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Rating Baseball's Acquisitions After First Month


Andrelton Simmons Is Batting Over 100 Points Higher After Leaving The Angels


Nearly one month into the season, one of the most noteworthy acquisitions finally started to endear himself to his new team. Slugger Kyle Schwarber, who after an entire career spent with the Cubs joined the Nationals over the winter, pounded a game-winning home run to lead Washington over the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The blast was Schwarber's first with his new team, and it could not have come at a better time. In his seven years in the Major Leagues Schwarber has averaged a home run for every dozen or so at bats, so Nats fans were growing a little fretful when he had not gone long in any of his two and a half dozen appearances this year.

They should, however, be pleased with other aspects of Schwarber's performance so far, especially his batting average. His .269 clip is over thirty times higher than his career mark, and it looks even more appealing when you consider that he hit just .188 last year.

Based on his huge jump in batting average, Schwarber would have to be rated as a good acquisition so far. Unfortunately for many fans, he seems to be among a short list of players who fit that description as the 2021 season ends its first month.

Certainly joining Schwarber would be Starling Marte, who was traded from the Pirates to the Marlins over the winter. With his new club he has hit four home runs and is batting .320, nearly forty points over his career mark.

Just as impressive has been Tommy Lastella, who left Oakland last winter and crossed the bay to join San Francisco. His .333 batting average with the Giants is much better than his .275 career mark, and he is a big reason his club is in second place in the National League West.

The most pleasing acquisition has been Andrelton Simmons, who signed a free agent contract with the Twins. Always known as a Gold Glove shortstop, the usually light-hitting Simmons is connecting at a .355 pace for Minnesota.

On the other end of the spectrum are some new acquisitions whose performances, based just on the first weeks of 2021, have to be rated as poor. Long-time Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus is hitting just

.125 for Oakland, and his Texas double play partner Roughned Odor is hitting a mere .118 in his first year with the Yankees.

Also struggling early is veteran first baseman Carlos Santana, who is at .154 for Kansas City after leaving Cleveland. The same can be said for former Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Joc Pederson, who is currently batting .118 for the Chicago Cubs.

Hunter Renfroe makes the dubious list as well, carrying a .179 batting average during his first season with the Boston Red Sox. Marcus Semien, a former runner-up for American League Most Valuable Player a few years ago with Oakland, has managed to fit only .214 with Toronto.

Cleveland acquired two Rosarios over the winter, but neither has really helped the Indians thus far. Outfielder Eddie from the Twins is batting .227, and Ahmed from the Mets is below the Mendoza Line.

Also hovering well below the .200 mark is former Pirate first baseman Josh Bell, who since being traded to the Nats has mustered a .143 batting average. His underperformance has been overshadowed by that of an N. L. East rival, as high profile shortstop Francisco Lindor has hit a mere .222 since coming over to the Mets via a trade with Cleveland.

Other high profile acquisitions have performed just as expected, like the new third baseman in St. Louis. Nolan Arenado is at .294, new White Sox outfielder Adam Eaton is hitting .261 and catcher James McCann is at .286 for the Mets.

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