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Moments of Some People in the World Who Celebrated Too Soon

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Picture the scene you're competing in you've worked hard to be at the top of your game. You’re doing great maybe you’re leading into the last corner or a couple of seconds from a perfect score. The emotions start to get the better of you you begin to celebrate and then it all goes wrong even in professional sport it happens. Here are some examples where celebrations came at what turned out to be very much the wrong time.

Fan Falls During Race Against The Freeze


Not the biggest mistake perhaps but an entertaining one racing the freeze is an interactive between innings event for fans at Atlanta Braves baseball which sees selected fans run against Nigel Talton. A member of the braves ground crew who also happens to be a former college sprinter Talton doesn’t lose a lot whichever fan faces the man dressed as a character from.

The Incredibles gets a nice big head start and a chance to win a prize worth 100 dollars. Not a huge prize but with a 30-second sprint the promotions become popular enough that it’s a regular talking point this particular fan took off around the outfield at a decent pace and while like the freeze was going to pip him at the post anyway. There’s something just a little bit life-affirming about this attempt to pump up the crowd only to tumble just before the line.

Olympic Wrestler Backs Off Too Early


We could probably live with losing to the freeze, but what about losing an Olympic bronze medal during the dying seconds of the 65 kilograms wresting category bronze about at the Rio Olympics in 2016 Ganza regin manduknaran appeared to have secured a victory over Uzbekistan’s Iktiyo Navruzarov leading 7-6 with time running out with just five seconds left on the clock manduknaran pumped his arms in celebration moving away from his opponent.

Unfortunately, him refusing to engage your opponent in wrestling can be punishable with a penalty point that point was duly awarded leveling the scores with a penalty point also costing him the contest. As a tie under Olympic rules, the win is awarded to the last person to score add the drama, two Mongolian coaches after arguing with the judges proceeded to tear off some of their clothes and throw them to the floor for which a further penalty point was awarded to Navrezov Munduknaron has two world championship medals but has yet to have the chance to return to the Olympics. His coaches got lengthy bans.

Frances Tiafoe Celebrates Too Early


It would be fairly unusual to celebrate a point too early in tennis. Given the amount of time typically involved in watching a winner, and it usually being obvious if your opponent has a reasonable chance of returning it.

That didn’t stop Francis Tiafoe from celebrating and heading for his towel, In a match, he was fairly comfortably losing to daniel Medvedev in the city open in Washington Dc in 2020. Tiafoe having played what looked like a winner he charged off to the side of the court in celebration. While the pacey Medvedev tracked down his shot and delicately sliced a gentle return back into the empty court. Tiafoe could have used the points too, he lost the remaining two games and the match in straight sets.

The Worst Dishes Surprise in Masterchef


It’s not just sport that can bring out these premature moments of joy in Masterchef. There are many occasions where the judges including the notoriously spiky Gordon Ramsay taste only the dishes they are most impressed with something of a convention on the series on one particular occasion early in the competition.

Ramsay and the rest of the judging team called up three delighted contestants and their food to the front of the kitchen and told them their food had stood out typical of Ramsay he quickly twisted the situation into something a little bit more niggly though announcing that the dishes stood out because they had prepared in his view the three worst dishes so much for that joy.

Adding Injury to a Long race in Marathon


Imagine you’re over 13 hours into an iron man triathlon at lake placid and the finishing line is in sight. You’re not going to win, some winning times for the marathon which is a 112-mile bike ride and a 2.4-mile swim can be under eight hours, but it’s still a huge achievement lots of people can’t get anywhere near finishing.

As you cross over the red carpet and approach the finishing posts you pull a giant star jump in celebration of your big day’s racing, then cramp hits your calves, and you collapse to the ground and have to be helped up to cross. The finish line is from a couple of meters away. Becoming a gif entitled regret in the process. Now we hope they gave this guy his medal anyway.

Another Bronze Medal Has Been Lost.


At the world championships athletics 10,000 meters in Beijing in 2015. American Molly Huddle was heading for an unlikely third place in a discipline long dominated by athletes, who spend their lives at altitude in Sub-Saharan Africa.

A meter from the end Huddle fails to see fellow American Emily Einfeldt nipping up the inside of the track and just as infield draws level Huddle races her arms in celebration slowing up in the process and handing infield the win by inches. She has this once-in-a-lifetime moment, I feel like it slipped through my fingers huddle said afterward. The Rhode island athlete has not won a major international championship medal to this day.

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Motorcycle Rider Celebrates Too Soon.


You’re in the final two corners of a motorcycle race, and coming down a hill leading fairly comfortably and in your excitement, you forget that when you’re driving you’re meant to check both mirrors. Over both shoulders, in this case on two occasions.

Andre Verissimo was racing in the Brazilian superbike championship evolution category. Checked behind him at the Autodromo Degoyanya but failed to see the threat coming from his opposite side. Verissimo had qualified on pole and led from first to last in the race, just before Christmas in 2020. But having slowed up on the final straight could only watch on in horror as he cruised down the home straight, and two rivals peddled to the medal flew past him.

Zhewei Wu Cup Stacking Fail


In the less celebrated sport of cup stacking the capital open sports stacking championship in Arlington is a big deal. Zhewei Wu is one of the sport’s finest. This particular effort which is quite mesmerizingly fast certainly under six seconds would have been the fastest stack of the championship. If not for his failure to properly connect with the finish button at the end. The look of ecstasy and then agony all in the space of a couple of seconds is really quiet.

British Cyclist Mark Rotherham Shows Too Much Ego

Cyclist Mark Rotherham has become known as a bit of a showman. Often hamming up his celebrations for the crowd at one six-day event race in Amsterdam in front of a huge crowd in 2016.

He paid the price in this case Rotherham was so confident, he got the win that he let his bike drift out to the outside of the village Rome. Raised his arms, and watched his opponent Jeff Hoogland simply ride around the inside of him to take the race by inches, it would have been an easy win if he just rode on too.

The Paralympic Table Tennis Competition is Not Over.

Table tennis is so frantic. It’s a wonder anyone can ever find the time to celebrate before they’ve seen the ball disappear far beyond a hittable space. But no that’s not always the case this rally sees a Turkish Athlete hit what looks like an unreturnable shot at an angle across the table and turns slowly to pump her first meanwhile, her opponent flings herself to the ground at the other end. Unleashing a very hittable reply that her overconfident opponent is too busy celebrating to bash back. Not her finest moment we’d bet.

Victory Announcement From The Wheel of Fate


Wheel of Fortune is one of those game shows where you might frequently find yourself screaming answers at the screen. But it’s best not to do it when you’re on the show. At least not unless you’ve taken the time to make sure you hit the answer perfectly.

In this case, Alex raised his arms in good victory, correctly guessed the phrase declaring victory on a really easy looking puzzle, but in doing so, he also made the game’s most cardinal of errors, by adding an iron at the start of the phrase, what he said didn’t exactly match the answer and so made his answer incorrect. He celebrated realized his mistake and then watched on as the rather obvious puzzle was solved by the next contestant minus his mistake.

Dance Revolution Blunders Costing $800


The crazy world of people who can perfectly shift their feet in time to music at an astonishing rate has a competitive side, and some people are so good at games like the dance revolution. They can hit fantastic i.e perfect timing on entire long complex tracks.

Above the image, a competitor has hit the holy grail, mashing 100 of the correct contact points at the perfect time with his feet 195 of the 197 necessary moves in this particular track. The last two beats are separated from the rest of the track and well he forgets about them dropping from 100 perfect to a still sparkling but priceless 99.5 percent. A late mistake that costs 800 euro, and you can sense the pain.

Golfing Celebrations Wreak Havoc On The Score.


A golfer is making what is well at least at a professional level a relatively straightforward putt the short shot looks like it’s heading straight in the hole though perhaps not right down the middle and in celebration, the player throws his club in a spin into the air.

Unfortunately, the ball works its way around the edge of the hole and pops back out. And to compound the extra shot that costs him. The golfer’s club arcs into the air and lands straight on the ball as he drives frantically but, unsuccessfully after it that’ll be a penalty stroke and another putt that’s far harder than it would have been in the club hadn’t connected his smartest moment we suspect.

Cycling Slowdown Costs Win


At the Gira Rosa, one of cycling’s most prestigious events Lucy Kennedy led to stage 3 by distance almost equal to the distance remaining in the stage as she climbed, the hill towards the finishing line stages winds are critical in events like this in terms of gaining visibility and sponsorship as well as in the points categories and overall standings.

But an exhausted-looking Kennedy threw it away with the acclaimed Marianne Voss finding the gas to cut past Kennedy and snatch the stage on the line. You can see the moment of Kennedy’s heartbreak but she can’t help feeling she really could have finished this one off quite comfortably.

NFL Celebrations That Go Awry


The NFL is known for its extravagant celebrations hell in these sizable teams individual contributions can be small over the course of even a full season. So it's part of the game’s culture to celebrate wildly when you make an important tackle or gain a few extra yards, never mind score a touchdown that culture of wild celebrations can have consequences though with players injuring themselves in celebration.

Embarrassingly messing up with the ball or misreading a situation several times a season, those injuries are pretty hard to watch, but the worst once come as with much of these when the players celebrate but haven’t made the play at all a celebrated failure to make a kick or a key first down or a touchdown catch that’s actually out of bounds. We all like to party. But NFL players can be a little too quick on that happy train.

Finally, But perhaps we all can is there any excuse for this stuff especially in professional sport have you ever done something, tell us in my comments.

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