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Sons Who May Not Live Up To Their Father's Image, Or May Surpass It


Like Father Like Son, and there many Fathers who play in the NBA that have Sons who are likely to inherited their Father ablitly to play professionally. Some grew up around the game watching there Dad's take the floor and dominating. Overtime that same energy may rub off on there sons and influence them to play at a high level. Let's be honest, some may never be as good as the father but have the potential to crave out their own lane. For example Michael Jordan sons Jeffery and Marcus Jordan who played well in college but never even made the transition to the pros. Other's like Dell Curry who have both sons play at a very high level one of them won multiple championships and the other Seth Curry continue to be an offensive weapon. You can say that there will be Sons who are better than there Dad's. Here is a list of athletes who may never live up to there dad legacy or may Surpass it.

GP2 May Not Be Like Gary Payton


Gary Payton aka the glove was know for his elite defense in the league. Not only he defended well on the court, he also had great offense . Quick in transition, can get to the basket with fineese, and has a high IQ on when to give the ball up at the right moment. Gary Payton was hands down an elite point guard in his era.

On the other hand Gary Payton II is more explosive towards the rim. The way he can leap from just the painted area below the rim is magnetic. GP2 is also great in transition fast break. Gary Payton was able to dunk on fast breaks, and finish at the rim but not as often as his son who does it effortlessly. The only thing that set the two apart is that Gary Payton is more efficient in usage and effective on offense. Where as GP2 play around the basket for the open look to score, he also decent around the three point line when open for a shot. Gary Payton can create his own offense and get his players involved because he was the engine of his team during the Seattle days. Not saying Gary Payton II can't create for his own. The way he fits in the Golden state warrior system it would be hard for him to break out that role position because Curry and Klay and other guys like Poole and Wiggins tend to create they own shots off the dribble often than others. One thing that he inherited from his dad that Gary Payton II does have that is undeniable is his defense. He reads the defense very well for his size and able to lock defenders down by using his arm length to make it tough on his opponent. Agility, quick reaction on both sides of the floor having the ingenuity to pick pocket the offense for an easy bucket is A1 and special to watch. GP2 has a long way to even come close to what his dad brings to the table, but he is certainly on the path of carving his own legacy.

Shareef May Have Potential To Dominate Like Shaq


Fans Know how great Shaq was in the league. One of the greatest centers of all time. 7 foot 1 center who had strength, foot work, and the audacity to oppose his will on defenders whenever he wanted too. His son so far has a different path so far, with heart problems lead him to surgery in 2018 forced Shareef to miss games for his freshman year on the college level. Eventually he was cleared to play the following season cleared to play for the 2019-20 season. He averaged 10 mins a game in the 13 played from the bench. After he left UCLA, he went to his Dad's alma mater LSU for an better opportunity. Shareef makes it to LSU playing off the bench, averaging 14 minutes per game. Unfortunately he went threw more set backs with injury with only finishing the season with 2.8 points and 4.4 rebounds in the ten game he played while shooting just 37% from the field.

Shaq’s son does show a glimpse of being a talented power forward. Shareef possesses athleticism combine with a nice offensive game. He’s raw and not yet consistent but he shows flashes of what he can do on a high level. 6-9 well rounded strength and a solid build. He runs the floor well and have impressive leaping ability, allowing him to score at the rim. Incredible dunker and can finesse around the basket. On the defensive side he show’s great timing of response by shot blocker. Shareef a label at power forward but shows flashes that he can be a skillful wing player with a decent range on his shot.

Z-Wade Far Away From Being D-Wade

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The son of Dwyane Wade is a talented individual but not on his Dad Level. Currently Z Wade play for the Salt Lake City Stars, the Utah Jazz’ G League affiliate. So far he been able to show that he has good floor vision with a nice handle decent athleticism. Below is a scout report on Z-Wade game.


Z wade has a long way to go to get a feel for the game on a elite level, many believe he will be a great knockdown shooter, a great finisher at the rim on the NBA level soon as his number is called. Right now he still needs development and as an undersize 2 guard.

Devin Booker the Chip off The Old Block


Melvin Booker played a small stint in the NBA only playing 32 games with three different teams in the 90s. Later played overseas in Italy, Russia, Turkey. His son Devin Booker not only made his dream a reality but follow his father footsteps but also set the bar even higher.


In a article written by BY DAN CLARENDON from


Thanks to his father Devin Booker is a complete player who continue to grow and has so much more to accomplish. A western conference champion, and a finals appearance is just a start for Devin Booker and the sky is the limit.

Father & Son Duo's


Bronny Potential

Bronny Court vision is exceptional, he has a great feel for the game illustrating an high IQ. Strong upper body build with quickness and leaping ability. He shows that he can shoot the three and make plays for his team, insiders are saying he could shoot better than his father. Watching is highlights if you pay close attention he can play near the rim gracing the court with his athletic ability ease. Young man has strength play well against bigger defenders in the paint. A good body frame will help him to go strong to the rack. At the. Moment he still have alot to improve but has a promising future and will grow quickly as time moves on. Bronny could be potentially be better than his father in some areas.

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