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Nba Small Forward Rankings 2019-2020 Offseason

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Ranking NBA Small Forwards

This might arguably be the most controversial in all of our rankings, comment below what you agree/disagree on!

Tier One

LeBron James- Los Angeles Lakers

One of the greatest players of all time in NBA history, James is no doubt tier one. Even at the age of 35, he is still putting up an impressive stat line and is one of the few guys who deserves the contract that he is given.

James, or better known as "King James" also recently made it clear that he wants to win in Los Angeles, so he got in a costar in Anthony Davis.

Kevin Durant- Golden State Warriors

Durant is arguably the greatest scorer that the NBA has ever seen from the Small Forward position. At 7ft, he can shoot anywhere on the floor, and make explosive dunks.

Though he is widely regarded as a snake, Durant tore his Achilles in the 2019 NBA Finals so he will be out for most if not all of the 2020 NBA season sadly.

Kawhi Leonard- Toronto Raptors

Kawhi is probably the best two-way player on this list due to the fact that he is a great play-maker on offense, and pure lock down on defense. Kawhi has had his fair share of controversy especially in the fact how he sat out most of the 2017-2018 season with a bad ankle, but he has shown why it is smart to let your players heal and take their time.

Leonard or "The Klaw" is talking about leaving his championship team, to go to either the Clippers or the Lakers as well.

Paul George- Oklahoma City Thunder

The last member of tier one, George completely deserves it. After putting up MVP numbers and losing in the playoffs to Portland off a buzzer beater, George will have a chip on his shoulder.

I could see "PG-13" putting in all the work in the off season, and making that even bigger jump.

Tier Two

Jimmy Butler- Philadelphia 76ers

Butler is borderline tier one, but the falloff from George to Butler is so big, he has to be tier two. Butler is really a poor mans version of Kawhi Leonard, both present the same great defense, and have winning mentality.

As this is being written, Butler has not signed anywhere as of yet, so Sixers for right now.

Khris Middleton- Milwaukee Bucks

I didn't want to have only one person for tier two so here's Middleton. There is valid argument that Middleton deserves to be on here, and if I was a Bucks fan, he is probably. Since I don't watch the Bucks, I don't really know but he is tier two today.

Butler's Game-Winner vs Brooklyn

Tier Three

Danillo Gallinari- Los Angeles Clippers

Gallinari revived himself on the Clippers, almost being in contention of MIP candidate. Questions do arise on his defense, but he is a great morale booster for this team that was not supposed to be near the playoffs after trading Blake Griffin and Chris Paul.

Josh Richardson- Miami Heat

Richardson is one of the only bright spots on this Heat team stuck in no man's land. He could make that jump to being an all star if the rumors of Jimmy Butler joining the Heat do not pan out. I do see him rising to tier two after this season.

Jayson Tatum- Boston Celtics

Tatum had a stellar rookie season, and was supposed to build off that going into his sophomore year. Since Kyrie Irving was healthy, Tatum had to take a backseat to his offense.

With Irving reportedly signing a max deal with the Brooklyn Nets, and Kemba coming to Boston, Tatum will get an increased role and Kemba will surely let him get more touches.

Bojan Bogdanovic- Indiana Pacers

If Victor Oladipo did not get injured, Bojan would probably be tier four, but he really stepped up and since Victor got injured, he averaged around 20 points per game. I do see his points go down a tad, only due to Oladipo being healthy with him.

Andrew Wiggins- Minnesota Timberwolves

Wiggins was supposed to be the Canadian Michael Jordan, everybody thought of him as this generational talent superstar. While he is far from that right now and being handed a ridiculous contract, he still averaged 22 points a night.

Tatum's Ridiculous Poster on LeBron

Tier Four

Trevor Ariza- Washington Wizards

Trevor is a great 3&D player, who can be used on any team. He is just very old and he does not have much room for improvement but great locker room presence nonetheless.

Kevin Knox- New York Knicks

Knox looks like a promising young asset for the Knicks, to pair along with RJ Barrett and whoever they land on free agency. He is just super young so it is too early to tell what he can really do.

Taurean Prince- Brooklyn Nets

Prince can't really do much on the offensive side, although he is okay on defense for his time with the Hawks. He is young enough that he can improve his game, but I don't see him going past tier three at most.

Cedi Osman- Cleveland Cavaliers

Osman got taught a lot from LeBron in his rookie season, but either I am not a Cavaliers fan, or he is just not good right now. It is too early to tell if he will do anything good in the league.

Joe Ingles- Utah Jazz

Sharpshooting Joe is exactly what the Jazz want and got. Somebody who can shoot a crazy amount of 3s and make them to let Conley and Mitchell relax a bit. Though his contract is questionable, he is being worth is every penny.

Nicolas Batum- Charlotte Hornets

Finally on tier four we have Nicolas Batum. To say the least, he has been under preforming extremely, and has not shown any flashback to his Portland days. Almost tier five, but those guys are just awful.

Tier five is not worth mentioning, with guys like Allen Crabbe, DeMarre Carroll, and Harrison Barnes

Kevin Knox Posterizes Ben Simmons

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