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Nba Shooting Guard Rankings 2019-2020

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Ranking NBA Shooting Guards

These are my personal opinions as always with as little bias as there can be! Now, let's go on in!

Tier Two

Klay Thompson- Golden State Warriors

Arguably the best true shooting guard in the league, Klay is the perfect example of what a shooting guard really means. As the second guy in the Warriors back court paired with Stephen Curry, Klay is definitely a top shooting guard in the league

It is unfortunate that he tore his ACL in the 2019 NBA Finals, but he still is a great player in this league.

Bradley Beal- Washington Wizards

Not much is going correct in Washington, but Beal is one of the few bright spots. After John Wall went down with a season ending injury and trading Otto Porter, Beal took the reins in running this team.

Sadly, "Big Panda" hasn't really kept the team afloat but realizing that he is only 26, he has not entered his prime yet and might still be going in progression for his game.

Jrue Holiday- New Orleans Pelicans

Jrue is right now the best defensive shooting guard in the league hands down. He is good on offense but not James Harden level, but on defense he is pure lock down. If you have seen film on Holiday, he is just great on that side of the ball. Not all shooting guards have to shoot the ball great.

Victor Oladipo- Indiana Pacers

Sadly, Oladipo got injured for half of the season, so we are going to talk about when he was healthy. Oladipo and Holiday's play styles are very similar, although Oladipo is a better two way player than him.

If this was a two way ranking, Oladipo would be tier one, but as this is just shooting guard rankings, he is tier two. Just entering his prime, Oladipo will hopefully lead the Pacers to a finals appearance in the near future.

DeMar DeRozan- San Antonio Spurs

I originally thought that DeMar played small forward this year, but he played shooting guard (basketballrefence.com) DeMar was the sacrifice in the Kawhi Leonard trade, but hasn't slowed down much. Even though he was not an all star, he still put up great numbers and can do basically everything but shoot the three ball.

Beal shows why he is a Top 5 Shooting Guard

Tier Three

Donovan Mitchell- Utah Jazz

Mitchell is the closest thing we will see to Dwayne Wade in modern times, and is putting up superstar numbers at 22 years old.

He is in tier three because the drop off from DeRozan to Mitchell is way too big but in no time he will definitely be tier two.

Devin Booker- Phoenix Suns

Booker is a scoring machine and put up an impressive 26 points a game this season for the Suns. Questions do arise if he can be that guy to lead a team to the playoffs.

CJ McCollum- Portland Trail Blazers

CJ is in simpler terms, the Knockoff Klay. Him and Damian Lillard are really the inverses of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, but CJ is not really Klay's level so tier three.

Maybe since Klay will be injured for the 2019-2020 season, CJ will get to tier two, but who knows.

Zach LaVine- Chicago Bulls

Arguably the most athletic shooting guard in the league, Zach was almost an all star this season, so tier three. Most of these guys are borderline all stars, so Zach fits in perfectly.

Next year I do see him taking a huge jump, maybe even the biggest out of all the shooting guards, and gets on Beal's level at best.

Lou Williams- Los Angeles Clippers

I almost had Lou on tier four, only due to the fact he does not really start. If he is so good, why doesn't he start? Putting 20 off the bench should be a starter, but it's coach Rivers' call.

CJ McCollum Comes up Clutch in Game 7

Tier Four

Gary Harris- Denver Nuggets

Harris is young enough that he has room to grow, but I don't see him as a Donovan Mitchell level player. He is good at 3s, and that is kinda it or I am not a Nuggets fan enough to know him.

Buddy Hield- Sacramento Kings

Buddy is everything that the Kings want him to be, and put up 23 points a game for a Kings squad that could make the postseason finally in the 2019-2020 season.

Jaylen Brown- Boston Celtics

Brown didn't do much this season compared to last, due to coming off the bench for most of the season. With Kyrie and Al Horford leaving, I could see Brown getting a bigger role next season.

Malcolm Brogdon- Milwaukee Bucks

The former Rookie of the Year has been mediocre at best. This might be due to him and his injuries, but if he played a full season, he could be better then tier four.

Though he is a 50-40-90 club member, he should be an all star talent if he did win Rookie of the Year

JJ Redick- Philadelphia 76ers

He is just the type of shooter you want on your team, somebody who can shoot 3s and play good defense. So, tier four for JJ as he can't really get better at his age.

Jeremy Lamb- Charlotte Hornets

Potentially the best player on the Hornets if Kemba leaves, he is only on this list due to his incredible buzzer beater aganist the Raptors.

Don't really have to mention tier five, guys include Joe Harris, Josh Okogie, and Kevin Huerter.

Hield's Insane Game Winner

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DavidYe133 on June 29, 2019:

Don't get me wrong but I personally do not think James Harden will be good when he gets older. He is very ball dominant and isn't an efficient scorer. I feel like he will turn out to fall like melo. Maybe not at 33 but I feel like he doesn't have a bright future