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Murray Can Begin New Career Right Where His Old One Just Ended

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Before beating the Cincinnati Bengals to win Super Bowl 51, the Los Angeles Rams began their playoff march on January 17. In one of the three Wild Card games the Rams routed the Cardinals 34-11, thereby ending a miserable second half of the season for Arizona.

After a torrid start, when they won their first seven games, the Cardinals fell into a tailspin they never really recovered from. Unfortunately, the suffering may well continue even now that the Super Bowl and the 2021-22 season is in the books.

Star quarterback Kyler Murray created some angst for the Cardinals when he pared his social media account down to just two pictures, neither of which featured Murray in an Arizona uniform. Judging from the absence of any mention of the team for whom he is currently employed, it appears as if Murray has a desire to minimize his affiliation with the Cardinals.

The incident has led to speculation that Murray may be wanting a trade, and several teams are in the market for a quarterback who just earned a selection in the Pro Bowl. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers just lost Tom Brady to retirement, and the Pittsburgh Steelers bade goodbye to Ben Rothleisberger for the very same reason.

One option that should not be ruled out involves replacing neither Brady nor Ben nor any other quarterback in the NFL, but a different sport altogether. Murray, who was the number one overall draft pick in 2019, could finally embark on his baseball career.

Should he desire to play for the team that selected him, the Oakland Athletics, Murray would not even have to leave the state that is his current home. The A's Spring Training home is in Arizona, the facility known as Hohokam Stadium in Mesa.

The likelihood that Spring Training will be delayed because of the sport's work stoppage, rather than deter Murray's attempt to resurrect his baseball career, should actually enhance his chances of succeeding. Since he is not a forty man roster, Murray will be free to work out at any of the Oakland facilities and compete against some of the top prospects in baseball.

While current Major League players are barred from working out, Murray should seize this opportunity to gain the needed experience to close the gap between them and himself. Instead of having to toil in the Minors for the usual three years before reaching the Bigs, the 25 year old Murray by participating in Spring Training could shorten that wait by at least a year.

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Given the present status of the A's, Murray could very well be in the outfield on a regular basis by the end of the 2023 season. Oakland, having begun a rebuild after missing out on the playoffs last October, will likely have several openings in the outfield.

Gone is long-time regular Mark Cahna, who left as a free agent in November. All-Star Starling Marte, who led the A's in hitting in 2021, also split as a free agent.

Not one of the organization's top five prospects is an outfielder, and number six Pedro Pineda just turned eighteen this year. Needless to say, the field, or rather the outfield, seems wide open for Murray.

If he does indeed wish to pursue a baseball career, as he has stated publicly in recent months, Murray needs to grab the opportunity this spring. All current major Leaguers are sidelined until a labor agreement is reached, which with each day seems to indicate a long time in the future, Murray can make up the ground he lost while he was the quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals.

Murray May Be Ready To Move On From Football


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