prevent any type of sticking, and enable participants to go as fast as possible. They are designed with ribs on the inside so they maintain separation when stacked. The outside of the cups are slightly textured. This provides a cup with improved gripping ability. There are stacking mats that have been designed specifically for this sport. They are known as stack mats. These mats have a sensitive timer connected to them. Stack mats are used for official tournament play. They can also be used for casual sport stacking practice. There are special weighted cups designed for training. They are known as Super Stacks. These cups are made of metal and often used prior to participation in a competition. Using the weighted cups makes the regulation cups feel lighter and able to move quicker.

Sport Stacking Tournament


Popular Culture

Sport stacking was featured in a 2011 commercial for McDonald's and a 2013 commercial for Dr. Pepper. It has also been featured in an episode of “Phineas & Ferb,” “Zeke & Luther,” “The Cleveland Show” as well as the internet film “Stacks of Glory.”

Setting Sport Stacking Record

The record attempt must be made with approved Speed Stacks brand sport stacking cups. The cups cannot have been changed in any way or altered. The record attempt must done with a Stackmat Pro and Tournament Display. The sport stacking Record attempt must be videotaped for verification and review purposes. Each attempt at a sport stacking record must be witnessed by two judges.

Sport Stacking Individual Competition

Sport Stacking Individual Competition

World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA)

The World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA) is an organization that governs sport stacking. Its mission is the standardization and promotion of sport stacking around the world. The WSSA was formed in 2001 and is the official place for information about sport stacking tournaments, guidelines, and the sport's standardizations. The WSSA hosts the World Sport Stacking Championships that take place each spring. The growth and development of WSSA policy and procedures is decided by dozens of volunteers from around the world. These volunteers offer their time as participating members of WSSA's Advisory Board as well as Sport Stacking Judges, Group Leaders Tournament Leaders and more.

WSSA Contact Information


The World Sport Stacking Association

11 Inverness Way South

Englewood Colorado 80112




International: 1-303-962-5657

Western Region: 1-877-468-2877 ext: 209

Eastern Region: 1-877-468-2877 ext: 204



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