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The Mobo First 14-inch Bike Gives Children 3-5 Years Old a Safe and Fun Ride


Let's Go For A Bike Ride

Children have it tough — not because they have to support a family or hold down a job but because their minds and bodies are growing at an unequal rate. While a child is being fed with knowledge to expand their mental capacity, the same can’t be said of their bodies which awkwardly strive to provide the “mechanics” for driving the engine that is their minds. So o course a lot must be made for having children spend time outdoors and having them engaged in physical activities to strengthen their bodies and promote good physical health. We’ll promote an obvious one then; eye to hand coordination which also can extend to eye to hand to feet. And no we’re not talking about video games where the child is sitting all day literally twittering thumbs and digits, but the fun that can be had from riding a bicycle for the first time. But it would certainly help if the bike came with training wheels so that this process doesn’t require falling over constantly before liftoff can be attained. Not to mention the possibility of bruises and worse, the fear that results. So it would also be helpful if said training wheels need to be removable at a later time when the child has reached that stage of no longer needing them. So that pretty much describes this bike for kids 3-5 years old called the Mobo First 14-inch Bike.


It's Okay To Be Traditional

The First is a traditional bike, in thatit does not follow some new fangled method of construction or operation. It has two wheels (not counting the training wheels) and functions using pedals and a chain that rotates the back wheel via a gear array in tandem with the movement of the pedals. It has a stylish and modern look than that of the traditional steel frame bike (partly because of the signage in our opinion) and definitely reflects that it is well constructed. The main wheels are 14” air tires (and as noted earlier the training wheels are removable), and there is a coaster brake providing for stopping power, which is neither unusual or problematic in operation.


A Proper Ride Needs A Proper Helmet

Now it goes without saying that proper equipment is necessary when the child gets on the bike — regardless of whether the training wheels are on or off. Sensibly speaking, a helmet should always be on the child's head, along with elbow and knee pads — one might say that this could be less a requirement when the training wheels are on since they will keep the bike righted by themselves, but safety first means always anticipating and fighting against a negative possibility. So it’s up to the parent to be the adult here and weigh in the balance between the concerns that could impact the child’s safety when riding the bike. Of course the bike includes a big, fat reflector on the back but doubtful a parent is going to let a youngster of this tender age ride around in the dark (or even when it gets closer to dusk) by themselves.


Some Assembly Required

The First comes in a moderately large cardboard box, and so it seems obvious that some assembly is going to be required. Don't despair though because the process is pretty straightforward and not unusual or "proprietary" compared to other, similarly shaped bikes. Now the only additional work that the bike will need will be when it's time to remove the training wheels -- reversing the procedure of placing them on in the first place Of course there will be some ongoing maintenance needed, but this is of the usual normalcy for a chain-driven bike with air filled tires and again. no extreme aggravation or angst needs occur.

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The Mobo First 14-inch Bike is designed for children 3-5 years old, weight up to 60 lbs and a height of 36-47” tall. The bike itself weighs 19 lbs, is 41” long and 19” wide and 28” tall. It comes in an assortment of colors: there’s Blue and Pink and Green and Red. Color wise all the bikes are otherwise the same, but it’s nice to have the choice of colors, especially if multiple children are going to have a bike of their own (think twins for example). The retail is $129.99 and more information can be found at

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