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NBA All Star Weekend Discussion

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The All Star game that has been previously set in Indy has now been moved to Atlanta.

The All Star game that has been previously set in Indy has now been moved to Atlanta.

It's about that time again guys. It happens every year. Now this year will be a little different as far as the format, but it will still be a chance to see all your favorite players. And even a few players you aren't fans of. It's all-star time ladies and gents!


Phil: It would be nice to have an all star weekend. Dunk Contest, 3pt contest, and game. It’s a staple of a NBA season. Plus it’s a well needed break for everyone involved. Plus it’s a great weekend for charity. They always raise a good amount of money during All Star Weekend.

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Akeem: I'm so excited!!! It's always a big deal for me when it comes around. It's nice to just see the athletes not be so focused on getting a win but entertaining themselves, their peers, and most importantly, us, the fans!!!


Phil: They just updated us with some news recently that the dunk contest and three point contest will be on the same day as the all star game. Also each contest will not have any of the same participants as the all star game. This was made to reduce contact. So basically it turned from a All Star Weekend to an All Star day. Less action less money. Charity and views and profit wise. Also everything crammed into one day will have staff busy and less room for error on the actual day.

Akeem: I'm not happy with how they are only allowing contestants to compete in one event. You have some people that are well versed with the 3 point line and dunking the ball. So it's almost like each event its own separate entity. I'm not a fan. It's no longer an Al-Star weekend. It's just a day. So while things will move a lot quicker, we don't get the full experience of it lasting all weekend. It gave us something to look forward too.

Phil’s Final Thought

To be perfectly honest this is better than nothing especially when a ton of games have been postponed this season already. We just got to take it what it is and enjoy it as it is.

Akeem’s Final Thought

I'm not going to sugar coat it and say I'm happy because that would be untrue. But I am content with us at least having something. It's a small light, but a light nonetheless at the end of the tunnel.

What do you guys think? Should All Star night even happen? Should we be happy it is even happening at all? Let us know!!!!

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