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6 Things Reveal He's King Fraud

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He's a Humiliator

Lebron came from humble beginnings. He slept on couches night after night. His mom wasn't fit to care for him. As a response, she gave him up to someone that can. Lebron picked up a ball and never stopped. He became one of the best highschool players in the country.

He was drafted in 2003 to the Cleveland Cavs. Before being drafted he stood out at St.Mary private school. The school is located where it all started. He played basketball and football but, he decided to make basketball his profession.

Lebron knew the taste and wanted it again. This time former champions Ben Wallace and shaq. He put up mvp numbers with both of them alongside him. Unfortunately, they weren't enough to get back to the finals. With the hurt he felt, he humiliated the organization that lifted him. It was not the leaving but how he left. Lebron had an hour-long cast, THE DECISION, just to say that he was leaving. He humiliated Cleveland on live T.V.


He's an Actor

In 2021 lebron added acting to his resume. He starred in the kids movie space jam. Space Jam was done by Micheal Jordan in the ninety's. That was not the first movie he was in. He was in the documentary more than a game (2008), Square Roots: The story of SpongeBob Squarepants (2009)Trainwreck (2015), Smallfoot (2018) and Space Jam last year.

Lebron has also made appearances on T.V. From 2004-2020. Shows include My wife and kids and the Simpson's. Lebron is everywhere these days. Since he's getting ready to retire, he may do it more.

Lebron doesn't only prove he could act on both screens. He does it on the court. He flops and Cries for fouls. He's the best entertainer in sports. Its been this way for a longtime.

He's an Engineer

The decision led to Miami. He didn't pick up where he left off but, he did better. He did not win season MVP. The heat did make the finals his first season. In Cleveland they were burning in anger, but his teammates helped him through it. They do not get enough credit. They also do not demand it either.

The Miami Heat went to the big show, finals, his first yr. In just his first season, he reached where he couldn't lead cavs again. He won his first NBA finals game in a series. Unfortunately, the finals ended with a loss. A stubborn mavs team wanted revenge and he helped them get it.

Lebron saw his first championship the next two seasons. Additionally, he won season MVP both of them. The next year they went too but like the stubborn mavs, spurs wanted revenge. He made sure they got that too. His throne was shinier in Miami. Additionally, it was something else revealed to the league. In just four years, he became the engineer of superteams.

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He's a Businessman

Being as big as LeBron is not cheap. He cannot afford to be on sorry teams. When he went to Miami there were changes. Former rookie of the year MIke Miller joined the roster. There were many great role players that came along. Big names include Ray Allen, Juwan Howard, and Eddie House. Lebron has had help his entire career.

It's evident that it is a business. He shows that it is more than basketball. When it comes to teams, he's not loyal. When he gets to the teams, little remain. The coach has to go, and trades have to be made. He demanded more changes after failing in Cleveland the 2009-2010 season. Instead of the general manager of teams choose them, he did. The Cavs from 2008-2010 were not sorry. He just could not lead them.

Lebron is better off with a briefcase instead of a basketball. He is Of course there is no proof that a star player makes the moves. All there is with him is history. Soon as he gets to a team there are changes. Even off the court he makes changes. He fired his agent for his friend, Rich Paul. Thompson was gone and Mike Brown was hired. He left brown for Eric Spoelstra. Spoelstra is often seen as Pat Riley's protege. Riley played and coached the L.A lakers to championships. Soon as he went to lakers the roster was changed. Why not feel that he looks at this as just another business?


He's a Football Player

Frequently, lebron shows his passion about football. Out in L.A he goes to rams games. Hes a huge fan of NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. He was destined to be the hometown hero. The Cleveland Cavs already had an allstar seven footer. He just made it all better. By 2007 cavs were in the nba finals. They did not even win a game but, it did not come as a shock to many.

When he went back home nothing changed. Cavs went to the finals all of the years he was there. The first season back, they acquired all-star Kevin Love. Another all-star, Kyrie Irving, was already in place. Instead of winning two like he won in Miami, he won one. Now, he's hiding behind Anothony Davis. Lakers went to and won one NBA championship. The self-proclaimed king has never performed admirably in a big game. Despite it all, he is still one of the greats.

He Doesn't Protect His Throne

Greats lose at home all the time in sports. Tom Brady lost a divisional playoff game at home. Bucs just won the championship last year. Despite the loss, Brady made it fun to watch. You could always depend on Brady to perform admirably. In tennis, the Williams sisters do that. In golf, Tiger Woods does it. In basketball, you could have with Charles Barkley. Despite the loss, these athletes perform. They lose with grace. Fans could walk away saying they gave their best.

The late Kobe Bryant won five NBA championships. In the 2008 NBA finals he performed admirably despite the loss vs a great Celtics team. For Lebron, it's different. He's not protecting his throne well for someone that is called king. All he does is hide behind players that do. He hid behind wade and Bosh.

Why should anyone consider him the king of basketball? He's a phenomenal player but, that's a title he does not deserve. Jordan was nicknamed Air Jordan and spent his career playing up to it. Once he was in the air he rarely missed. Even his rivals came to admit this. Superstar Kevin Durant said that Jordan had no weaknesses. Apparently, Lebron does. Jordan protected his throne six times. LeBron has proven that he cannot do it.

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