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Real Madrid Are European Champions Again


Courtois' Performance

The Belgian was undoubtedly the best player in the final as he made 9 mircaculous saves against the Reds, Liverpool. He conceded shots from the likes of Mohammed Salah and Sadio Mane but no one could come close to bringing it home.

The best goalkeeper was happy to prove doubters wrong as he said that he needed to win the Champions League to put the respect he fully deserves on his name. One can say he definitely earned it.


Camila Cabello's Opening Ceremony

Many people saw that the famous singer's performance was atrocious. They pointed out that the majority of the crowd did not pay that much attention to the performance but maybe that is also due to the fact that the game was postponed due to some problems with fans getting into the stadium.

Despite the pressure, Camila Cabello shined as usual with her performance in the opening ceremony as she delivered an electric show. She also enjoyed watching the final in the stadium, so you could tell that she had a night to remember.


What Caused The Match To Be Delayed For 35 Minutes

The Champions League final was delayed for over 35 minutes due to some madness that happened outside the stadium, as the Liverpool fans were not only stuck outside but also pepper sprayed by the French police and security men. Their was some footage that showed quite possibly thousands of Liverpool fans who tried to break in into the stadium with no tickets, as they prices went up to over 2200 euros per ticket. That meant that the Liverpool fans who actually had tickets were still physically abused outside the stadium for simply nothing. Originally, the game was delayed for 15 minutes but it was further delayed for an additional 20 minutes which led to a lot of frustration among the fans inside and outside Stade de France. Footage from outside the ground at 8pm, the planned kick-off time, showed hundreds of supporters stuck at the entrance gates. Whatever the outcome of the game could've been, the Liverpool fans who actually had their ticket got their trip faultlessly ruined as they were scared during the overall experience.
There will be questions to be asked to UEFA about what happened in that night.

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Mohammed Salah's Mind Games Gone Wrong

When Real Madrid delivered THAT masterclass against Manchester City and therefore proceeded to the Champions League that they eventually won, Mohammed Salah was pretty confident and made it clear on Twitter that he had 'a score to settle' with Real Madrid, although it's not that easy of task to get revenge from Real Madrid in the Champions League and they have proven that before.

However, Liverpool obviously lost the final with a Vincious decider. We have to give credit to Salah for at least trying as his 3 shots on target were brilliantly saved by who appears to be the best goalkeeper in the world, Thibaut Courtois. You have to feel bad for him as well because he lost the CAF World Cup qualifiers on penalties, the AFCON final on penalties, the Premier League on the final fixture, and the Champions League all in 4 months.


Toni Kroos Angry At Interviewer

Toni Kroos is without a shadow of a doubt one of the greatest German midfielders of all time. The former World Cup winner was having the time of his life celebrating his 5th Champions League triumph of his football career, until he had an interview with ZDF. Maybe he was a bit too extreme with the interviewer, as the questions were just fine and not too trivial. He deemed the questions as s*** questions when he was asked whether he was surprised they were forced to soak up so much pressure against Jurgen Klopp's side and whether the game turned out as he expected. Toni Kroos didn't hold off his thoughts and made it clear that the questions were 'too negative'. He thought that his patience was being put to the test so he easily stormed out of the interview. "You had the whole 90 minutes and you came up with two s*** questions, two negative questions. You could tell immediately that you're a German.", he said.

In all fairness, he was in a very high mood after winning his 5th Champions League against a world-beating Liverpool.

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