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My 2022 NFL Power Index Week 10

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2022 NFL Power Index Week 10

And just like that, the 1972 Miami Dolphins squad can breath a bit easier. They undoubtedly popped their champagne bottles last night after the Philadelphia Eagles were handed their first loss of the season. That ’72 Dolphins team will remain the only team to finish a season undefeated for at least another year. The perfect season coming to an end was the perfect cherry on top of another wild weekend in the NFL. Let’s get to it.

1. Kansas City Chiefs (7-2) ~ The Chiefs will fly out to L.A. Sunday night for a match-up against the Chargers. A win in SoFi Stadium would essentially clinch the AFC West for Kansas City. This was widely thought to be the best division in football coming into the year. If the Chiefs take care of business Sunday night, they would be the only team in the division with a winning record. (Last Week’s Ranking 2)

2. Philadelphia Eagles (8-1) ~ As an Eagles fan it would be easy for me to point out the errors in officiating from last night’s game. There’s the blatant facemask that wasn’t called on a play that resulted in an Philly fumble. There’s the late hit out of bounds that wasn’t, though I can’t find a clip. And don’t get me started on the roughing the passer penalty that iced the game. Taylor Heinicke celebrated like he just won the Super Bowl. Aside from all that, the Eagles let the Commanders convert on 12 third down plays. They simply couldn’t get Washington’s offense off the field. (LWR 1)

3. Minnesota Vikings (8-1) ~ Apologies to George Pickens, but we have a new leader in the catch of the year clubhouse. My goodness Justin Jefferson. (LWR 4)

4. Miami Dolphins (7-3) ~ In the last three games, Tua Tagovailoa has 969 yards passing and nine touchdown with zero interceptions. The Dolphins now lead the uber competitive AFC East. Tua has also officially entered the league MVP race. (LWR 7)

5. Buffalo Bills (6-3) ~ Last season the Bills were involved in the game of the year in that wild playoff game against the Chiefs. The Bills ultimately lost that game in overtime. Seems only fair that the Bills were involved in the game of the year this season. It also went to overtime before the Bills lost to Minnesota. Josh Allen has now thrown multiple interceptions in back-to-back-to-back games. (LWR 3)

6. Baltimore Ravens (6-3) ~ The Ravens will be rested coming off of their bye as they enter the lighter part of the schedule. Their next four games are against Carolina, Jacksonville, Denver and Pittsburgh. Baltimore could easily be 10-3 a month from now. (LWR 6)

7. Dallas Cowboys (6-3) ~ Entering Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys were 195-0 when they had a 14-point lead heading into the fourth quarter. Exiting Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys are 195-1 when having a 14-point lead while heading into the fourth quarter. (LWR 5)

8. New York Giants (7-2) ~ Saquon Barkley’s monster day (152 yards on a whopping 35 carries) vaulted him to the top of the NFL rushing leaderboard with 931 on the season. His resurgence is a big reason why the Giants seem destined to snap a playoff drought that dates back to 2016. That’s two years before Barkley entered the league. (LWR 9)

9. Tennessee Titans (6-3) ~ It’s a flea flicker! Nice to see the Tennessee receivers get into the box score after being shut out the previous week. (LWR 10)

10. New York Jets (6-3) ~ What did Elijah Moore do to earn his spot in the doghouse this season? A year ago the rookie had 43 catches and five touchdowns in just 11 games. This year he has just 16 catches and has been held out of the end zone in his first eight games. Two catches per game isn’t enough for this seemingly talented wide receiver. (LWR 11)

11. Seattle Seahawks (6-4) ~ The Seahawks played in Germany Sunday morning and I’m wondering if Kenneth Walker may have been suffering from jetlag. The rookie running back was held to just 17 yards on 10 carries. He did have a season-high six catches for 55 yards. I can’t discount that. But Seattle is a running team and they need more from the run game to keep themselves balanced. (LWR 8)

12. San Francisco 49ers (5-4) ~ Elijah Mitchell returned to the lineup and actually outcarried Christian McCaffrey 18 to 14 while averaging just under five yards per carry. Maybe having another healthy starter helps keep the oft-injured McCaffrey fresh for the playoff push. For fantasy purposes, I’m thinking both players can be started moving forward. (LWR 13)

13. Cincinnati Bengals (5-4) ~ We’re at the three week mark of Ja’Marr Chase being out of the lineup due to a hip injury. The initial timeframe for his return was four-to-six weeks. Chase was last seen still on crutches. I’m not a doctor, but I’d be leaning more towards the six week absence with that report. (LWR 12)

14. New England Patriots (5-4) ~ If the playoffs started today, the Patriots would be in. So would every other team in the AFC East. (LWR 15)

15. Los Angeles Chargers (5-4) ~ In his first season with the Chargers, Khalil Mack has seven sacks at the halfway point. That puts him on pace to reach double-digit sacks for the first time since he posted 12.5 back in 2018, his first in Chicago. (LWR 14)

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-5) ~ There's a lot of things Tom Brady can do, like win games in whatever country the NFL decides. Brady now has wins in Germany, England, Mexico and the U.S. There's also things Brady can't do. I can't imagine we will see that play again. (LWR 17)

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17. Washington Commanders (5-5) ~ While Carson Wentz was on injured reserve, the Commanders went 3-1 and their only loss was by a field goal to the one-loss Vikings. Now that Wentz is eligible to return from IR, the question is will the Commanders go back to their former starting quarterback or stick with Taylor Heinicke? (LWR 20)

18. Green Bay Packers (4-6) ~ Christian Watson’s first six games: 10 catches for 88 yards and zero receiving touchdowns. Christian Watson on Sunday: four catches for 107 yards and three receiving touchdowns. The Packers avoid their first six-game losing streak since 1988. (LWR 22)

19. Atlanta Falcons (4-6) ~ Atlanta averages just under 157 passing yards per game. That’s better than only the Titans and Giants. They used a third round pick on Desmond Ridder and he has yet to attempt a pass this season. I wonder if the Falcons will give the rookie a shot while the team is still in the playoff chase. (LWR 18)

20. Arizona Cardinals (4-6) ~ It appears that Zach Ertz will miss a few weeks, if not the rest of the season, after he suffered a knee injury in Sunday’s win over the Los Angeles Rams. As an Eagles fan, I’ll always have a soft spot for Ertz. His trade to Arizona stung. It stung a lot. (LWR 23)

21. Los Angeles Rams (3-6) ~ Cooper Kupp has been placed on injured reserve and will undergo ankle surgery. He will miss at least the next four games. By the time he is eligible to return, the Rams’ season could be over. Might be wise for Kupp to take the rest of the year off to heal. (LWR 16)

22. Cleveland Browns (3-6) ~ Deshaun Watson can begin practicing with the team tomorrow. It might be a blessing in disguise that he will more than likely make his season debut on a team that will not make the playoffs. I have a feeling he will be booed in every stadium he visits. Maybe even in Cleveland. (LWR 19)

23. Indianapolis Colts (4-5-1) ~ What can I say about the Colts that hasn’t already been said? New Head Coach Jeff Saturday famously said on Twitter that the Raiders stink and then he went out and beat them in his coaching debut. They’re calling him Jeff Sunday now. I guess if I had anything to add it’s that Matt Ryan scrambled for a career-high 39 yards against the Raiders. He’s 37 years old. I expect he will start the rest of the season barring injury. (LWR 27)

24. New Orleans Saints (3-7) ~ The Saints keep losing and I keep smiling. The Eagles own the Saints first round pick in the upcoming draft. It might be a top five pick. Keep doing what you’re doing New Orleans. (LWR 21)

25. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-7) ~ Remember when the Jaguars were 2-1 and alone atop the AFC South? Yeah, me neither. (LWR 24)

26. Chicago Bears (3-7) ~ Over the past two weeks Justin Fields has ran for 325 yards and three touchdowns. During that same span he’s passed for 290 yards and five touchdowns. I don’t think it will happen, but wouldn’t it be cool if he finished the year with more rushing yards than passing yards? (LWR 26)

27. Denver Broncos (3-6) ~ Denver has now played nine games and failed to reach at least 24 points in any of them. It’s the first time that has happened in the history of the franchise. (LWR 25)

28. Detroit Lions (3-6) ~ Two wins in a row for Detroit for the first time since the middle of the 2020 season. Head Coach Dan Campbell picked up his first victory on the road in that comeback win over the Bears. The Lions appear to have a bit of bite back in them. (LWR 29)

29. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-6) ~ T.J. Watt returned to the lineup and helped spur the Steelers defense in their win over the visiting Saints. Watt had four tackles and one of the two hits on the opposing quarterback. This defense will look a lot different if he can be half the player we have been used to seeing terrorize quarterbacks over the past few years. (LWR 30)

30. Carolina Panthers (3-7) ~ Baker Mayfield will start this weekend for the injured P.J. Walker. Will he be able to show enough to convince Carolina that he can be the team’s future at quarterback? (LWR 31)

31. Las Vegas Raiders (2-7) ~ The Raiders are now 1-6 in games decided by just one score. Could Josh McDaniels be one and done as the coach in Vegas? Can someone give me the odds on that? (LWR 28)

32. Houston Texans (1-7-1) ~ The bad news is that the Texans stink. The good news is that they are currently slated to get the number one overall draft pick for next year. It is a supposedly quarterback rich draft and the Texans can certainly use an upgrade at the position. Davis Mills looks to be a solid backup, but not much more. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. (LWR 32)

And that is that. That's all I've got this week. You're now free to go about the rest of your day. Or night. Whatever it may be. If you want more of me, leave a comment below or follow me on social media via the link in my bio.

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