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Responsibility of Owning a Gun

Owning and using a firearm has been a way of life. I would not have you take away my freedom in order to accommodate the criminal. enough!

the author at early age.

the author at early age.

Liability and Responsibility of Gun Ownership

Lets face the fact that guns are currently being targeted by the courts and being tried for meditative murder. Right or wrong, the privilege of owning a gun is under fire. Legislation is drafted without compunction, removing the rights of United States Citizens to own and carry a firearm as we speak. At least this seems to be the intent of new legislation.

Who is to blame, or better yet, why is the firearm itself being blamed? Have we considered the precedence set by this, and that every object held in the hand or driven would be subject to criminal charge? Can you imagine a prison that holds criminal objects in custody? A place to punish errant objects? There would be a pile of rocks, stones, pipes, chains, and even things like trucks and trains, used in the killing process of other humans. All firearms known to have shot towards another human would have criminal records. Would the human who orchestrated the crime then be free? Is he without accountability?

Why is the object used to kill people being blamed? Are we not playing the devil against a inanimate object? To be sure, there are bad situations every month around the country. But it stares us in the face that the gun is unfairly targeted by the courts, proposed by angry victims of gun crime. But what about the crimes committed with other objects? Automobile hit and run, people hit with rocks and pipes and ball bats? Why outlaw the use of firearms? And a gun can't even kill anyone. unless someone (a human) picks it up and loads it with a bullet. and interestingly, there all all types of bullets, including blanks, low velocity, different grain size. then it involves someone, (a human) specifically to load it, aim it and fire it. It seems overwhelming not the fault of the gun itself. Neither of the Bullet, neither of it being able to load itself, or aim and fire itself at anything, much less a person. Rather it is the human and his determination to find a weapon , and to possess the specific, rather complicated skill to fire such a device. It is the SAME with a rock, or a pipe, or any other object devised as a weapon, by the mind of the killer. A car can be commandeered as a weapon. But it is the fault of the car? Only the stupid would say yes. So is it the fault of a gun? A gun has many different legal and honest uses just as a car does. A rock and a pipe however have to be attached to the hand and the motive of a killer. AH! So have we proven that the human doing the killing is responsible? I believe we have.

As a young parent, My wife came home with my daughter one day and said we cannot send our child back to this day care.. I asked why? Well, she said, the licensed daycare owner is of such an opinion that when a child colors the wall with crayons, she goes over to the wall and spanks the wall, saying loudly, BAD WALL! BAD WALL! Ha! Well, I was quickly apprised of this new age idea, blaming of the object, not the human. It would have damaged the child apparently if the daycare had blamed the child for their behavior. To elaborate, one could play that out a little bit further and say, "THAT BAD WALL, it needs to be tore down!" -or charged with bad behavior? -"3 strikes, wall, and you will be torn down?" What about the misguided implication on the child's psyche, and the idea of a child going through life blaming anything but himself for his wrongdoing?

With many new laws being constructed in different courts, its soon going to be impossible to know if you have committed a crime just by picking up a firearm. Or God help us if you fired it! Would you have to have a permit to fire each bullet? Was any of this imagined by the founders of our great nation? Those who lived with a rifle in the crook of their arm to protect and to bring home meat for the dinner table?

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I think the problem lies with the huge demand for justice by the families of victims of crime, and by the soft, liberal judges sitting in lavish office, dreaming that the world can be a better place without firearms. But could a cattle ranch survive without use of firearms to protect the cattle from varmints? Could a farm in Alabama or Texas survive without being able to shoot the wild hogs? Could you feel safe in a country setting without a basic firearm to protect yourself from vandals, thieves and break-ins? Ask yourself how vulnerable we would all be without the use of firearms? And re-assure your self that it is a protected 1st Amendment right to keep and bear firearms. Yes, I know we are living in scary times and inner city police are desperate to keep the peace, while the same soft lawmakers, legislators are defunding the police, giving way to the onset of illegal immigrants, drug and child trafficking, while they are taking away the rights of the ordinary citizen to bear arms.

One of the founding principles of American history was and is to protect the right of the citizens of the United States to be called to duty as a militia and to defend our very nation. I'm not sure that we have the gall and bravery as such today to be called in the night to fight against our enemies, but look at the recent threats to the country of Ukraine. What if those citizens were not allowed to defend themselves? What would they be able to do but to let the enemy roll right over them and become captive to the next invasion force? Yes, I'm aware there are progressives today that feel we're living in an advanced society which should blindly trust the government. But I'm not one of those that believe every thing voted upon in Washington is good for me or for the people of America as a whole.

It's time to speak up about your values, your patriotism, and time to certainly vote against policy that abolishes the rights of the citizens. It's time to say "yes, we need the police, but we need our God given rights as well." I own a gun and I always will. Even if I never fire it, I will own it and bear it as needed to stand for freedom. Pray God that stronger American leaders will stand up and speak according the Constitutional Right of Bearing a Firearm.

We must negate the effects of crime by having a strong police force with laws that are hard on crime. We must have good and just courts which can differentiate between good and evil. All it takes for evil/crime to prevail is for good men to do nothing. We each have a responsibility, especially when its time to go vote and to speak out of freedoms value.

Each of us, from individual, to authorities, to the courthouse, to the legislature must keep on guard against frivolous and irresponsible attacks on our freedom. I suggest its a good thing to also take a firearms class, and to practice with your rifle or handgun so that you can use it when necessary. Have a copy of your constitutional rights by your bedside. Don't be a victim by being unprepared.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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