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Sherwood Brut Regulator Review

Tom has been a certified diver for over 14 years and has more than 275 dives in that time. He has used the Brut Regulator on 261 dives.

Is the Sherwood Brut for you?

Here you will find my personal review of the Sherwood Brut and first stage. I have used it for two season now and have over 75 dives on it.

I will cover what I have found to be the highlights of this lower cost regulator and of course the downsides to it as well. If you’re new to diving this might be the best regulator for you to start with.

Is cost a big factor in your choice? Are you planning to mostly go deep? Planning to drop below the ice? Read on to find out if this is the regulator for you or not.

Brut Regulator


Why is the Brut model so popular and one of the best selling regulators on the market? Perhaps because it is affordable and many dive shops rental inventory. Does low price mean it is "cheap"? Well if it was cheap as in not a very good regulator that breaks easily would dive shops get them for rental equipment that they would have to fix all the time or that would break down on new divers, I would guess not.

The Sherwood Brut is dependable, rugged and easily maintained. It has good breathing performance under the right conditions. With a price right around $300 it's very affordable too.

The Brut will serve a new diver, an occasional diver or a diver on a budget very well for a long time, so long as it is maintained and treated well.

I have had the same one for 14 years now and it is still working great. Of course you have to keep up on the maintenance getting it cleaned and serviced will keep it working for years.

On the surface using the Sherwood Brut

On the surface using the Sherwood Brut

What do you think?

Regulator Bag

Diving with the Brut in 47F water.

Diving with the Brut in 47F water.

What the Brut can't do

Every piece of gear you dive with can be seen to have a downside to it and the Sherwood Brut is no different. Although these are things the Brut is not made to do, should you want to do them maybe a different regulator should be considered.

Cold Water Dives, the Brut is not made for this. Although I did dive in water that was 47F degrees and the Brut worked just fine. If ice diving is your thing you might not want the Brut. I have read much that said once below 50F degrees people experienced difficulty in breathing I have not read anything about failures. So if diving in water below 45F degrees you might want to take caution.

Deep Dives are not for the Brut? I have read a few things that have said once past about 120ft the Brut becomes a little more difficult to breath thru. I can only speak from personal experience, I can tell you at my max depth of 98 ft so far with it, it worked just fine.

I can tell you that when upside down the breathing does become a little more labored but still breathable. So if you like to dive upside down you may have some issues.

There is no personal adjustment on the breathing like some other regulators have. Once it is set there is no in water adjustment.

Photo: The photo above was taken by my son, this is me diving in fairly chilly water (47 F) and the Brut seems to be working just fine.

The Brut is "Okay"

The Brut is "Okay"

Bottom Line

Your a newer diver looking for a regulator that is going to work for years that isn't to costly that will work in moderate to warm water and you don't plan on diving deeper than around 120ft. Well, I think you may have just found your new regulator. From personal experience, both my son and I have the Sherwood Brut and have more than 75 dives on them. The Sherwood Brut has work great and we are both happy with the purchase and believe you will be to.

For most recreational divers the Brut will go a long way and be "okay" for you, for those that are looking to get to the Tech side of diving this is not the way to go. The Brut will serve you well and wont cost you a lot to get started. The warranty on the Sherwood equipment is also a very good upside to buying Sherwood products. Check out there warranties at Sherwood Warranty.

The Sherwood Brut is reliable, built to last and easily maintained by your local dive shop. All these things are important to a new or occasional diver. So for a low end regulator like the Brut you really can't go wrong here.

Remember your best advice can come from your local dive shop. Check with them on what equipment will fit you and the environment you most often dive in before making any purchases. Dive safe and have fun.

Photo: This was taken by my son at about 35 feet and the Sherwood Brut is working "okay".

© 2013 Thomas Bensen


Thomas Bensen (author) from Wisconsin on September 02, 2014:

Thank you, Thomas. It has served us well for two seasons now and still going strong.

Thomas Pritchard on September 02, 2014:

Helpful review that speaks to the strong and weak points of the reg.

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