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Here Is How You Can Shoot Hard in Soccer

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As an amateur soccer player, i know how irritating it feels when you are not able to shoot hard. The shoot is quite flabby and doesn't exactly go as planned. It can vary from the run-up, area from which you should shoot or positioning of your body!

So after loads of practicing my technique, I have found out the tiny mistakes and made the corrections to get that satisfying, hard shoot that almost always ends up at the back of the net!


  • The run-up is important to your shoot. It plays a part in building power for your shoot.
  • Generally, take 3-5 steps behind the ball. Make sure it is natural to you and you can always customize it to your liking.
  • Relax your body and keep it loose. A stiff body would result in an awkward shoot
  • Try to be on your toes during the run-up
  • You should not run to the ball at full speed, that would be foolish and would result in a rather uncomfortable shoot. Instead, take short strides and run at a low pace.
  • This will comfortably set you up for your shoot.


  • Now, you are near the ball. You need to plant your weak foot about one-step away from the ball.
  • Make sure you firmly land on your weak foot. It gives you balance and also helps the other foot to swing sweetly!


  • Now you should pull your foot backwards and swing it with power.
  • Now try to hit the center of the ball. Too low, the ball will fly away, too high the shoot will just result the ball rolling on the ground which would surely be a treat for the keeper.
  • After you have made the impact, which hopefully was correct, your leg should swing through. Do not stop your leg. Let the swinging motion continue.
the swing

the swing

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the impact

the impact


  • Now the shoot has been shot, the deed has been done. If the shoot does not go to plan, its alright.
  • Just following through the tutorial is not the right way of learning something. Practice, practice and more practice is what you need. Eventually you shall become good at it.
  • Wishing ya' luck ;)

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