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5 Best Blocks in NBA History


Defense create offense is a saying that is preached alot in the basketball world. Today that fact still remains true today in the current era of game. While the hype of offense remains the center of attention, defense has a way of showing fans how spectacular the effort is in playing high competition. Alot of the greats have shown us countless of times how it looks. From players like Shaq, Haqueem Olajuan, Jarret Allen, Rudy Gobert, just to name a few has shown the true art how it usually looks. One thing about defense is that it take extreme effort to be able to read your opponent rather is chasing the block, reaching for a steal, or contesting a shot, defense take hard work, dedication, and attention to details. Some the best NBA defenders posses most of the qualities and they know what it takes to become a all time great defender. Hoop Area top Five blocks in the NBA.

5. Ben Wallace Blocks Shaquille O'Neal

2006 Eastern conference finals 4 minutes into the the third quarter Miami is only down 4 points. Udonis Haslem pass the ball to Shaq into the post for an easy two, a classic Shaq go to move. Ben Wallace a hall of famer who is known to be rim protector with a average total of 2.0 blocks per game, 9.0 Total rebounds, with 47.0% shooting from the field goal. Was guarding Undonis before he passed it to Shaq at the Lower block. As soon as he passes the ball Ben walve didn't give up on the play. He using his basketball IQ by staying active on the defense by switching off udonis and quickly moving towards Shaquille for the block. What is so amazing about this play is that he block him without fouling him. Ben Wallace using his quick thinking and strength to prevent an easy two for the Miami Heat.

4. Nate Robinson Blocks Yao Ming

Yao Ming was the most popular athlete in China and in the NBA. The 7'6 center offensive possessions in the post was remarkable. Most teams had no choice but double team him because of his size and skill. Yao Ming had great skill with both hands. He shows that he was almost unstoppable with his hook shot and turnaround jumper. No player in the world with size like him shoots from the inside with ease and glamour. Ming could set up on the left block, but is actually more efficient from the other side of the block. Decent passer, but at times Ming used to struggle awareness of the defense approaching him. But one thing about him he knew how to draw contact for a foul. A great mid range shooter , and great re-bounder and was a high free throw percentage shooter. Nate Robinson on the other hand a small 5"9 point guard who has tremendous leaping ablitly for his size reads the defense and follows the ball. As soon as Yao Ming makes the effort for the score the rest become history.

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3. Michael Jordan Blocks Ron Mercer

The play starts on the offensive side for the Washington Wizards on the offense side with Jordan with the ball posting up a young Ron Artest now known as Metta World Peace. Peace defended Jordan very well, not biting his fakes and successfully block Jordans fadeaway. Oakley with the rebound and cross the court a pass to Ron Mercer. Little did he know, Michael was hunting down the play on defense. The 38 year old veteran at the time jumped over Mercer and blocked the shot with two hands. An incredible play because Jordan was able to grabbed the rebound in one motion, causing the ball to stick against the backboard. The entire Wizards crowd marvel and ahhed, at the veterans leaping ablitly and his determination to get a stop .

2. LeBron James Blocks Andre Iguodala

2016 NBA finals hosts Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers for game 7 at the Oracle Area in Oakland California. This could be arguably one of the most iconic blocks in NBA History. LeBron James chasing down Iggy for a block after Cavs had an empty possession from Kyrie Irving miss. Iguodala grabs the rebound and warriors decide to to run the floor. Andre passes the ball to curry in open transition curry quickly passes back to Iguodala for the easy fast break cradle layup, and behold LeBron James who never gave up on the play stays with it and blocks it.

1. Ja Morant Blocks Avery Bradley

This block by Ja Morant should been a number two, but because the circumstances around this played that involves other factors as Wells driven my opinion to number 1. Simply because Ja Morant is underszied but packed with so much explosive DNA to the point it was illustrated on the defense. The ball was turnover by Morant casing Bradley to get the ball and pushing it for a 2point conversion. Instead Ja quickly stick with the play and use his freakish athletic ability to get the block with two hands. This play is similar to Michael Jordan blocking Ron Mercer, but only difference is that there was more vertical on the effort from Morant. This could be one of the most iconic blocks so far in NBA history.

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