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Hit your head? Mild Concussion Treatment You Shouldn't Miss.

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Do You Have A Concussion?

Do you have a concussion? If you do, you might not think it's a big deal. I mean, how many good football players go right back in the game right after they get a concussion? You might even find that most people don't give concussions much attention either. But by taking a closer look, you can find out much more about mild concussions and the treatment that shouldn't go unlooked.

Many athletes get concussions, which leaves them with headaches and other symptoms

Many athletes get concussions, which leaves them with headaches and other symptoms

What Athletes Don't Tell You about Their Concussions

The thing that those football players don't tell you, is how the rest of their lives are changed, after they are done playing for their famous team. A lot of the football players who have sustained multiple concussions have problems for the rest of their lives. They have mood swings, are grumpy, irritable, and lash out. They are impatient, have a hard time focusing, which isn't made any easier because of headaches and lack of energy. This can be really depressing. Football players aren't the only one's looking for mild concussion treatment, because many people with concussions have similar symptoms, and many say there's not much you can do.

But, check this out: Over 2 million people a year get a concussion. Think about how many people that is, that hit their head, and have to spend time healing their brains. It makes sense to know what essential steps you can take to help yourself heal from a concussion.


Maximize Your Brain's Ability To Heal

One of the most important things to remember, is that healing a concussion takes time. Yes, you have a mild concussion...not as bad as many people who have way worse things happen to their heads and brains that we won't go into. But with a concussion, it's not like you can snap your fingers and wake up with a clear head and a smile on your face, ready to go to school or work and live your life the way you used to.

Your best way to treat your concussion is to rest. When I say rest, I mean rest. You have to understand what that means, and for many of us it's something we have never really done, except when we were babies. Especially because it's not like you rest for a day and then feel better. For some people it takes months, years, or their symptoms never really go away.

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That's why it's so important to limit time on the computer, limit social time, limit anything that makes you feel overwhelmed even if it used to be your most favorite thing in the world. A strange mild concussion treatment, but a necessary one.

If you think you know how to rest, try to spend one hour resting every 3 hours, and see how you can do with one whole hour of no activity-no reading, no talking, no interacting. just close your eyes and breathe. Using a guided meditation or relaxation cd helped me, even though I didn't want to do it at first, as soon as I tried it, it did really help me feel more rested and less on edge.

Also, make sure you are eating the right foods for concussion. This shouldn't be overlooked and can make you feel a lot better, and that's what we want, right? I know that it can be hard to make sure we are eating the right things but with practice it can be done.

After implementing these treatments you are bound to feel much better. It is worth it to take a these extra steps to help your brain recover.


sarah on August 29, 2015:

you most likely have concussion... the symptoms sound exactly like it... :) You should see a doctor asap.

sarah on August 21, 2015:

i fell 2 weeks ago , hit the back of my head really hard , it was bleeding but then stopped , but i have had headaches for all this time , sharp pains , dnt like noise or lights , and dnt want to do much , and more agitated , please can anyone help , thansk

mandy on June 14, 2014:

my daughter tripped up earlier and said she bumped her head but was ok after and went to the fair later on she said she had a head ache

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