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Playing Disc Golf a Game for Beginners

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Disc Golf Is a Fun Outdoor Family Game

I'm not a disc golf expert, in fact we have only played this fun and exciting game once but we do plan on making it part of our summer activities. After you've tried this game for the first time you're going to find that not only is it a great way to get the family together, it's also an amazing way to add a little exercise to the mix with fresh air.

We we're all new to this and didn't have a clue, so off to Walmart we went and all of us bought our own frisbee,, then we drove to the disc golf course. With frisbees in hand we we're all excited to try out this new game, weren't we in for shock!

We really didn't know what to expect on our first time out, in fact truth be told we were all on the clueless side about this game. Imagine our surprise when we learnt that half of the course that we wanted to play on for the first time was under water. Things you learn as you go along trying out new events, at least we were able to play about twelve of the eighteen holes, yes just like regular golf there's eighteen holes or baskets as their called.


Playing golf using frisbees (or discs as some call them) is almost like playing real golf, there's special golf courses with either nine or eighteen holes and there must be one in your area. I was lucky to find a course close by in my town, so we have no excuses not to play golf.

We had a ton of fun playing our first game so I thought you might like to see if this games for you and your family. With Spring and Summer fast approaching it's time to get outside and enjoy the weather, now all you need is to find something that you truly enjoy doing.

Why not take the family out and try playing a game of disc golf, pick up some good old fashion frisbees at your local Walmart, find a course in your area (they are everywhere) and have some fun.


Disc Golf or Frisbee Golf

Whatever name you use for this game, its still played the same way as traditional golf with one exception this game is played with a flying disc.

What we didn’t know is the fact that theres specialty discs to play this game, not the ten dollar frisbees we picked up at Walmart earlier that day.

It wasn’t until the end of our game when we ran into a few guys that play this golf game regularly, they were able to tell us a few tricks of the game. So if your going to try your hand at playing I highly recommend the proper discs even if it’s your first attempt, they are just as reasonably priced as the kids toy version.

You never know you might be a lot like us and have so much fun you’ll want to play again, so why waste the money on a flying disc that doesn’t go around or through the trees.

Playing Like a professional

I’m not one for golf, I’ve tried playing a few times but usually after the ninth hole I become bored from hitting that little white ball around the greens, now this game was a lot of fun and what a great time we all had.

The course we played at was just plain crazy, there was so many trees that you needed to throw the disc around, between or just straight through, let me be that first to tell you the trees they don’t move out of the way, we had no idea that the course even had trees never mind how to throw around them.

It sure didn’t take us long to realize that we needed a special disc and that the orange frisbees we purchased at Walmart weren’t the best to use, although I gotta say we did have a lot of fun playing.


First Time On the Course

This is the course that we played on for our first time Langley Passive Park which has a variety of challenges with some open areas in an old gravel pit, other areas tightly wooded and subject to flooding in winter.

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The course was centred threw out the park with a lot of obstacles like the trees for example, it seemed we were always in the trees, don’t know how many times a tree got in the way of my frisbee.

Disc Golf VS Regular Golf

Just Like Golfing with clubs the scoring is the same, there's Eagles, Birdies, Pars and yes even a Bogey

Using A Regular Flying Orange Disc

I don't recommend playing with the same colour frisbees if your going to play using the Walmart style, it can get quite confusing. Good thing we were smart enough to write our names on them with a felt pen before leaving home.

There are actually discs made special for this game and each one has it's own place in the game.

  • The Driver is used for maximum distance and are great for speed, glide and accuracy.
  • Mid-Range Disc is used for making throws where you need your disc to turn left or right.
  • The Putter just like in regular golf is used for short approaches

Watch the video and you will see that you will see that all the discs really don't look much different when it comes to their size and shape, but they all have a different job to do when thrown through the air.

Be Sure You Have the Right Score Keeper

Just like in any game or sports you still have to keep score, after all you’ll want to know who won so that next time you can be better than the winner of your first game.

Now we still have doubts about our score keeper, not only was Matt keeping score, he also won the game. Maybe the rest of us our just poor losers, but that’s okay spring will come around again and don’t think for one minute that Matt will win another game!

Even though the rest of us lost, we had so much fun that we have decided to continue playing every Sunday, and are going to invest in the special discs that are used for the game. These frisbees go farther, and your able to get them to turn right or left, that would of been handy in amongst the trees.


Tips From a Beginner

What can I share with you that I have learnt playing this game only once, I’m only guessing that this will depend on where, when and how popular the course is in your area, since it will depend solely on the amount of people that visit the course.

  1. If the weather is hot I suggest bringing lots of water, there isn’t usually anywhere close by that sells bottled water and the only place I saw on our course was a swamp looking pond (yuck).
  2. This also applies to food or snacks, a good thing to remember especially if your bringing along the kids.
  3. Unless your a guy I would highly recommend using the washroom at the beginning of the course (if there is one) the course is long and these are in short supply.
  4. Most of the courses that I have seen are built in the centre of a park so why not bring a picnic basket and make a day of it with the family, just remember there’s no benches or tables to sit at.

Now these tips are only for the courses that I know about, so I think the best thing to do is search it out. You should be able to find a map online of the course layout showing you where all the baskets are and if there’s any resting areas where you and your family or friends can take a break.

Hot New Sport for Everyone

We had a lot of fun playing this game our first time out and it turned out to be an exciting adventure, even if we were all like a fish out of water when it came to the rules of playing.

Share your tips in the comments below If you have played this sport

Maybe even share where your favourite course is and what city the park is in, so that people in your area will have a place to play too.

If you've never played before go ahead don't be shy your welcome to leave your thoughts about the game too.

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