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Should Wiggins Be a Trade Asset for the Warriors Moving Forward?


Is Wiggins expandable? If "yes" what can the Dubs get in return?


Wiggins was a great addition to the Warriors last season. He proceeded to have a career year improving in most categories. The Warriors are reportedly high on him and his potential. They believe that he has plenty to unlock in the near future. However the former NBA Rookie Of The Year may be in trouble this coming off-season as some big stars are available on the market. Will the Warriors pursue?

To me Wiggins is expandable, sort of. Even coming off a career year may not keep you tied to a team. The Warriors are aggressively trying to spring back into contention. You want to keep Wiggins as a building block unless someone otherworldly pops up.

For example the Clippers put Paul George on the market, of course. For the Warriors I think they are walking a fine line between keeping young players to build or reconstructing their roster with some savvy veterans.

Though many will make the case for Wiggins being overpaid, honestly for the Warriors money won't be a problem. The Warriors certainly wouldn't mind spending as they look for pieces to place beyond the trio of Steph, Klay, and Draymond.

Warriors fans seem to be high on Wiggins given his play this past season so maybe the front office thinks the same as well. Whatever proceeds to happen will be dearly spectated by fans as they hope to be watching a deep playoff run in the near future.

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