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Minnesota Shopping: Ice Cleats for Winter Walking

Ice cleats

Ice cleats

We Have Ice in Minnesota

Ice is slippery. You cannot picture this? Just go to your freezer, pick out an ice cube, take it to your sink, and run water on it. Feel the ice cube. It's slippery.

Imagine now, a large, horizontal surface, covered with ice. Your job is to walk across it. But, it's slippery. What happens when ice is slippery? You lose your balance. Sometimes, you catch yourself from falling, but most of the time, you fall down.

Falling down causes you to hit parts of your body that should not have impact. Some injuries that are caused by falling on ice are hitting your head. Some are hitting your elbows, knees and hips or shoulders.

All of these injuries have lasting effects. First of all, when you fall down, there is a tendency to tense up. So, now, when you hit the ice, your muscles have just received a terrible blow. Plus, they are tense, and don't receive the blow well.

You bruise. You may even break a bone or two. Bones, when they break, are not nice to muscles. Sometimes, the bone may break and slice into your muscles like a massive sliver.

You've had a sliver in your finger, right? It doesn't feel very good. Does it. Plus, now you're dealing with a large sliver like object and cannot be removed, since it's still connected, from the inside.

Ice is the Enemy

Be somewhat afraid, or cautious of ice. It's okay to be timid around ice. Man's defense against the ferocious ice is to mount a rubberized plate with metal cleats on it to the bottom of their shoes or boots.

These rubberized plates are referred to as ice cleats.

One pair that my hubby had, just blew a spring and I need to find some on Amazon to replace it. However, these with the springs are different than the type he really likes. There is a different type that he wants instead. One with small teeth, almost like a hand saw teeth, across on the ball of the foot area and on the heel.

They are better. He said he needed to find a pair and find out the brand so that I could order some on Amazon. While he's looking for that, I may just have to inquire on Google or Amazon to see if I can just find some without having a brand.

This Is Broken - A Spring Has Sprung


Shopping Online

Now the whole point of this is that we need them for a future fishing date. Ice fishing is over with for this year, as the ice has been compromised by warm weather and rains this winter.

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So, now is the time to find some, online, so he'll be set for next year.

Well, actually, our yard is full of ice and they are kinda handy for just walking around.


Amazon has the ice cleats with the metal spikes.

Now, I just have to go to Amazon and order pairs in several sizes.

He wants some for his shoes, that are a size 10. And, he wants some in a larger size for his boots, which are a size 10 inside, but are probably a 12 on the outside, which makes for a larger ice cleat size.

So I Clicked on the Info Part of Amazon

I clicked into Amazon and discovered that this particular pair of cleats, by this particular seller, is only offered in a few sizes. I can get the men's 10, but not a bigger size.

And, Amazon, spurred on by my search, has offered up a picture of many more pairs of cleats that are available.

Some are different styles than what I was looking for. Perhaps not a bad idea to check out the newer types of cleats.



Char Milbrett (author) from Minnesota on February 26, 2017:

Thanks for your comment, Larry Rankin.

Larry Rankin from Oklahoma on February 25, 2017:

Very cool product review.

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