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Will Round 3 Happen?


There are many storylines in the 2022 playoffs. There is the celtics revenge tour. They lost to the nets a few years ago. They lost to the bucks after them. They lost to the heat two years ago. So, they are poised but, will they win? They started the playoffs defeating a nets team 4-0. Nets arguably have the best duo, kyrie and durant, in the NBA. Next they had the defending champion bucks. They were defending, but they did not have the championship bench. Giannis was there but his top swingman, Kris Middleton, was not. Neither was the defensive guru in P.J Tucker.

So beating them the same they beat nets was the best outcome. It was the best but, bucks superstar was not having it. This series turned out to be the NBA finals of the playoffs. There were no consecutive wins until game 7. Yes, the celtics were pushed to seven games vs this team. They won but, their revenge tour looked to be cut short. It was not said much but, the top seeded heat were coming. Everyone in the sports world knew it.

We all want to see a good series. Both the heat and celtics have great defenses. Celtics are number 2 and heat are number 1. Heat have not lost at home this postseaso,. So why not think they will not start 2-0? They may go into boston with a 2-0 lead. If that was to happen, they just may win the next two after. It is surely a longshot but, the celts lost two home games the last series. Why can't the a better miami heat team do it? There is reason to think the miami heat will be in the finals. Who they meet is the question. Be not shocked if it is the Dallas Mavericks again.

I Don't Own The Rights To This Picture

I Don't Own The Rights To This Picture

Round 1: Heat Win

The foundation was already there for the guys. It started 17 when the league expanded. Heat was one of the teams chosen to bring NBA excitement to South Florida. They spat fire, dived on loose balls, and much more. The effort was always there. Things intensified when they hired Pat Riley. Riley coached the showtime lakers and was chosen for the heat. Riley was also the head of basketball operations. Prior to Riley, the heat struggled. He brought Alonzo mourning aboard. He made bold trades to acquire. He created an image the heat needed. Pat was all about winning a championship building a championship organization.

The mourning and Hardaway were very good teams. They were championship contending teams. They just didn’t get the brakes and the timing yet. It wasn’t right but, it was not far from it. There was disappointing endings year after year. The league brought them to their knees. It also lifted them up. I'm 2000, the heat would suffer their most crushing blow. Alonzo mourning was diagnosed with a severe kidney ailment. An ailment that disabled him from playing the season. Him not playing professional basketball this season for the franchise was devastating. Mourning was a pillar of strength in charlotte and became one in Miami. He was huge for the foundation. When he left, so did Tim hardaway’s career.The heat needed changes made fast. They needed to start building more. In 2003, they got it. Marquette superstar guard, Dwayne Wade. Wade instantly brought excitement, athleticism and wonder back to Miami. The fans loved him and were always out of their seats in Miami. Wade is one of the greats in heat history. He was spectacular but, he needed more with the rookie. A lightly larger piece, Shaquille Oneal, was added to the roster. Shaq helped the late Kobe Bryant to his first and wanted to help wade too.

Shaq & heat teammates started were all on one page. Heat players knew that it was going to take 15 guys in this locker room to hang tough. Every one had to do their job to get this thing done. That season alone was great. Big named stars included Gary Payton, Jason Williams, and Antoine Walker. They acquired great players. In addition, Alonzo Mourning returned. Despite how great they looked, there was better. The Dallas Mavericks led by Dirk Nowitski. Heat knew the championship road and who'd be there waiting. So, they did more little things to make it happen. Each time there was a team function everybody showed up. Each time somebody kids had a birthday party everybody showed up. They were like family on the court and off. They were tightly linked at all times. Together, they became strong and united. They pushed through to overcome and do something and succeed. When something is that hard, it's amazing. Some say it’s one of the most amazing things they were apart of. That’s what it was all about for those guys. It was about a team victory and that's what they got. They defeated Dirk after a poor start to the series. Heat won 4-2. Wade was the finals mvp.

I Don't Own The Rights To This Picture

I Don't Own The Rights To This Picture

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Round 2: Mavs Win

Superstar Gary Peyton had a great career. He just met greater players and teams in the finals. He was in a tougher conference. At 36, he finally got a championship. He explained that this team was different from his previous ones. The 2006 championships were one of the best ever. In my opinion, it was the best. It was more authentic. The stars weren't young. He, Jason Williams and Antoine Walker left the game as champions finally. After that season, Pat Riley knew it was time to start rebuilding. The mavs started quietly rebuilding as well.

One of the I first the biggest additions, Shaq, loved south florida. He came to Miami, they gave him a ceremony and he helped many. Shaq pulled up in the 18 Wheeler I saw thousands of people in attendance. It was like a parade. Heat reminded him of what he can do and bring. When he walked up walking through the crowd it was amazing. So amazing until he guaranteed to bring a championship to Miami. It was clear from the start that Superman and his new sidekick would form a dynamic duo. He hurt his foot in the finals but, he delivered in the end. Shaq stuck around. He went to help young star, Lebron James, in Cleveland. He Sadly, his career ended with him only helping two franchises to a championships.

Mavs knew exactly what they needed. They developed a young Jason Terry into a superstar. Hi flyer, Shawn Marion, was on the team. Along with Tyson Chandler and guard Jason Kidd. Heat became the villains of the league. They acquired Lebron James & Chris Bosh. Mavs suspected they'd get back to the finals. Everyone else did too. By the end of the season, it was confirmed. Heat was in the finals and mavs were there waiting. Mavs got ready before the season started. They defeated heat 4-2. The same way heat defeated them in the 2006 nba finals.

I Don't Own The Rights To This Picture

I Don't Own The Rights To This Picture

Will Round 3 Happen?

There you have it. Heat won the first round. Mavs won the second. Will there be a third? It sure looks like it. It's a longshot warriors lose but l, this is the NBA. Mavs just defeated the top seed in the phoenix suns. No one saw it coming but it happened. Pat is still there, spo is still there and Kidd is still there. Kidd was on the team when he won his first title. It could be a new generation winning and luka maybe winning his first title. Just like Dallas great Dirk Nowitki did.

Do you see the similarities? Dirk and wade won their first Vs one another. They both did it in similar fashion.The little differences between round 1 and two are the head coaches. Avery Johnson was there for wades. Rick Carlisle was there for dirk’s. Now kidd maybe for Lukas. Spo is there for his heat star’s, Jimmy Butler, potential first. Riley was for wade but spo was around too.

Those similarities don't stand out as much as this one. Both wade and butler were stars at marquette. Isn't that crazy? Celts are a great team. Warriors are great but this happening is big. It is only speculation as of now. Heat won game 1 in great fashion but it's too fresh to call. Mavs start theirs tonight in San Francisco. Will Round 3 happen?

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