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‎Maya Gabeira: The Water-Ferry On the Monster-Sized Waves‎

Maya Gabeira

Maya Gabeira

Big Wave surfer Maya Gabaira set a world record by riding on huge waves again on the same beach where she had seen the king of hell in the form of waves.

That day, the waves had struck Brazil's Big Wave surfer Maya Gabaira's surfing career with a salinity of frustration. The water-purifier was untidy when it came out of the sea with the intention of creating a record. It was a moment of the dream. The brave moment ended with a lot of physical and mental pain and immense disappointment. In an unforgettable moment, Maya's life suddenly changed. The name, considered to be the most influential in the history of Safaga, was a moment that would be destroyed that day.‎

‎It was a matter of time before Maya had started a massive wave in the famous Nazarena beach in Portugal, but the sea was a different one. The weight of the 144-ton weight was unprovoked. At that moment nature crushed the intention of man.‎

In a moment or two, The Safaag's scene turned into an accident. The deadly saltwater knock broke Maya's leg and cut off many spine stools, but more than that, it was a deep heart. As a wave, he saw the eye of the eye. She fainted in the midst of the pain.‎

When she regained consciousness, the hospital bed was in a state of inspirit. The leg had been operated on, but several operations were to be performed to connect the spine for months. The bigger question was when would safe be able to go back to the beach?‎
‎Maya lay on the bed for months. After the operation, the physical condition improved, but the pain of failure and frustration at the dark corner of the mind continued to bite. Maya's name had been forgotten in The Safaag Sakat. Sponsors were also looking at the new surfer.‎

Maya, 26, had two options at that time. Bye-bye to Safgan, the first and easy option was to live the rest of his life based on the honor he has had in his 11-year career. And the other option was to return to the world of success.‎

The biggest obstacle to selecting the second option was a mental state. It took two and a half years for the physical injury to be recovered. After two and a half years of safe, it was mental lysis to ride the same large waves again. When Maya woke up in a blink of sleep, fearing that the huge waves had hit, what would happen if she had to face them? This was the biggest hurdle against his back. It was clear that the fear of big wave success and successful career would not be able to live with them. He decided to conquer fear in any way.‎

The psychiatrists who counseled him advised him not to remember the incident and specifically urged him not to watch the video of the day, but Maya knew that it was necessary to overcome the fear. He watched the video of the accident day, not once, but countless times. I studied the place, how, what had been left.‎

‎And after a long break of two and a half years, Maya packed her bag and waited again for Portugal. Yes, man. She had arrived in the same scene in Portugal where she had suffered a serious accident while she was in the city. It was the beach where she was eager to create history. It was the beach where her dreams had been shattered. She was in a state of despair, riding on the monster waves that had been rising in the same beach in Nazara, collecting the broken crabs of her dreams.‎

That day, the huge salt wave of the sea brought sweet memories to the life of Jalpari Maya Gabaira. On that day, Maya set a world record by riding on waves 73.5 feet high on the shore of Nazar. No female surfer in the world had successfully managed to hit such a huge wave. After a successful 80 km/h, Maya broke her own two-year-old record of successfully slog the biggest waves in the Guinness Book.‎

Yes. The previous record was also in Maya's name. Maya made her comeback in 2016 after a tough two and a half years. After two years of hard work and continuous practice, Maya had managed to climb 68 feet high in the 2018 competition at Nazarena Beach. Before that, no female surfer in the world had ever ridden such a high tide.‎

The record made him the world's highest-paid big wave female surfer. Not only that, but she also made it to the all-time list of the world's most influential female surfers. The name-taking at numerous awards is not only a jump in the tide of ups and downs in Ferry's career but also the big waves of inspiration.‎

Fernando Gabaira, a founding member of the Brazilian Green Party, is the father of Maya, while mom Yum Reyes is also a famous Brazilian fashion designer. This one-time favorite daughter of the politician father and fashion designer Mom my daughter chose a completely different profession.‎

Born on April 10, 1987, Maya began her successful life in Rio de Janeiro at the age of 12-13. I started competing at the age of 15. In 2004, at the age of 17, Maya began her career as a professional surfer. He had been attracted to big wave success from the beginning. Big Wave success is considered to be more difficult. It risks life at any time. Surface surfing is a little simpler and popular than big waves. It is not usually advisable for female surfers to come to big wave success, but Maya chose the flow of big wave success.‎

In a few years, he made a name for himself in the world of Big Wave Safaga. At the age of 20-21, she became a princess in the world of safari after winning a remarkable big wave surfing championship like Mavericks, Vanya, Todos Santos, Andy Dennis. The big wave female surfers who could beat Maya were rare, so records were recorded one by one.‎
‎For four consecutive years from 2007 to 2010, she won the Global Big Wave Award for Best Female Performance. The prestigious ESPY Award was awarded in 2009. In 2010, he set a world record by successfully climbing 46 feet high. That same year, Maya was awarded the Best Female Action Sports Star award.‎

Many of Safa's world records speak in Maya's name. Maya's 73.5-foot wave in 2020 was the only success of any surfer in the year 2020. He can ride on the huge waves, for his intentions are equally strong.‎
‎Once you have broken your physical and mental strength, it is an award-winning achievement to fight and fight to fulfill your dreams again. It is difficult to make a comeback after a loss of morale, but Maya proved it difficult by showing patience and even greater strength than the sea waves.‎

‎The highest waves in the world are found in the Portuguese scene. Most of the time, big wave surfing records are made in Nazar. The all-time record for Big Wave Surfing was also recorded in Nazar. Brazilian surfer Rodrigo Caxo recorded a record on 8 November 2017 by surfing on a huge 80-foot wave. The 78-foot-long wave was previously recorded in 2011 by legendary American surfer Granette McNamara, who claimed to have surfed 100 feet high in the Nazaret, but that is not yet considered valid. Big Wave Surfing was recorded in record books for the first time in 2001 when American surfer Mike Parsons surfed on a 66-foot wave.

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