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Red Rock Canyon Hiking Trails

 There are about 20 great hiking trails at Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas, Nevada. I have picked the easy ones which are not longer than 2 miles and does not take more than 2 hours to finish the hike. Also mentioned the most strenuous hiking trail at the Canyon i.e. the Turtlehead Peak trail which is about 5 miles long. Feel free to share your experience at the Red Rock Canyon in the comments section below.

Hiking trails map

map of trails in red rock canyon

map of trails in red rock canyon

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1. Lost Creek - Children's Discovery Trail

 Located on the west side of the Willow Spring turnoff (about 7 miles from the visitor center at the beginning of the 13 mile scenic drive), this is a perfect hiking trail for families with children as it is only 0.75 miles and takes less than an hour for the complete hike. There are plenty of things to see for both children and adults on this trail. This easy trail is a wonderful place to explore the variety of plant life and a number of cultural sites. There may be a waterfall depending on the season (January to March) on this trail.

This trail is unsuitable for wheelchairs. There are two rest benches at stop #5. There is no drinking water along the trail. Make sure to bring plenty of fluids if you are planning to go on one of the awesome hiking trails in Red Rock Canyon.

2. Calico Hills

This trail can be accessed by parking by either Calico I or Calico II or near the entrance station. There are great climbing areas and you can get really closeup views of the Calico Hills. 2 to 6 miles of this trail might take around 2 hours.

3. White Rock Spring loop
   Another difficult hiking trail at the Red Rock Canyon as it is 6 miles long and takes about 4 hours to complete. You can start at three places on this trail: The upper white rock parking lot or the lost creek trail parking lot or the Willow Springs Picnic area. The north side of White Rock is great for viewing bighorn sheep.

4. Fire Ecology:

 This double loop trail branches off the Pine Creek Canyon Trail and can be accessed via the Pine  Creek Trail, exits and enters the Pine Creek Trail from the south.  Take the trail to the left heading toward the escarpment, across a bridge and over a rise to enter the second loop. Return across the same bridge and follow the trail back to the Pine Creek Trail.  It is less than a mile long and a very easy trail that can be completed in less than an hour.

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5. Most strenuous hiking trail in Red Rock Canyon:
   Turtlehead Peak Trail

   This trail starts at the Sandstone Quarry parking lot. Look at the map  given in this hub to see where it is from the visitor center. It follows the shoulder of the peak to the top. Note that the trail is intermittent and composed of loose rock. It is about 5 miles and will take about 5 hours to complete.

There are plenty of other trails of varying complexity along the scenic drive at the Red Rock Canyon. Also check out the biking trails at this area. Really great views and you can easily spend part of your day here as you can take a break from the city life in Las Vegas and enjoy nature's breathtaking beauty.

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