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Pink Fishing Rods Really? What girl doesn't love Bling?


Pink Lady

Pink Lady

The reel lights up as the handle turns.

The reel lights up as the handle turns.

‘The graphite reels comes pre-spooled. Two Roddy-lites are mounted on each side of the reel producing an eye-catching circular display as the reel handle is turned.' Now how couldn't that catch any girl's eyes!

Roddy Rod Pink Lady



A pink fishing rod? There couldn't really be a market for it, could there?

by Terri MacKinnon

Well, since my first vision in 2003 of having a pink rod actually became a reality in 2005, I was questioned many times as to what was I thinking? It wasn't very long before the company became recognized as being the leader in the fishing world. Quickly the industry and its professionals headed to their board rooms to re-think their market and what they might actually be missing. Even though I had spoken with major manufacturers they said that they believed there was no need to make girls fishing rods. I couldn't help but completely disagreed. We needed to reach a market that did exist but only settled for what was put in their hands. However, the manufacturers quickly re-assessed their market share margins as they started to see the successes and each one began dedicating new product lines that were female friendly.

As the founder of the girls' first fishing rod company, I found it very interesting recently to see what has transpired in what was once considered a male dominated industry.

We all knew that it would not be long before the idea caught on with the big box manufacturers but was even more amazing were the female owned company's that began to appear. Women were now making products for women in the outdoors industry. Acknowledging that women may have special requirements and they can still look like girls combining both needs. Hunting and fishing would never be the same.

In 2003 my vision of having pink fishing to raise funds for Breast Cancer was a platform to make people aware that women can use fishing as a benefit to better health while we also contributed as a corporation to help make a difference. Today it's even more amazing to see how many companies now offer ‘cause' related products within their organizations.

When our Pink fishing rod won its first award at Icast in July 2005 there was no competition. One year later the tides had already changed with the introduction of company's geared to women and children and they were now evident at the show. Company's like Fishher introduced their new passion purple rods to get women to recognize that they could also enjoy what was typically stereo typed a male sport. Outdoor Adventure Kids won an award for best kids tackle (also a female owned company) and went on to win two consecutive years for 2006 and 2007.

Another pink rod popped up in the show with a company called OceanGirl Fishing. The company was formed to provide high end rods to the more seasoned angler. We also noticed the older manufacturers that believed 3 years before that there was NOT a market for women quickly change their strategies to now bring product more female friendly to the industry.

One of the major players in fishing rods Shakespeare also jumped on the band wagon and created the LadyFish Rod a remake of the ugly stick but made for women with black and pink wraps. Light tackle action and works like a charm.

Recently I saw this new fishing rod that was manufactured by Master Tackle and they had produced the Roddy Hunter combo for women. Although the rod was in the fishing industry I had not found it anywhere until I noticed it down the aisles of K-Mart. It definitely offered great value and I decided I couldn't just purchase one so I bought a couple.

The rod is called The Pink Lady. I Love it! It came in four different sizes 5'6", 6'6", 7 ft and 8 ft models. The rods can be used for all or your fresh or light salt water environments. It has a capability of handling lures from 1/8-3/8 on the light side to the heavy weights at 3oz lures. Just because it's pink don't think it can't hold its own. It has the backbone to land the big one. The reel is made of graphite and holds from175 yards of 10lb test to 220 yards on the larger combo's.

The graphite reels all come pre-spooled with monofilament. There are 2 roddy lights mounted on each side of the reel that produce an eye-catching circular display of lights as the reel handle is turned. It definitely makes for an interesting sparkle and conversation with my other fellow anglers and at nighttime it offers quite the show. Really, what girl doesn't love Bling?

This is definitely the Ultimate Girls Fishing Rod and Reel Combo. Put this rod up against any rod and you will see it has what it takes to land the lunker on fresh or salt water. The Pink Lady features a hot pink rod and has a matching pre-spooled graphite reel which can hold up to 175 yards of 10-lb. test line. From the boat, shore or dock, show the guys fishing isn't just a man's game!

Here is some of the details about the Rod/Reels

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  • 3 ball bearing changeable handle
  • 5.1:1 gear ratio
  • Front drag


  • EVA foam handles
  • Graphite reel seat
  • 2-Pc. graphite construction
  • Diamond wrap.

5 1/2' model:

  • Line capacity: 6 lbs. / 110 yards
  • Lure weight: 1/8-3/8 ozs.
  • Light action
  • Great for panfish, trout

6 1/2' model:

  • Line capacity: 6 lbs. / 225 yards
  • Lure weight: 1/8-3/8 ozs.
  • Medium-light action
  • Great for walleye, bass.

7' model: Perfect for the lake, pond, pier or boat

  • Line capacity: 10-20lb. / 200 yards
  • Lure weight: .5 to 2oz
  • Med/Heavy action
  • Great for walleye,pike,bass

8' model: Perfect for the pier and jettys, also a great surf rod combo

  • Line capacity: 12 -20lb / 220 yd
  • Lure weight: . .75 -3oz
  • Med/Heavy action
  • Great for walleye, bass,pike


elisabeth on June 20, 2011:

need help getting the initial line started. Just bought it & can't find the starting point.Help

Terri Mackinnon (author) from Toronto on November 10, 2008:

Thanks Madison, I have to fully agree. Recently I lost both my parents and I could only wish for one more day to sit by the water and reflect with them. (Having a fishing pole in my hand only adds to the time.) So many memories that I am forever grateful to have.

Madison Parker from California on November 09, 2008:

I have to get out on a lake again and fish. There is no more peaceful, quiet an activity. I miss the days when we'd take the family out in a little boat and just "be" together while we waited for the bites that mostly never came. Didn't matter. The experience of spending time with those we love, some who are no longer with us, was priceless.

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