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Quechua Bionnassay -5 Mummy Four Season Sleeping Bag Review. (sub 0 degrees)

Mummy sleeping bag for four season use

Decathlon's Quechua Bionnassay -5 Mummy Sleeping Bag aims to integrate price performance and warmth to provide a great quality 4 season sleeping bag designed for cold temperatures. The Bionnassay -5 aims to offer a sleeping bad designed for backpacking, trekking and bivouacking use while sleeping at a temperature of -5 degrees Celsius. This review will asess it's value, quality and warmth.

I personally purchased a size large Quechua Bionnassay sleeping bag from my local Decathlon store for a price of £69.99 (gbp)

First impressions in the store were of a simply styled (all black exterior) luxurious feeling sleeping bag that will be long lasting. Decathlon offer a 2 year warranty against fault so you can be assured of their product quality.

Technical Information

Technical information courtesy of Decathlon (UK)

  • Fill - high performance synthetic fibre (350gsm).
  • 100% Ripstop® nylon lining and shell.
  • Mummy shaped for freedom of movement without heat loss.
  • Features - pre-shaped hood with drawcord, draft collar, inner zip flap.
  • Compression Sack to minimise handling size
  • Performance. Comfort rating -2°C Comfort limit -8°C Extreme temperature -26°C
  • Open bag size in large (for max height 6ft1in or 185 cm)Total back length: 220cm. Shoulder width: 82cm: Foot width: 37cm.
  • Size and weight when compressed - Length: 47cm. Diameter: 22cm. Weight: 1.95kg.

Please be aware the above dimensions are coirrect for a size large. The sleeping bag is available in 3 sizes. Medium size for heights up to 170 cm and Extra Large for heights up to 200 cm.

At Jebel Toubkal Basecamp- after a toasty warm night's sleep

At Jebel Toubkal Basecamp, The High Atlas Mountains, Morocco- ready to conquer Mount Toubkal- the highest mountain in North Africa at 4167 m

At Jebel Toubkal Basecamp, The High Atlas Mountains, Morocco- ready to conquer Mount Toubkal- the highest mountain in North Africa at 4167 m

Why did I buy this sleeping bag?

The adventurer in me decided that it would be a great idea to take myself further out of my comfort zone and book a trek in Morocco involving the climb of Jebel Toubkal and number of days spent in basic mountain refuges. Despite a reputation for being a hot country the Atlas Mountains of Morocco can get very cold at night and snow is not uncommon in September.

Therefore I needed a four season sleeping bag that can comfortably deal with temperatures below freezing. The travel company recommended I take a 3/4 season sleeping bag for the time of year. Therefore I thought it best to be covered in case of cooler nights. I wanted a winter sleeping bag therefore that I could potentially also use for camping.

Practicality of the Bionnassay -5 Four Season Sleeping Bag

As a four season synthetic bag sadly the Bionnassay is relatively heavy at 1.9 kg in it's large size. Therefore it's a little on the heavy and bulky side as a lightweight backpacking bag. However for use as a trekking bag where you have access to mules or very short walking distances. Therefore this bag is best suited for trekking and camping use.

So what's it like to sleep in?

So far I've tested this bag in temperatures down to 0 degrees celsius and have found that I remain toasty warm. In fact I was almost too warm! The lining feels soft and luxurious

At temperatures above 10 degrees celsius I found that the bag was far too warm and I became damp and clammy.

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I would therefore recommend you use this bag for camping around the 0 degrees celsius and below mark.

Would I buy it again if I had the choice?


If you want a value for money warm sleeping bag from a highly repuatable company I would recommend this bag. As Quechua products have a two year warranty there is peace of mind that this is a good quality product

My next planned trip is hopefully going to be to the Himalaya's and therefore I will definitely be taking this sleeping bag with me.

The Quechua People of the Andes

Traditional Quechua people of the Andes

Traditional Quechua people of the Andes

Quechua- the people and the brand

Quechua is an in-house brand for the Decathlon sporting goods chain which centres on the great outdoors amd it's exploration. The Quechua brand itself concentrates towards hiking, camping and climbing with it's Bionnassay products forming the high performance end of the product spectrum.

The Quechua people is a selective term for a number of ethnic groups from South America who speak a Quechua language. Quechua is traditionally located in the South American Ande's Mountains.

The Aiguelle de Bionnassay

Aiguelle de Bionnassay

Aiguelle de Bionnassay

The Bionnassay Name

The BIonnassay name is taken from the Aiguelle de Bionnassay. A mountain within the Mont Blanc Massif in the French Alps which rises to 4052 m (13,294 ft) above sea level.

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