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Is Mesut Ozil Muslim?


Is Mesut Ozil a Muslim?

Is Mesut Ozil a Muslim? This is a frequently asked question about the powerful Germany and Real Madrid attacking midfielder. The short and the only answer is YES. It’s true that Ozil is a Muslim (a devout and practicing Muslim for that matter).

Unlike Robin Van Persie, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thierry Henry (who are believed to be Muslims) Mesut Ozil has come out clearly on his religious belief and it has been confirmed that he is affiliated to Islam. He is often seen praying before and after games on the field.

Background Information

Ozil was born 15th October 1988 in Gelsenkirchen, Turkey. Mesut Ozil skillfully plays the Attacking Midfielder position. His parents and family are also Muslims and he was raised to follow the Islam faith. The 23 year-old currently plays for the Spanish juggernauts, Real Madrid. Previously, Mesut played for Shalke, Werder, and Bremen before moving to Real Madrid.

He was even successful as a young athlete. He really burst onto the international football scene in the 2010 FIFA World Cup and was nominated for the Golden Ball Award (the award given to the best player in the tournament). He has a masterful style of play and has amazing field vision. He has an incredible feel for the game and can pass and shoot with ease. He plays with a sense of grace and beauty and seems to truly understand the game.


How He Practices His Religion

If you have watched games where Ozil has taken part, you most likely have seen him raising his hands up and uttering some words. He doesn't try to be overtly showy with his religious practices, but he feels that it's very important that we pay devotion. He is a practicing Muslim and you will see him reciting the Holy Quran before matches. He has often said that his religion has allowed him to be a better man, a better teammate and a better player. He has said, "I always [pray] before I go out (on the pitch). I pray and my teammates know that they cannot talk to me during this brief period."

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It has also been reported that he observes the traditional Ramadan fasting, however he has admitted that he does have to eat and drink because of the physical demands of his sport.

Many people have asked him about his religious affiliation and he is happy to answer questions. He is a positive role model of a famous athlete and celebrity who has faith and morals and is willing to show it.



kipotille on March 30, 2016:

I think although i am not sure Ozil is amuslim plyer but henry surely he is not its possible that he loves Islamic religion but with his college van persie they are not true muslims

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