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Players to Keep an Eye out for in the Qatar World Cup 2022

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Football is one of the most addictive and thrilling sports to be a part of. People all around the globe participate in this sport. Some watch while some play but the feeling of excitement is mutual on both sides. Now that the countdown to Qatar Football 2022 has begun people are going head over heels with excitement because it is going to be one of the biggest and prestigious tournaments in the world of football. The world cup is a stage that provides each individual to show their talents to the masses. Currently when we think about football Ronaldo & Messi comes to our mind as the majority of the people around the globe both support & love them. But there are plenty of others that we should keep an eye out for this FIFA World Cup 2022 here is a list of a few players that are going to be taking the spotlight this season.

Ousmane Dembele (France)

With England currently enjoying unprecedented success in youth football, it’s easy to forget the talents of the outstanding players of France.

Kylian Mbappe is one of the leading lines up for France costing almost 166 million euros & there is also Dembele who has cost Barcelona the amount of 97 million Euros. But since he got injured chances are he should be back by this month if that were the case. Then France would have a lineup that could match the potential of Brazil 2002 lineup which consisted of Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho.

Mohammad Saleh (Egypt)

Liverpool’s opponents are not the only ones that are shaken up by the pace & performance of former Chelsea player Mohammad Saleh. As he scored a last-minute penalty against Congo in the qualifying rounds. Salah ended a 28-year wait for Egypt, which is one of the most powerful football nations on the eastern side.

Expectations are going to be high for him in this world cup to produce the same results as he did for Liverpool.

Arthur Melo (Brazil)

Coming to the premier league club soon that is if Barcelona gets to him.

Uncapped as yet but the Gremio midfielder Arthur has shown his immense talent in all of the recent matches. He has the touch and subtlety to earn comparison with Andres Iniesta. Brazil might think that they are short in midfield even with great players such as Casemiro, Fernandinho & Paulinho. But if we look at the stats from other matches Aurthur might be the new man to rise in the world cup this summer.

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Timo Werner (Germany)

Germany had a brief idea after the 2014 win that they needed a quick replacement for the record world cup goal scorer Miroslav Klose, a fixture in the teams for over 14 years and participating in seven tournaments.

It’s by the time that they found the right replacement, someone who can succeed in his glory. Leipzig striker Timo Werner. Shining in the German victory at the confederation cup and now with his amazing seven goals and 10 international appearances, he has a great chance at getting the golden boot this year.

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