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Some Special Things by Sachin Tendulkar and Kane Williamson's that Excite the Cricket Lovers.

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Some Special Things by Sachin Tendulkar and Kane Williamson's that Excite the Cricket Lovers.

Sachin Tendulkar

Today we are going to talk about some of Sachin's unique things that you will get inspiration from.

Cricket is a game only for India but a religion has been given the status, and in this religion Sachin is given the status of God.

Let us tell you that Sachin is a returning player who has made countless records in his career, whether it is a record of more runs or a century or in every case of Bondi, he is unbeaten and his team in such an opportunity Carried where it was not easy for a player to take.

The name of Sachin Tendulkar is one of the biggest hand in taking India cricket from the playing field to the house, and there is no way that people consider him as the God of cricket.

There used to be a time when his people used to turn off their TV when the field was out in Sachin. It is also the readiness to consider Sachin as God that Sachin has made many countless records.

Whether he has a record of scoring more runs or scoring a century and hitting more bondries, from every side, Sachin has given his life to take the Indian cricket team to the fore.

Once it happened that an Australian Fennhad said one thing for Sachin to commit a crime when Sachin is batting, because at that time God is too busy watching Sachin's batting in TV.

Know who are there in sachin's family

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar was born on 24 April 1973 in a middle class family of Rajapur Maharastra.

His father's name was Ramesh , his father was a writer and parishioner and his mother Rajni Tendulkar, who worked in an insurance company.

Very few people know that Sachin is the son of his father's second wife i.e. Rajni Tendulkar, Sachin's father Ramesh Tendulkar's father has done two sarees and his first wife has three children, Ajit, Nitin and Sabita. Which is older than the three Sachin.

As you know that Sachin has left his family from all his siblings, this means that

Sachin was very sarcastic and naughty from his childhood and he used to fight and fight with his brothers and therefore Sachin's elder

brother Nitin In 1983, he thought of getting him admitted to the Cricket Academy.

Let us know Sachin's childhood and his arrival in cricket.

Let me tell you that Sachin was very interested in cricket since childhood.

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Its elder brother Nitin got introduced to a cricket academy. But that academy coach refused Sachin for the first time.

Because Sachin could not perform well in front of the glass. Later, his elder brother smiled at the glass, and when he saw the style of playing Sachin hiding behind a tree, the glass understood the whole thing that Sachin was afraid to play in front of me, so he did not perform well. did.

Sachin started career

On 11 December 1988, Sachin made his century for Mumbai for the first time against Gujarat. Then Sachin's age was 15 years and 232 days. In this way he became the first batsman to make his career century. He became the highest run-scorer for Mumbai in the 1988–1989 season. Even then, his foam continued continuously, at that time, he played a century for Iran while playing for Irani Cup, Shes India, then he scored his best record by hitting first century in Ranji, Dileep, Irani Torfi. Took what Fens still remembers. In this way, Sachin has made countless records and Team India is in an unblemished place, all his head goes to Sachin Tendulkar. How much you like Sachin, so let's know about kane Villiamson

Kane Villiamson

Today we are going to talk about Kane Williamson, how he became the captain of a normal boy from newszland's cricket captain and how he became the best captain due to his superior sports performance.

So let's know something about them further. Friends Ken Williamson was born on 8 August 1990 in Tauranga, New Zealand.

His father's name is Barat Williamson and mother's santra. In addition to Ken Williamson, he also has three sisters and a twin brother who is 1 minute younger than him.

Everyone in his family was very fond of the game from the beginning. His father was a great socin in cricket.

Kene was very accurate in terms of studies, Ken completed his studies at the Pillos Pount Primary School and obtained his degree from Tauranga Boyz College.Kane was born to cricket as if you were studying at the same time as Pillas Pont, when Aria Eklauta was the only school in which cricket programs were run. In such a situation, it can be said that Kane was involved in cricket at the same time.

When Ken was 16, he made it to the 40 Century School label in that school career.

When Kene was 17 years old, New Zealand gave him a place in the under-night team. In 2008, he became the captain of the under-nitin team. In the same year, Kane captained his team and made his team jagah in the same final.

In the semi-final, he faced India, at that time the captain of the Under-Knight team was Virat Kohli. Kane was bedlam for that year so he lost the semi-final to India.

This England took two years to make a place in the Intl National. Then made his debut in 2010 against the ODI series against India and Sri Lanka. For New Zealand, Kane was bowled out for 0 runs after playing 9 balls against India, then was out for 2 runs against Sri Lanka.

In this way Kane was very disappointed at that time. But his fan was expecting him at that time. In October 2010, New Zealand competed with Bangladesh.

He also made his ODI Test debut by making his century against Bangladesh. He proved his ability in him by making a debut in the Test in the next month and hitting a century in the first test.

Its ba ken never looked backward, and retained its foam continuously. After this, he kept making many records. In 2016, Kane became the captain of the New Zealand ICC team after the rehabilitation of Bendam McCullum. Due to his commanding captaincy, he won many battles, and touched his high in his better career.

The year 2019 also played Word Cup and due to his captaincy and batting, he scored a winning run in England but had to face defeat in the final. Right now Kene has a long career and we wish he was successful in the future. Good luck Kene.

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