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The National Football League Royally Screwed Up

Sports should be followed, played, enjoyed, shared among generations. Yes to good fun, rivalries, bringing us together; No to the politics

Please, no more of this!

Please, no more of this!

A Sad and Sickening Display

Many of us loyal football fans were shocked and sickened when we began witnessing members of NFL teams, disrespecting America, by taking a knee, during the playing of our National Anthem, of all things!

We hoped beyond hope that it would not go any further, but it did

We hoped beyond hope that no one from our team would go there, but they did

We hoped beyond hope that those in charge would tighten up the reins and put an end to such an ugly and uncalled for spectacle, but they did not

Teams which many of us have loved and followed, since we were young kids with heroes of our own, had players from our favorite team, follow suit.

Teams we've stuck with through thick and thin, through wonderful winning seasons, through the stressful, struggling, losing seasons, because that's what fans do!

When this all began in 2016 with Colin Kaepernick, many thought that the disrespectful display of one lone player, taking a knee during the playing of our National Anthem, was a fleeting thing. Nothing more than a ploy, as he struggled with his own personal performance and needed the focus to be placed elsewhere.

We believed he would be properly dealt with, a ‘time out’ at the very least, preferring a firing, but nothing was done and one year later, on 9/24/17, it was very clear that it had not been properly dealt with...far from it; it was festering and had turned even uglier, with no end in sight.

For many of us, this had all gone far beyond us being shocked and feeling sickened by it, to feeling moved to turn off and tune out and, in droves, we did!

Kids were watching too and they respond to what they see and what they hear, that which is in front of them, in this case, their role models and heroes.

We knew that things had gone way too far, when we saw the future of football, very young Pop Warner kids, acting and doing as their role models, mimicking their heroes, by taking a knee during the National Anthem.

We witnessed a major disconnect when these young kids refused to see America as worthy of their respect or worthy of their attention, even for a few short minutes.

What did these kids learn from these men, these sports figures, their role models when they {their role models} made the conscious decision to do this?

What statement was made by their kneeling, sitting or whatever, during the National Anthem?

Is the playing of our National Anthem not a time for reflecting on America?

A time for remembering the sacrifices of so many, provided through an opportunity to reflect on America; not because we have a gun to our heads and are forced to do so by some Dictator, but rather because, we don't.

Due to the selfless sacrifice of the many brave, over many decades, and this is how they are repaid?

The brave, come in all colors, races, ethnicity and religions, they have lost limbs, many are bilateral amputees

Many have lost their eyesight or their hearing

Many have lost their minds and as a result, their way

Quality of life has been lost by many, due to too much time away from their loved ones

Many have lost their lives

All in defending that glorious flag, the inspiration behind our National Anthem, which belongs to all of us, to all Americans!


Many avenues

Those wishing to make a statement about what they see, as unfair treatment in America, have many choices, after all, this is the United States of America.

Their many avenues include:

  1. Holding a Press conference
  2. Going before Congress with a list of grievances (the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, just after the part about "peaceable assembly"..."petition the Government for a redress of grievances.")
  3. Writing an Op-Ed
  4. Hitting the talk shows, making the case
  5. Not participating in the NFL or any other sports organization which makes them feel oppressed

On the turf, in a uniform, about to do a job once dreamed about, now a reality, in the presence of fans; men, women and children that support, root for and admire them and in the presence of heroes who see to it that their dreams are made reality, is not the time, nor the place!

By doing this, they disrespect their fan base, this country and all that have fought, all that are fighting and especially those that fought and ended up losing their lives in the process.

The players that chose to do this, {some, unfortunately, persist in it} do not accomplish a single thing, they’ve lost support, they’ve lost lifelong fans and they given their teams and the sport itself, a bad name.

The NFL has suffered tremendously and the powers that be within the NFL, did not help matters, with their complete lack of urgency, in nipping it in the bud.

Sports figures,

Whether you want it or not, whether you've asked for it or not, you play a vital role in many kid's lives, they are always watching and learning from their elders, especially their heroes.

Will they grow up realizing that here in the United States of America, the horizon is wide and their opportunities vast or will they grow up with a giant chip on their shoulder?

Will they look at you and say "I can do that, I'm disciplined, I'm capable" or will they look at you and say "Why should I even bother, my hero doesn't?"

They are looking to you, many have no love or support in their homes, you are all they have and it doesn't matter if you accept that, it is a fact!



Self-imposed Boycott of the NFL

When this initially started with Colin Kaepernick, I was so turned off, but hung in, hoping for the best, believing it would blow over, but then, things went from bad to worse.

I made the decision to boycott NFL games, I didn't make a big deal out of it and I did not ask anyone to join me.

It was a personal decision!

In addition to what I saw as blatant disrespect toward this Country and toward all that defend her, past and present; I also thought about the impact that this defiant act was having on kids and the domino effect created…

Sports figures are role models and the young and impressionable are always watching and observing.

When Colin Kaepernick decided that he would make a statement by taking a knee during the National Anthem, I made the decision, to make a statement by tuning him and all of football, out. It really hit a nerve with me, as I know it did with many!

When others followed his lead and it began to spread throughout the league, into other sports, eventually making its way into youth sports, it angered me!

I knew that not a single positive thing could or would come from it and to date, it hasn't!

With each new preseason, many players, were still making the decision to sit it out, take a knee, huddle up.
Once again, turning their backs on America, during the National anthem, therefore turning their backs on their fans, it was just too painful to watch.


UPDATE: Where do we go from here?

What I'd prefer, is for this inappropriate display to never, ever happen again and for America's game to be just that - a game!

A time when we put the stress and strain from the week behind us, fire up the grill, put our kids and our grand kids into the jersey of what we hope will some day be, their favorite team.

With our friends and family, we simply enjoy one of our favorite pastimes, rooting for our favorite teams and for our favorite players.

I became so irritated with the behavior of these adult men and in the way the NFL handled it, or rather, spinelessly, didn't handle it, but I hoped they would work through it and we'd see a return to the sport that is an important part of this Country!

  • But now, between this virus which has half of the Country living in fear and the other half saying enough of this, we're done and the united plot to disunite us, I, personally, think it's too late for them, they've been tested and they've failed miserably.

Hopefully, it is not the end of football.

Whether it takes a change of staff, a revamping, a restructuring, making it about the sport, not isolating the tried and true fans…keeping it real, maybe they can salvage it!

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© 2016 A B Williams


A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on September 27, 2020:

Thanks Dale for taking the time to read and comment.

This article has been revised more than anything else I’ve ever written. It started out with kids in mind. Kids are always watching, always following what adults do and these athletes seem oblivious to that fact or don’t care. Then, it wasn’t just Colin K. taking a knee, others joined in. My team, the Miami Dolphins, joined in.....youth sports joined in and it was all downhill from there, COVID-19, Marxist BLM rising.....inserting themselves into all sports.

Too late for the kids who choose athletes as their heroes! Too late for sports. Too bad for those of us who love sports, but love our Country more!

Dale Anderson from The High Seas on September 26, 2020:

I've spent my life traveling the world over and there is one thing that is always the same wherever I go and that is that people LOVE sports. The bug never bit me personally but everyone I know will happily sit for hours and talk about their favorite teams and how they are doing. I bet this hub article will get lots of attention for you.

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