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My 2020 Week 13 NFL Power Rankings

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Week 13 NFL Power Rankings

POP. That's the sound of collective champagne bottles opening across the country. Those bottles, of course, are being enjoyed by members of the 1972 Miami Dolphins. You may already know why I'm mentioning a team from nearly 50 years ago, but let's assume you don't. The '72 Dolphins are the only team to complete an NFL season unscathed. They won every game in the regular season and capped that off with a victory in the Super Bowl. I mention them because, as of last night, those Dolphins will remain the NFL's only unbeaten team for at least one more season. The Pittsburgh Steelers suffered their first loss of the season last night at the hands of the Washington Football Team. All good things must come to an end. Or so they say.

1. Kansas City Chiefs (11-1) ~ Ever see a team not realize they scored a touchdown? I can't remember it happening before, but it happened this weekend. Tyreek Hill 100% scored on this play. Crazy that with all of today's technology this wasn't challenged. (Last Week's Ranking 1)

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (11-1) ~ The Steelers actually played twice since my rankings came out last week. That's how bizarre a season 2020 has been. The news, of course, is that their bid for an undefeated season came to an end. I'm going to highlight another loss. Linebacker Robert Spillane was lost to injured reserve after the game. Couple that with the loss of Bud Dupree last week and Devin Bush earlier in the year, and the Steelers are suddenly very thin at linebacker. (LWR 2)

3. New Orleans Saints (10-2) ~ The Saints became the first team in the NFL to clinch a playoff spot. Yes, you could say that's simply because they played a 1:00 eastern game Sunday, but that would ruin my narrative, see, and I'm gonna stick with my narrative here. Nine straight wins for the Saints who now have the longest active win streak in the league. (LWR 3)

4. Green Bay Packers (9-3) ~ Aaron Rodgers threw his 400th career touchdown pass Sunday in his 193rd regular season game. That makes him the fastest to do so breaking Drew Brees' record by 12 games. I watched it happen too, as it was against my sadsack Philadelphia Eagles. (LWR 4)

5. Buffalo Bills (9-3) ~ They did it! The drought is over! The Bills won on Monday Night Football. Just one win you say? How can that be something to celebrate? It's the first time the Bills won on MNF this century. That is no joke. Their last win came back in 1999. Back when we were all worried about Y2K. (LWR 5)

6. Los Angeles Rams (8-4) ~ The Rams are an interesting bunch. They could be very good, but I'm just not sure. Aside from losing twice to San Francisco, the Rams have only lost to teams in the AFC East. Their next two games are against AFC East teams. (LWR 8)

7. Seattle Seahawks (8-4) ~ If I were in a confidence pool this year, this was the week I would have used Seattle. They were playing at home, against a team with a losing record, coming from the east coast without their starting quarterback. Then the Seahawks laid an egg. I still can't believe it happened. (LWR 6)

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-5) ~ If you were wondering where all the talk about Tom Brady was this week, Tampa was on the bye. The bye weeks are over now so Brady and the Bucs will look to snap their two game losing streak in a big game against the Minnesota Vikings. The loser of this game might be on the outside looking in when it comes to the playoffs. (LWR 9)

9. Indianapolis Colts (8-4) ~ Philip Rivers has been solid, if unspectacular, in his first season as a member of the Colts. He will turn 39 later this month, and is on just a one-year deal. I'm hearing rumors of a potential fit for Carson Wentz in Indy. I almost can't believe I'm writing it. (LWR 10)

10. Tennessee Titans (8-4) ~ After piling up 414 yards and four scores over the past three weeks, Derrick Henry seemed like a wise choice to insert into my DraftKings lineup. The result? A 60-yard dud. I blame myself. (LWR 7)

11. Cleveland Browns (9-3) ~ Let's talk Browns history here. The last time the Browns were 9-3 was 1994 when Bill Belichick was coaching a team quarterbacked by Vinny Testaverde. The last time a Browns qb threw four touchdowns in the first half like Baker Mayfield just did? 1951. A guy by the name of Otto Graham. Cleveland looks poised to return to the postseason for the first time since 2002. (LWR 12)

12. Baltimore Ravens (6-5) ~ They play tonight and get Lamar Jackson back. What I really want to see though, is Dez Bryant find the end zone and throw up the X in Dallas. Please, football gods. Make. This. Happen. (LWR 11)

13. Miami Dolphins (8-4) ~ A week after Ryan Fitzpatrick led Miami to a divisional win, Tua Tagovailoa was back in the starting lineup and picked up his third win in the NFL. All the Dolphins are doing lately is winning and we aren't talking about it. Miami is 7-1 in their last eight games. (LWR 13)

14. Arizona Cardinals (6-6) ~ The Cardinals are doing the opposite of the Dolphins. They've now dropped four of five to fall out of playoff positioning. That losing stretch? It started with a loss to Miami. (LWR 14)

15. Minnesota Vikings (6-6) ~ I talk about Justin Jefferson a lot, but there's a reason for that. After another 100 yard day, Jefferson became the first Vikings rookie receiver to top 1,000 yards since someone named Randy Moss. I'd say Minnesota found a gem with the 22nd overall pick in the draft. (LWR 16)

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16. Las Vegas Raiders (7-5) ~ That was close. It took a long touchdown with second remaining on the clock to escape losing to the winless New York Jets. It would've been a shame to dampen Darren Waller's 200-yard receiving day with a loss. (LWR 15)

17. New England Patriots (6-6) ~ That's two weeks in a row Cam Newton threw for fewer than 100 yards in a game. That's also two wins in a row for New England. This time, it was a 45-0 thumping on the road, no less. The fat lady isn't singing yet. (LWR 18)

18. San Francisco 49ers (5-7) ~ With their playoff hopes on life support, the 49ers can still play the spoiler. Three of their final four games are against NFC teams looking to play past the regular season including the final two weeks against Seattle and Arizona. (LWR 17)

19. Carolina Panthers (4-8) ~ Christian McCaffrey will be back on the field this weekend when the Panthers host Denver. It's been more than a year since McCaffrey played in a game Carolina won. With two starting receivers placed on the Covid list, McCaffrey could be the focal point come Sunday. (LWR 20)

20. New York Giants (5-7) ~ Colt McCoy, who I literally did not know was still in the league until a week ago, somehow led the Giants in to Seattle and came out with the win. This team that started 1-7 leads the NFC East and might actually be a scary team to face in the playoffs. (LWR 25)

21. Washington Football Team (5-7) ~ We already know they handed the Steelers their first loss of the season. That said, Washington has yet to beat a team with a winning record outside of Pittsburgh. Luckily for them, they have just one opponent (Seattle) with a winning record remaining on their schedule as they battle it out with the Giants for the division title. (LWR 26)

22. Chicago Bears (5-7) ~ Six straight losses for the Bears. After a promising start to the season, the wheels have not just fallen off, but they have caught fire and started four new fires. At least one of those fires has to be under Matt Nagy's seat as head coach. (LWR 19)

23. Atlanta Falcons (4-8) ~ Count me in the group of people who thought Todd Gurley would do well in Atlanta. He was joining a high-octane offense and returning to the state where he played college football. Gurley has found the end zone nine times, but he has just one game in which he surpassed 80 yards rushing. (LWR 21)

24. Denver Broncos (4-8) ~ They got their quarterback back, but it didn't make much difference. A week after being without one of their regularly rostered quarterbacks, starter Drew Lock returned, but managed just 151 yards through the air with another two interceptions. That's now seven straight games with at least one pick. (LWR 22)

25. Detroit Lions (5-7) ~ One week without Matt Patricia and one win for the Lions. They took down the Bears in Chicago. Up next is a home game against the division-leading Packers. If interim coach Darrell Bevell can find a way to win this game, he might be a leading candidate to head up the Lions next year. (LWR 28)

26. Philadelphia Eagles (3-8-1) ~ Is the Carson Wentz era over in Philly? He was pulled Sunday in favor of rookie Jalen Hurts. Now, Hurts gets the starting nod this weekend against the Saints. I still believe in Wentz, but maybe he just needs a break. If Hurts can pull off the upset, we could be in store for a major quarterback controversy in Philly. (LWR 24)

27. Houston Texans (4-8) ~ He lost DeAndre Hopkins and now is without Will Fuller. That won't stop Deshaun Watson from putting the ball in the air. The Texans are second in the NFL with just a hair under 280 yards passing per game. Conversely, they are dead last with just over 84 yards on the ground per game. They'll need a more balanced attack to contend in 2021 and beyond. (LWR 27)

28. Los Angeles Chargers (3-9) ~ Last week I mentioned how I felt like the Chargers were better than their record. I guess they took that personally and wanted to prove just how not better than their record they are by losing 45-0 at home. Message received Chargers. Message received. (LWR 23)

29. Dallas Cowboys (3-8) ~ A Cowboys win tonight would mean that my Eagles have the worst record in the NFC. I always hate to see Dallas win, but tonight would be extra painful to see them pick up a W. (LWR 29)

30. Cincinnati Bengals (2-9-1) ~ While Joe Burrow looks like the real deal, he isn't the only Bengals rookie to enjoy a good year. Second rounder Tee Higgins has 53 catches for 729 yards and five touchdowns. Most of those came from Burrow. Higgins, and the rest of Cincy, will hope Burrow makes a full recovery from his knee surgery. (LWR 30)

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-11) ~ They already fired their GM, and one has to wonder if Doug Marrone will be gone at year's end. The Jags look like a team ready for a fresh start from the top down. (LWR 31)

32. New York Jets (0-12) ~ It was the most Jets thing they could do. All they had to do was not give up a hail mary for a touchdown. The Jets sent the house and got beat deep on what looked like a routine pass play to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. At this point, one has to wonder if Jets fans are relieved the team lost again. They are that much closer to the number one overall pick in the draft. (LWR 32)

Well, that’s it. All 32 NFL teams. All in one little list that can cause a reader a bevy of emotions. Do you like where your team is ranked? Do you hate it? Do you think I have no clue what I’m talking about? Maybe you should tell me about it. Leave a comment below or reach out to me on Twitter. Handle is in the profile. See you next time kids.

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