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Setting Personal And Team Goals And How To Achieve Them

How To Set Goals For Your Sport

Like all sports, volleyball has many aspects to it. My personal favorite is the mental aspect. There are so many things going on during a rally, that it takes many years to realize how much thought goes into each point. One of the best ways to get ahead in volleyball is to set goals for yourself, and for your team.

Team Goals

From the very beginning your team needs to decide on the direction it wants to head in. Does your team want to be competitive, or do they want to have a fun season and get lots of playing time for everyone? Do they want to learn to run plays on offense, or do they want to become the best passers in the league? Do they want to play teams that are better than they are to challenge themselves, or would they rather crush teams with lower level skills?

There are so many questions that you have to ask yourselves when coming up with your goal. You want it to be attainable, yet you don't want it to be so easy that there is no motivation to achieve it. Your goal could be to make it to state playoffs, but if you're the worst team in the league, half the team won't even believe in the goal. That will only bring the team down. Same with a higher skill level team. If their goal is to make it to playoffs, and they come in first every year, nothing about their attitudes will change. Maybe a goal like, "never letting the opponent score over 20 points in a game," or, "winning every match in four games." These put enough challenge on an already great team so that they are always focused on the goal, especially during the game. Everyone needs to buy into the goal though... this is the only way it can be achieved.

Personal Goals

Personal goals should relate to the team goals that you have set. If your goal is to get 20 kills in a match, but the team's goal is to play more as a team, either one or both goals will not be achieved. Example goals could be to vary your hitting attacks, by hitting to line every once in a while if you usually only hit cross. Or to tip and chip even when you have a great set, because you know there is a spot open right behind the blockers.

Before your match, your goal should be written down somewhere. Afterwards, go to your goal as soon as possible and evaluate yourself. Ask yourself things like, "Did I swing even when I shouldn't have?" "Did I go for every ball like I wanted to?" Give your goal a rating between 1 and 5 on how well you achieved it. Then ask yourself if maybe your goal was set too high (20 kills in one match) or too low (getting half of your serves in). If it was a good goal that you either came close to reaching or just barely got it, write what you will do in the future to make sure you keep reaching this goal or how you can get even closer to it.

Goals are very important, because they reveal to you how you are performing. This can open your eyes to things you may have missed before, such as thinking you are the best passer on the team, when really, you're not reaching your passing goal of getting your passes up to the setter.

It is crucial that your goals are measurable. Having a goal set like, "jump higher," or "set better," is not going to do you any good. Your goal needs to specify exactly how much higher you want to get, or where your sets need to be going. This helps you rate your skills and lets you know what you need to work on to get better next time.

Sharing Goals

Sharing your goals with the team can help everyone. Now that you setter knows you're going to work on varying your hits, you will probably get set more. If she sees you succeeding, she'll let you know. If you're not doing what you should be though, she can help you by reminding you of your goal, so you can get back on track.

Having goals gives you a purpose during practices and motivation during games.They make you concentrate on the effort you're putting into everything and overall make you a better player than you would be if you just went to practices and games with no purpose.


Lisa on April 23, 2018:

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Great tips

sagor on September 17, 2015:

achive the gool is not easy........

Gilant Rahman Shagor from Dhaka, Bangladesh on August 31, 2015:

you are abselutly right...... we should sitting our goal 1st..... ................

Kylie on September 29, 2011:

I wrote a current event on this for health class! the topic was "goals". so thanks! :)

whitney_185 (author) on January 26, 2011:

I know it's been awhile since your comments, but I'm curious to know Jennifer how your goals turned out, and Elijah how your class went.

Elijah on November 01, 2010:

Thanks! as part of a year 11 H.P.E class i'm doing the topic goal setting. This helps me greatly thanks!

Jennifer on August 01, 2010:

I came across this article while trying to get ideas for setting personal as well as team goals. Our coach is making us set goals and I didn't realize how hard it was to actually come up with a goal. This article helped me really understand what a goal truelly does for a team. Thank You!

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