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Should Shoeless Joe Jackson Be In The Hall Of Fame

Shoeless Joe Jackson and the 1919 White Sox


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Should Shoeless Joe Jackson Be In The Baseball Hall Of Fame?

Who among us has not watched the movie " Field of Dreams " and learned and heard about the story of Shoeless Joe Jackson told in that movie. Have you ever wondered was Shoeless Joe Jackson innocent or guilty. When he signed the confession did he even know what he was signing. Probably he did not as history tells us Shoeless Joe Jackson could not read and could write nothing but his name.

Probably only Pete Rose creates more controversy than Shoeless Joe Jackson and should they both be in the Baseball Hall of fame. Well were not going to cover Pete Rose here but we will Shoeless Joe Jackson. Did you know that during the 1919 World Series Shoeless Joe Jackson batted .375 for the series with six runs batted in. Doesn't sound like someone who was trying to throw the game does it? Even today Shoeless Joe Jackson holds the third highest batting average of all time. The only two ahead of Shoeless Joe Jackson are Ty Cobb and Roger Hornby. Ty Cobb said Shoeless Joe Jackson was the greatest natural hitter to ever play the game.


Field of Dreams Baseball , Great Part Here

More About Shoeless Joe Jackson

Shoeless Joe Jacksons ,356 batting average is the third best of all time. In 1917 , his fielding percentage ( .984 ) was near the top of the league. He went on to lead the American League in almost every category. There is no serious debate about Shoeless Joe Jackson's Hall of Fame credentials. Probally the only thing keeping Shoeless Joe Jackson out of the Baseball Hall of Fame was the fact that he was banned from Baseball for life. But should he have been. I think not. Shoeless Joe Jackson and his brilliant career are over shadowed by the 1919 World Series and the fact that eight baseball players took money to fix the 1919 World Series. Shoeless Joe Jackson took $5000.00 to throw the 1919 World Series but from everything that has been found out down thru history Shoeless Joe Jackson did anything but throw the World Series. Shoeless Joe Jackson even went to the teams owner Comiskey and told him what was going on and asked to be benched for the series but Comiskey ignored him. Doesn't sound like a man who was guilty does it?

The Last Word's Of Shoeless Joe Jackson

Shoeless Joe Jackson died in 1951 and is still banned today. His last words were said to have been , " Well I'm going to face the greatest Umpire of all and he knows I am innocent. "

The Commissioner of Baseball needs to reopen the Shoeless Joe Jackson issue and let Shoeless Joe Jackson into the Baseball Hall of Fame. If any Baseball Player in history desrves to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame its Shoeless Joe Jackson. Help us out by giving this page a Digg below. Lets all see if we can help out Shoeless Joe Jackson. If you have not watched Field Of Dreams rent it or buy it and watch it. Invite friends to watch it. Send letters to the Commissioner of Baseball Bud Selig and ask him to let Shoeless Joe Jackson into the Baseball Hall Of Fame. Below is Bud Selig's address. Send him a letter today and get everyone you know to sign it.

Commissioner of Baseball, 245 Park Ave., 31st Fl., New York, NY 10167

What do you think about Shoeless Joe Jackson. Should he or should he not be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Let us all know what you think by posting your comment below.

" Shoeless Joe Jackson " , Joseph Jefferson Jackson was born in Brandon Mills S.C. As a child he worked alongside his father in a Brandon Mills Textile Mill. Outside of the mill Joe's main interest was baseball and pretty soon Joe was a star on the mills baseball team. Shoeless Joe Jackson was banned from Baseball for his alledged part in the 1919 Black Sox Scandal but over the 80 plus years since then many fans think Shoeless Joe Jackson got a raw deal and should be in Baseball's Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. What do you think? Does Shoeless Joe Jackson belong in the Hall of Fame or should he be kept out forever. Comment below and let us know what you think.

Why Not Post Your Comment About Shoeless Joe Jackson Below. Tell Us What You Think.


Should Shoeless Joe Jackson Be In The Baseball Hall Of Fame? What Do You Think? And Why ? Post Your Comment Now.

Bill Clark on July 22, 2020:

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i feel that he was railroaded. There may have been some who tried to throw the games, but, his series stats tell the truth on his part. He shohld be inducted.

Robert Barker on February 18, 2020:

I believe shoeless Joe Jackson should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. He was an excellent baseball player and I believe he played his best in the World Series of 1919. He deserves to be in hall of fame with other baseball heroes with the likes of Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, and many others

Paul Kilner on December 24, 2018:

I’m a British citizen born and bread, and I love Baseball never been to the USA but love reading anything and everything about past players. I have read everything you can imagine about Joe Jackson but I can’t help but think why the hell didn’t Comiskey stop the Series in it’s tracks if he had been informed by Joe Jackson he certainly had the power to do something but did sod all about it, once again down to money. Jackson’s stats says it all he definitely was playing on the level and for me deserves his place in the HOF it’s about time ya did the honourable thing and gave him the place he deserves you Americans seem to create ya own rules to suit. A bit like the EU to put it mildly it doesn’t work and never will grow some balls and do the correct thing.

Paul Kilner on January 15, 2018:

For too long have I seen the miscarriage of justice for one man who’s stats speak for themselves in a World Series, it’s like saying that the rest of the players disregarding which team they were on were not that good if he played to lose the Series.And to top it all the prove of his visit with the owner of the club telling him what was happening and asking to be benched throughout the Series says it all why didn’t Comiskey act on it straight away instead of ignoring it it seems to me the person responsible for the escalation of it all is the greedy fat cat Comiskey both Joe Jackson & Buck Weaver should be in the HOF period. For God’s sake grow a pair of balls and man up Commisioner of Basball and do the right thing, rant over signed a avid Baseball Fan from the UK that’s England of course.

Billy Chapman on April 28, 2016:

why not let the baseball fans vote to say whether or not Joe should be in the baseball hall of fame instead of one man saying he should not be, after all isnt it the Great American Pasttime, where wouls baseball be without the fans?

William from America on May 22, 2014:

No question about it: Shoeless Joe should be in. If Bud Selig let him in, it would erase any of the poor decisions that he's ever made.

br on February 05, 2013:

Whether he's guilty or not He deserves to be in even more than Rose who knew well what he was doing. He was a victim of Comisky's greed and cheapness (they were called the Black Sox because Comisky made them pay for their own uniform cleaning which they refused so they kept playing in dirty uniforms which after a while turned black) all of the 8 were.In fact as for the innocent verdict for all 8 it's alleged that sworn testimonies mysteriously disappeared. Allegedly if gamblers hadn't threatened Lefty Williams' wife The Black Socks may have won after Williams didn't want to do it any more after being screwed out of most of the money the Gamblers promised him.

hburg1222 on January 07, 2013:

The greatest honor placed on Joe Jackson is the museum and memorial that they have erected in Greenville, SC. The memory of Joe Jackson lives on because of the mystic of the 1919 World Series events. I think it is best to leave things as they are. That is the best memorial to Joe. I think people that read about the the events surrounding the events of this World Series know and respect the accomplishments of Joe Jackson. I think Landis in his ruling acted rashly. He was sacrificing the players in order to clean up the game. Right or wrong. I would like to see Joe Jackson in the HOF only if they remove Landis and Comisky first.

chris on May 22, 2012:

i think shoeless joe shouls be in the hall of fame because he was illiterate so he probably didn't even know what he signing so that's why i think he should be in the hall of fame

Scott on April 29, 2012:

I personally feel that it is time to forgive Shoeless Joe Jackson. I understand what Kennesaw Mountain Landis was trying to do at the time but I think enough time has passed to accept him into the HOF. After all, his equipment is there. Why not him?

I am fully aware of the Black Sox scandal and it is a dark mark in the history of baseball but we don't really know exactly what happened with his connection to the whole thing. I can't defend what the Black Sox as a team did but understand that being a ballplayer back then wasn't like it is now. Players back then were underpaid and today players are overpaid.

But back to Shoeless Joe, I do believe that he is one of two players who is ineligible that should be in. And believe me, there are going to be some players who have gotten in that have done bad things and some others that will be getting in eventually.

timothy on April 22, 2012:

well if you go to cooperstown hall of fame supposilly people have claim to hear shoeless joe arguing about not being in the hall of fame i think he deserved the hall of fame even if it's a scandal of a fix game

toddinhawaii on April 21, 2012:

Perhaps the most interesting related fact is thaat Judge Landis who banned the 8 players was insturmental in keeping black players out of baseball until he died. Landis had a lifetime contract as commisioner and so prevented black ball players from the major leagues until 1947. That is 27 years of discrimination by one man. If he was still commisioner we still would not be done with prejudice.

Daniel Elsass on April 20, 2012:

That I am aware of, Joe Jackson was never found guilty in a court of law by a jury of his peers for throwing the World Series. He was found "guilty" by a Commissioner who must have had a tremendous amount of pressure to get an issue resolved as soon as possible while making an example of the players who were supposedly involved.

So what does the Commissioner do? He gives a lifetime ban to the best player of the team to set a standard for others to see and adhere to, essentially they "Fired the Commanding Officer of the Ship" instead of going after the Engineer who was not doing his job or doing it illegally in this case.

"Shoeless" Joe Jackson has paid. His legacy has paid. What better way for Baseball to put a positive spin on what has certainly been a black eye for baseball (the 1919 Series). Do a modern day fact finding investigation in to this, take factors such as his play during the 19' Series, etc. and determine once and for all that he does belong in the HALL.

weldon hardy on April 18, 2012:

YES, he should be in the Hall Of Fame! However, he will not because any investigation will reflect on Comiskey and his actions and attitude toward players cannot stand the gaze of investigation. After all, the Commissioner works for the owners. The honor the fans hold for Shoeless is more important than the Hall of Shame.

jonathon littell on February 13, 2012:

Joe Jackson deserves every right to be in the HOV no one will ever match him, he was an amazing ball player! If bonds gets to keep his home run record even after getting caught with steroids, why the hell can't Jackson be in HOV!

Coach Carroll on January 10, 2012:

He was banned for life by Judge Landis - that ban, in my opinion, ended when he passed on. The ban was not eternal. He should be eligible for election - and elected.

Stevie K on September 06, 2011:

In order to consider whether Shoeless Joe should be considered for the baseball Hall of Fame there are arguments to be made both ways. Lets analyze why he shouldn't be: He was banned for life by Judge Landis. That is a determination made over 90 years ago and it would be impossible to appeal that given tha amount of time that has past and with the unavailability of evidence and trying of facts. We must defer to and honor that decision since it would be impossible to reopen and review that matter appropriately. While one may consider the environment for baseball players at the time, that is, players we underpaid and controlled by their teams under the reserve clause-perfect "victims" pawns to those unscrupulous gangsters to fix a World Series, that does not excuse the fact that they committed a crime against baseball. One might argue players faced threats of violance against their families (i.e. Lefty Williams) if they did not throw the series. A claim of duress (force to comply) might exonerate a banned player however as mentioned previously, it would be impossible to consider that with the time that has passed and if that was considered, it was already litigated and players had an opportunity to present that argument in 1920. The other argument is that he did in fact accept the money to fix the series. It doesn't make it right regardless of whether a player was grossly underpaid by their teams at the time. To counter this argument we have to look at the facts.can consider Joe's statistics for the series since it showed that he performed well and evidence his efforts. Whether he tanked the first couple of games and had a concsious for the remaining games is debatable. "Hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports," as the great Ted Williams said once and his efforts the first few games might have been a matter of bad luck or a short slump. We cannot possibly know but hitting .545 overall tells me that he wasn't throwing any games at least with the bat. Furthermore, Joe was a known illiterate and uneducated. He could not have possibly made a fully informed decision when he went along with this scheme. Players did not have the benefit of agents to negotiate their salaries. What the modern-day, overpaid steroid cheats have done to this game pales in comparison to what Shoeless Joe faced and electing him would compensate for the shortcomings he dealt with at the time. However, I feel that too much time has passed as the 1920 decision by Judge Landis has sent a profound message to future generations of baseball players in preserving the integrity of the game: "Don't cheat!" The steriod cheaters will most likely never be elected into the Hall of Fame. Should we elect Joe, issues of Pete Rose's consideration for the Hall of Fame will be revisited and what Pete Rose did involves different issues yet will open the door to his consideration. Pete Rose has had his chance to make his case and that has fallen short. Electing those who had something to do with fixing or gambling inappropriately on this fine sport when the time has passed to appeal this will not send a positive message. The time has long passed to appeal and the Black Sox Scandal and subsequent lifetime bad of those involved are part of baseball history and should be left alone. Joe and Pete both made a profound impact on this game with their dominance on the field but will be remembered in their own ways for being involved in a crime against this sport. It would be unsettling to elect Joe in that he has long passed away and would only tamper and dishonor a precedent that was set almost a century ago. As unfortunate as it is for Joe, it would be inappropriate to elect him to the Hall of Fame.

annelies from europe on September 01, 2011:

He should be in the Hall of fame! I think he deserves it.

Justin on August 27, 2011:

Buck Weaver should not have been banned. He didn't take money. He just knew about it. Everyone on the team knew that there was a fix. So why just single him out. He should be in the hall as well. He was just used as a warning to tell players to always report game throwing. It wasn't fair for him.

Justin on August 27, 2011:

Both Jackson and Buck Weaver should be in. Weaver never took any money. His only mistake is that he overheard the players making plans to throw games and never tried to stop them or report them.

Nathan on August 26, 2011:

I held grudges too, and they cause things like ulcers, and cancer, and Barry Bonds..

Nopeppergames on August 16, 2011:

I really hope Baseball and the HOF really open his case up and give this man his just due . One of the greatest hitters of all - time . Of all the men convicted in this case the evidence against Shoeless Joe Jackson is a non issue and never proved in a court of law !

mattymath on August 01, 2011:

Joe's problem is Rose. Rose is banned because so many people hated him because he was cocky and beat their team all the time (remember how much he got booed even before the scandal). If Rose had been popular he would have never been banned and in order for people to justify their stand on Rose they have to take the same position on Jackson. Neither man's sin was as bad as the 'roid freaks cheating in every game for years and years.

Randy S on March 10, 2011:

Shoeless Joe was never convicted and in this country innocent surely means he is a no brainer for the Baseball Hall of Fame!!! Common Bud get off the fence and do the right and honorable thing put this decent man in the HOF.

Kevin V on January 15, 2011:

He was screwed. Found innocent!!! The end

Chrystal R. on January 12, 2011:

Shoeless Joe has been my favorite player since I was a little kid. He deserves to be in the hall of fame. Sure, his gloves there, but he needs to be recognized for the talented man he was. He didn't throw those games, he played perfectly.

ValiantArcher on December 07, 2010:

the fact is that the courts found him innocent! that fact cannot be denied therefore in our country that claims to stand for justice and upholding our judicial system should abide by the decision of the court and uphold Jackson's innocence! Whether or not, other idiots think that he was guilty or not, he was found innocent! it should not have been possible for some idiot baseball commissioner to precede to ban him regardless of the courts decision! that's stupidity, just like when people today try to claim he was guilty and try to say how great our players are today, LOL what idiocy, all the druggies and cheaters and greedy retards we have playing today is ridiculous, and im only 21 and i still see that! the courts found Jackson innocent so if you dont agree, too bad, go take an IQ test! He deserves the hall of fame! e

SoxFan99 on November 14, 2010:

Shoeless Joe belongs in the HOF. Batting a record, 0.371 in a series he supposedly threw is evidence enough. He went to his supervisor to reveal the fix and was rebuffed. The "X" he supposedly signed was a coerced confession by today's standards. 100 years is coming up in 2018. Enough is enough. Other hall members weren't angles either: racists, drunks, fornicators, steroid-poppers, etc. But that's not the standard. Baseball is. If we do not kick Roger Clemens out, then Joe is in PERIOD!

MN Twin fan on November 13, 2010:

Shoeless Joe should be in!

fan of shoeless joe on October 26, 2010:

I am 10 years old and i think he was unfairly banned from baseball and should be in the baseball hall of fame.

thank you.

kam on October 24, 2010:

im goin to use this in a speech

Charles Nestor on October 21, 2010:

Until both Joe Jackson and Pete Rose are inducted it is the Hall of Shame. This is not canonization. It is a museum for great baseball players. To not have the all-time hit leader and the third leading career batting average player in is absurd.

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on September 11, 2010:

Thanks for all the great comments about Shoeless Joe Jackson. Yes he belongs in the Hall of Fame.

them on February 27, 2010:

shoeless for hall o fame

kenny williams on January 27, 2010:

He is one of the all time greats he really desreves it.

paul konerko on January 27, 2010:

Yes he should be in the hall of fame he is one of my idol

Kenny Clark on January 05, 2010:

I think shoeless joe should be in the hall of fame,but even if he isn't he has his on museum right here in Greenville S.C. across the street from the Greenville Drives baseball stadium in downtown Greenville. He is a hometown heroe and we love him regardless.

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on January 02, 2010:

Thanks for the great comments and yes Shoeless Joe Jackson should be in the Hall of Fame. He deserves it.

nick on January 02, 2010:

Joe Jackson deserves to be in the HOF. Actually, he didn't take the money. Baseball made a mistake when they banned him from life. Besides, he's dead now, so technically you can't be banned from life if you're dead. If anyone deserves to be in the HOF, it's Jackson.

Baseball Fan(atic)-1968 on September 08, 2009:

I definitely believe that this incredible ball player should be in the Hall of Fame. The confession he made was based on the recommendation of Alfred Austrian (Charles Comisky's attorney). Joe's mistake was in believing that because Austrian was Comisky's attorney, he also represented the players. When Joe attempted to speak with Comisky prior to the start of the series, he was informed by Comisky's secretary, Harry Grabiner, that Comisky had no time to see him. He was further informed that Comisky was aware of what Joe wanted to see him about and that he still did not wish to meet with him.

Furthermore, I would question the individual game statistics brought up earlier showing Joe hitting .250 in the five games they lost and .545 in the games they won. I don't see this as unusual for the outcome of a game to be closely tied to the performance of 1 or more star players on the team. I have seen no evidence that those percentages were by design.

The fact is, all the arguments I've read so far against Joe Jackson being enshrined in the MLB Hall of Fame contain purely circumstancial evidence, and that's not enough for me to agree that the ban should continue. Joe Jackson belongs in the Hall of Fame and that's all there is to it.

drunkman on June 07, 2009:

i do not understand that he should pick the innocent man joe "shoeless" jackson to be baseball hall of fame even not write or read and George "Babe" Ruth does not have brain because babe is so hot temper and hit umpire and player and manager also he is wonderful player because of homerun king 40 years that count into hall of famer why not babe should not hall of famer because of hit umpires and player and manager but joe jackson should be into hall of famer not gambler he is good person and he must be proud honor to be hall of famer soon as we all will remember of joe jackson for forever he is pasttimes and today and forever he is innocent to be in baseball with or without guilt and gamble God will care of joe jackson's innocent if he did it but i hope he will be in hall of fame someday soon as possible thank you for be patiient with me so so people will realized to pick joe jackson to be hall of fame

calebherron on May 17, 2009:

shoelessjoe jackson is my favorite player and yes i think he should be in the hall of fame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

calebherron on May 17, 2009:

shoelessjoe jackson is my favorite player and yes i think he should be in the hall of fame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

carver on April 22, 2009:

i agree. joe jackson sealed the deal when he accepted the money. if you love the game of baseball you play for what you believe in, to have fun. the hall of fame is full of ballplayer with enthuiasm for the game not for money

teeball on April 19, 2009:

Sure, he's got great numbers as a whole for the Series, but have you ever looked at his individual game performance. In the games they were supposed to lose, Jackson hit a pitiful (for him) 250. and for the others three games he hit 545. Coincidence, maybe, but what about the three tripples that were given to the Reds by Jackson. Come on, someone with his baseball knowledge and skill doesn't give up three tripples in the games that mean the most to them. But what does it really matter. Its all opinion isn't it. Only he knows what went on. Besides, who cares. He took the money and that's it. He accepted his fate when he spent his first cent. He deserves to be banned. Sure, Comiskey was screwing him and the rest of the team, but that still doesn't give him the right to knowingly join a fix and taint the history of America's favorite past-time. Great player, yes... Deserves to be in Hall of Fame, NO... Only the hall of Shame for "Shoeless" SORRY JOE

Ray on April 16, 2009:

Joe Jackson is one of the greatest of all times and Should be in the hall of fame with everybody else. If you ask me Landis should be removed for banning in innocent. Also if it were not for Jackson, how great would Babe Ruth be I mean he did model his swing after Jackson after all and if he didn't would he be in the HOF? Jackson did no wrong during the 1919 WS he tried his hardest to win but one man cant win a WS. If your with me then i say nobody no mtter how much you want to i say people stop going to the HOF until Jackson's Name is in there and start a potition to get him into the Hall Of Fame

King COBRA on February 19, 2009:

Joe For Hall Of Fame

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on November 26, 2008:

Yes Shoeless Joe Jackson should be in Baseballs Hall of Fame. I really believe so. How about you.

Frank Watts on November 23, 2008:

Say it aint so Baseball !! Correct your wrong !!!

Tyler G on November 17, 2008:

I always have liked JOe jackson and i think he should be in the hall of fame

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on October 27, 2008:

Thanks for the comments and yes I really think Shoeless Joe Jackson belongs in the Hall Of Fame.

edoug on August 08, 2008:

actually i think shoeless hit .444 in the series and he should deffinately be in the hall (same with pete rose) but he had a great batting average feilding percentenge of 1.000 in the series and he was one of the greatest ball players of all time

Shannon P on June 17, 2008:

Definatelly needs to be revisited. Shoeless Joe deserves to be in the HOF. Another player that needs to be there that is NOT is Don Mattingly. Hell if Kirby Puckett is there then why the hell is Don not. Baseball's Hall of Fame is definatelly a contraversial subject and seems about as phished as today's American politics. Peace and Good Luck

Violette DeSantis from Broomall, PA on April 06, 2008:

Yes, more so than any of the players today who make a mockery of the game with drug use. There are few humble men anymore.

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on April 05, 2008:

Thanks for the comment LA and Ron Foss. My thoughts exactly

Ron Foss on April 05, 2008:

If anyone deserves to be in the HOF its Shoeless Joe Jackson. If druggies like Fergus Jenkins and Orlando Cepeda are in there its criminal like Shoeless Joe isn"t. He was a decent man also though illiterate. its time to put this womderful ballplayer in the HOF where he deserves to be.

L A on April 04, 2008:

He was banned for life, and his life has been over for almost 60 years now. It's time to recognize what this man was on the field, on of the best (if not the best) of his time. The HOF is not what it should be without him being enshrined.

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on March 26, 2008:

Thanks for your comment and what you wrote. Thanks

elisabeth reid from Colorado on March 25, 2008:

One of my favorite subjects and pasttimes. Love baseball and its history. There is no richer and more colorful history in sports than that of baseball, and the Shoeless Joe saga is definitely something that needs to be revisited. Hell, they revisit Pete Rose every once in a while, Shoeless Joe deserves, at the very least, consideration.

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on March 24, 2008:

Thanks for the comment. It is appreciated.

Sexy Celebrity on March 24, 2008:

Never knew the background til now

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on March 23, 2008:

Thanks for the comment dsasser.

dsasser from US on March 23, 2008:

reading, interesting

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