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Horse Riding School in Stockton and Tracy Area

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Since I was a little girl my passion, after writing, has been horses. Learning and sharing everything I know with you here. Happy Trails!


A Riding School That Has it ALL

In the Stockton and Tracy Area, there is a riding school treasure that has it all. Crazy About Horses is a riding camp located in Acampo, CA., just outside of Stockton (see map below). Held at the Gateway Farm, the summer camp runs June through July. Each camp runs Monday through Friday 9am to 1pm.

Among a handful of stables that offer horse back riding lessons, Gateway Farm offers a rich variety of activities that maximize the time each participant spends with the horses and their learning time. They offer much more than just riding lessons at the day camp. They offer crafts, vaulting lessons and games on horseback. At the end of the week the students put on a performance for their parents and relatives choreographed around what they learned that week.

Gateway Farm also offers courses in jumping, cross-country and dressage, They have an outstanding breeding program also with facilities for foaling and stud service.


A Day at Crazy About Horses Day Camp

Camp opens at 9:00 am with everyone arriving, stowing their lunch in a personalized cubby and strapping on their riding helmets.

The kids are broken down into three smaller groups. The groups take turns at three activities. They include: Arts & Crafts, Riding Lesson and Vaulting. There is a morning snack break between activities and then a break for lunch after all three groups complete the three activities. There's a grassy lawn area with tables and chairs for them to eat their lunch.

After lunch its time for games on horseback! This time the kids are separated into two groups instead of three. In their enormous covered arena the participants and their horses meet to let the games begin. With a thoughtful variety of games the players never lose interest. There's tic-tac-toe, ring toss, pipe stack and many more. Each team rotates rider and horse to run the task and beat the other team to the finish. Its all in fun and everyone gets a chance to try their hand at every game.

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The Staff

Gateway Farms is owned by Liz and run by her and a group of energetic, knowledgeable camp assistants. The ratio runs about one to one student to each camp assistant. The camp assistants are well versed in the arena of horse behavior, handling and best practices. Its obvious, from an onlookers point of view, that safety is top priority. Every participant always has a helmet on when they are near the horses astride or not. The camp assistants are right there to lend a hand to a participant that may lose their balance, to offer encouragement to a wary new rider and to spirit-on the participants in the games!


More Riding Schools!

The Stockton, Tracy and Sacramento area offers a rich variety of riding schools, each specializing in a different area. I looked for a year before I came across Gateway Farms who offered everything I was looking for in a riding school.

Contact or visit each school to get a feel for the environment and the owner or instructor. You want to be sure you get along well with all of the people on the staff. And that communication flows well, your questions answered and your concerns addressed. Horseback riding and eventing is something a child doesn't forget so make your choice carefully for the happy memories to live on!

Below you'll find their website and a map with the location of each riding school.


Stockton & Tracy Area Riding Centers


Riding Schools in Stockton and Tracy Area


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