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How to Make a 'Sponsor Me' Video For Skateboarders

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Billy is a long-time skateboarder who also enjoys other individual extreme sports like dual sport riding and snowmobiling.

How To Get Sponsored

Getting sponsorships, brand deals and free product is possible for anyone with a positive outlook, the ability to achieve their goals, and the drive to succeed!

In today's world with social media, making a 'sponsor me video' isn't even really necessary, but if you want to get noticed by your local skate shop or another skate company, these tips you find here will be invaluable.

After you're finished reading all the way through, you're going to know how to create a sponsor me video that gets positive attention, and gives you the best possible chance of getting sponsored.


What Is a Sponsor Me Video?

A sponsor me video is a short video that you make to introduce yourself to sponsors and ask them for sponsorship.

This article will explain to you how to make a killer sponsor me video that gives you the best opportunities for getting sponsors.

More Than Skateboarding Tricks

For skate companies to take you seriously, you've got to represent yourself and your skills in the right way. On social media and in real life.

Because there's more to a good skater than just skateboarding skills. It's not only about the sick tricks, it's also about who you are and what you have to offer.

Can you produce great content? Show them you can. This is your first impression, so make it your absolute best.

Spend some time here and study the basics of how to film skateboarding (or show this to your filmer friend) so you can make a standout sponsor me video.

How To Film Skateboarding

Filming Cameras for Skaters

These days you can film everything using your smart phone.

You don't need an expensive video camera if you already have an iPhone or other camera phone. If your phone films in 1080p, that's all you need to make a quality video. 4K is even better, but it's not necessary.

Want to do better than basic camera phone footage? Try adding a wide angle lens, buy a handheld stabilizer, or add a GoPro camera to the mix.

It's never been easier to film professional quality videos.

Filming Using a Long Lens

Filming long lens is basically shooting without any attached lens.

When filming long lens shots, get low to the ground, like a foot off the ground or so.

Zoom in a bit before you start filming and then as the skater is approaching the obstacle, ready to pop, zoom out it.

When they land slowly zoom in toward their body, their face or skateboard.

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And then let them exit the side of the frame.

NOTE: This takes a lot of practice and a lot of getting used to your camera, like the zoom speed, for example. If you're not steady with your zoom, you can also try using editing software to accomplish the same task.

How to Film Lines

Definition: A line is a set of tricks that a skater strings together in a single run. They follow a constant line and each trick can be on a different obstacle.

When filming lines, you want to get really close to the action.

Your camera won't do this alone though.. you are going to need a fisheye lens or wide angle lens for this.

Filming Tips and Techniques

To make a great sponsor me video, you should buy a wide angle lens, or use a GoPro so not all your shots all long lens.

Additionally, you should consider using a handle for your camera.

Having a camera handle eliminates most of the shakiness you might have when filming and it's much more convenient to hold.

When filming lines you want to follow the skater and get a close shot.

  • Keep your camera low to the ground and point it up towards the skater
  • Make sure the skater's body is the shot and in frame most of the time
  • Get close to the skater and film pretty much directly beside them

It doesn't look good if the skater is too far away, so pay attention to how close or how far away the skaters is. Watch more pro skate videos and study how they film.

Get artsy while filming.

You could start with filming from your surroundings and then pan over, moving in towards the skater.

At the end of the shot, stop skating and just point the camera at the skater, and have a little part of the ending obstacle in the shot.

Film behind some trees and play with the focus as the skater gets closer to the performing the trick.

Get creative with your clips and stand out with more than just tricks.

Filming Lines Summary

  • Keep camera low when filming with a fisheye lens
  • Stay close the skater skating the line
  • Get beside them when filming
  • Keep skater in the full frame

Next Level Videography

What can you do that the competition can't? You need to ask yourself this if you're trying to get sponsored.

Think outside the box.

For example, you might consider using a drone to film a few shots. Not many other skaters are using drones for their videos. These camera drones are only getting more affordable.


How to Film Single Tricks

Filming single tricks is often done using long lens, but you could also use a wide angle lens, or fisheye, as well.

For example, filming at a stair set or gap, point the camera towards the skater and have the obstacle in the shot before they pop.

As they're about to pop, point the camera slightly up, so you can get the skaters whole body in the shot, and still see some of the obstacle.

Near the landing point the camera back to normal, as you follow the skater with part of the obstacle still in the shot.

Filming Single Tricks Summary

  • When the skater lands the tricks, try to be on their front side
  • Keep the camera angle low (fisheye or wide angle lens will make the obstacle look bigger and longer)
  • Set your camera to manual exposure so the lighting doesn't change when you point the camera up

Even though you have a wide angle lens, take it off and get artsy with your shots.

You could film rolling fisheye, long lens, time-lapses, etc.

Try to be different than other skaters, make your rules, film your own skateboarding, and be creative with your editing.

Marketing Your Talent

A sponsor me video is an important part of any sponsorship attempt. This video will be used to convince sponsors to give you money, product or services for free.

The first question is what can you do for them?

They are obviously looking for talent to showcase their products. You have to be talented; if you're not there yet, keep skating and adding up those hours.

It's not all about tricks though...

It's also about style and personality. Can you stand out among the herd of other skaters? Find what makes you different and use it to hook in sponsors.

- Is it your style of skating?

- Is it the type of obstacle you skate?

- Is it your ability to skate well in contests?

- Is it your social media influence?

Social Media Skateboarding Era

For decades, the sponsor me video was one of the most effective promotional tools available to the average person - now we have social media.

You can showcase your content online for everyone to see. If you're really good, you will go viral and get a bunch of eyes on you.

Show your best photos and videos and make a lasting impression. This is how you can get sponsored.


Hopefully, the article above has given you some good information to use as you pursue your own sponsorship in skateboarding.

It’s obviously not a simple endeavor. There are times it can be frustrating and difficult, but if you stick with it and don’t give up, it's so satisfying. Good luck!


Travis from London on March 13, 2014:

Nice hub. I get excited every time I'm putting a video together, regardless of sponsorships etc. Always a buzz seeing the finished thing. THE MUSIC!! Is a big point for me.

skater boy on July 13, 2012:

thanks for the advice

Jamieson on October 14, 2011:

I have plenty of vids just type Jamieson Brantley

gerwayne on September 24, 2011:

thank you for the advice..i'll take it into consideration when making my vid.

chris on July 15, 2011:

hey i love to skate i have a passion for it cuz the freedom of it just sets me free i can skate pretty good i guess but my only problem is stairs anything past a 5 stair it scares me because i hurt my balls one time kickflipping a 6 so i stick to anything below a six do you think companies would have a problem with that?

titty on June 23, 2011:

yeah i totally think you could get sponsored. if you learn to jump 6 more stairs, and treflip down it.

riley on February 05, 2011:

hey man im 14 and i can do stuff like tre fip a 4 stair but i can only ollie 6 stairs but i can also 180 6 stairs and do gaps and things and kickflip a gap anout head height and a metre gap so do you think i could get sponsored?

Brandon VanWormer on January 04, 2011:

I have skateboarding for probably around 10 years now, I'm 23. I have always had a passion for skateboarding seeing the x games on t.v. a few times I can remember and I was growing up. my brother got one and i was so jealous and I would beg him to let me skate on it or try to teach me something, ollie mainly was about all there is he could teach, and the he quit because of his knees hurting but he always loved watching me skate and pushed me to try new things I thought up of coming up with. Playing TonyHawk pro skater 2 on the computer I saw the video of Rodney Mullen going a handstand fingerflip and I just had to try to. I already knew how to walk on my hands by 4th grade and when I saw that video I just had to land it. for years that was my favorite trick ad I learn the one handed flip, a double flip, one where I get up on my hands and spin around on the board set my hands then fingerflip. it was amazing I couldn't believe that I was actually making these tricks happen that I think are impossible. I felt so alive it was crazy. I've always really wanted to do something the entire time since seeing that very first video, but the build up to it was going to be as long as it took and over the last 10 years I have finally pulled off the one trick I've dreamed of. Being in gymnastics for a little while and learning how to do a few cartwheels with an extra twist so you go 360 upside down, I add the skateboard riding fake and doing a variel fingerflip while your upside coming down on it. I am not sponsored, never raelly went into many skateboard comps. I skateboard because it is something that I love and help me get away when I need to. It's not all about the tricks its about having fun and learning patience, diligence and drive to really go after something if you way it bad enough. Anything is possible you just have to imagine and believe. I like making little videos and I only have one sponsor video I"ve finally tried making. The only thing I think would cool is if I can make that cartwheel trick be done with a 360 fingerflip instead variel. Idk, just gotta skate and see what happens, see if I decide to bust it out I'm like super sketchy about the thought of how it's going to turn out but I'll never know until I try. I'll send flowers from the hospital haha. Just Be you and do what you do, go out have, fun and skate.

raymond on August 04, 2010:

very , very inspiring my man

bill on May 26, 2010:

also we want u to be able to wow us as well. if u go above and beyond the call of duty then the company will be interested in supporting u and 5 minutes for ur sponsor me vid is best just put ur best shit on film and cross ur fingers p.s. visit

bill on May 26, 2010:

i am a team mananger/company owner and i will tell u this when it comes to picking riders for my brand i like to see well rounded skateboarders no company in their right frame of mind wants a person who only skates one thing! u should be able to hang with any session rather it be steps,rails,miniramp,banks,ledges,gaps etc etc being able to hold ur own will make ur sponsorship dream come true and u also gotta have a good style as well and don't do something ridiculous to try and impress us team managers. we just want u to skate within ur ability and giving us info about urself also helps as well and it doesn't matter what song u put in ur video if u like it then put it in!u should also be available for traveling which means demos and events and have a positive attitude if u want to know more about what it takes to be sponsored visit our website and it will tell u!

josh on May 24, 2010:

dynomight is wrong, it's really good.....what dynomight wants is for banman to say how to skate were skate etc, but that's not skating.......this is an awesome page

donald on May 02, 2010:

sup im trying to get sponsored but cantdo that much tricks what do you think i should do ooh and good imfo.

Georgina on April 03, 2010:

HI i am 11 and can do a few tricks i can ollie,kickflip,heelflip,boardslide,boneless,fingerflip boneless,mike valley boneless,pop shuv it,fakie imposible,old school impossible,casper flip,hippie jump,180 ollie so do u think i am good enough to get sponsered or enter into a skate comp

gage on March 24, 2010:

what if you don't have spots

Jamie on November 15, 2009:

Austin shut right up after you asked for a video link.

Billy (author) from CANADA on September 18, 2009:

It depends... it's not all about the tricks you can do. It's also about your style, attitude, and love for skateboarding.

Drop a link if you have a video on YouTube.

Austin on September 17, 2009:

hey i got some footage of me like 3 fliping a 5 foot ledge,50-50 tre,kickflip gap and some others think i could get sponsored by creature?

Forrest Whitford on September 03, 2009:

Hey if u wana know what tricks or kind of skating to get there try watching one of the videos by the team and try to beat some of the stuff also show some vert and street skating that helps big time.:D keep skating

Forrest Whitford on September 03, 2009:

Hey if u wana know what tricks or kind of skating to get there try watching one of the videos by the team and try to beat some of the stuff also show some vert and street skating that helps big time.:D keep skating

Chas Allison on August 25, 2009:

Good way to put it!! Im 12 and have a lot of tricks to do while skating. My best trick is a Easy Tre Flip!

Billy on May 24, 2009:

hey Austin, it's not really the tricks you have to do, but more the person you are and the personality you have.

And what's even more important (and I've heard team managers talk about this) is having STYLE. Aim to have even your simplest tricks looking naturally and efforteslty.

"It's not who can kickflip the most stairs. It's all about style." Gailea Momolu. Professional Skateboarder.

Austin on May 23, 2009:

what tricks do you have to do to get sponsored

dynomight on May 04, 2009:

this is all very terrible advice. unless you want to be just like those dudes from the berrics. take away the FUN add the BANG! yeah right. do your damn thing!

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