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Manchester City, Champions of England, Again!

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Manchester City is a football club that is very close to my heart. Ever since I started to understand and follow football, I’ve been a City fan. There have been so many ups and downs, especially this season.

Obviously, the shock exit from the Champions League at the hands of Real Madrid really broke the hearts of all the City fans across the globe. But the season as a whole, was not over yet. There were still 4 huge Premier League games to go. Perhaps, you could call them as 4 finals. Liverpool were breathing down our neck and collecting wins after wins, and with us having just a slender 1 point lead, we needed to win as well.


City Needed To Win Every Game

The game after that debacle at Bernabeu was against Newcastle, and the team showed character and won the contest by a whopping 5-0 margin. On the other hand, Liverpool kept on winning. It didn’t look like they were going to stop. But their 1-1 draw against Tottenham, gave us a 3-point lead. And with Goal Difference now on our side, it was perhaps a big 4 points lead.

But it wasn’t over yet. It never is, especially when you’re playing in the Premier League. The biggest and most beautiful football league in the world. And that’s just exactly what happened! Our game away against West Ham, we dropped 2 points. We probably could have won it in the dying minutes, but we didn’t. And this opened the floodgates for Liverpool to hope again.

Liverpool’s penultimate game of the season was away at Southampton. The Saints played reasonably well, but Liverpool came back from behind to take the game 2-1, and also take the title race into the final day of the season.


As City fans, our hearts were pounding once again. Mine surely did. Because after that Madrid game, I thought as a City fan, it couldn’t get any worse. And the last thing I wanted was to see us hand Liverpool the title after almost being in front of them for most parts of the season.

The gap was only one (point). And the pressure was immense. Surely it could not slip from our grasp. Surely not!


Final Day Drama In The PL

But football writes its own script. You cannot…You just cannot write scripts like the ones such as THAT Aguero 93:20 moment. They just happen. Out of nowhere.

But anyway, it was the final day of the season. I was panicking and super nervous. We were playing Aston Villa at home who had a former Liverpool player Philippe Coutinho and their club legend Steven Gerrard as their head coach.

I knew we had to win, because let’s be honest, Liverpool were playing at home against Wolves and they were pitted to win theirs. We were favorites to win ours as well. But as a City fan, you’re always skeptical.

Three minutes into the game and City fans at the Etihad erupted. I had a feeling it was good news. I checked the score at Anfield. And to my amazement, Wolves had scored. Pedro Neto with a close-range finish.

Although this was great news, we still knew that we had to do our part and win. Because Liverpool are a top club, and it was only a matter of time before they score a couple and take the lead back.


Back to the game at the Etihad. We weren’t testing the Villa keeper, and that made me nervous. And more worrisome. Thirty minutes gone, and still no shot on goal. As the minutes went by, I was getting more nervous. Because while we were struggling to get a footing in the game, Liverpool had already gotten their equalizer through Sadio Mane in the 24th minute.

Mane’s goal brought everything back to parity. And City fans were more nervous now; me included. And about thirteen minutes after that Mane equalizer, in the 37th minute of our game, we conceded a goal.

SHOCKED! It stunned the Etihad. It stunned us fans. Villa got their goal through a close-range header from Matty Cash. And I just couldn’t. At that moment, it looked like it was going to be a fairy tale win for Gerrard and Liverpool.

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At half time, it was Manchester City 0-1 Aston Villa. Liverpool 1-1 Wolves. And as things stood, we were still winning the league but only on goal difference. We knew though, a goal for Liverpool and we needed to score 2 more. Else, it's all over.


Second Half, The Drama Unfolds

The second half began at both grounds. While Liverpool just needed one more goal to put serious pressure on us, I knew City had to, just had to score two goals. But we were still unable to create any sort of clear-cut chance. It was frustrating to watch. And the frustration grew even worse when in the 69th minute Liverpool’s very own boy Coutinho scored a delightful goal to put Villa 2-0 up.

The writing was surely on the wall. It surely was. It seemed like the ghosts of Madrid were coming back to haunt us City fans. I couldn’t take it. I could not watch this. So, I decided to switch games. I decided to watch the game at Anfield hoping that Wolves could hold Liverpool to a draw. But deep down I knew, I knew. I knew Liverpool were going to score anytime soon. They were going to score and going to take the PL title home.

And as I was watching Wolves defend for their lives, I got a notification that Gundogan scored for us. This surely gives us hope, doesn’t it? But I still knew, we were way behind because we still needed 2 goals. And with only 24 or 25 minutes remaining on the clock, it seemed very farfetched. Perhaps, even for those who watched the 2011-12 season when Aguero scored THAT goal.

But with barely any hope left, I decided to switch back to our game. And just when I did, I saw Rodri celebrating. WAIT A MINUTE, WHAT JUST HAPPENED? It was 2-2. Unbelievable. I couldn’t believe my eyes. In a matter of 3-odd minutes, we went from being 0-2 down, to 2-2. WOW. It could happen? Surely, it is possible? YES?


The Final 10 Minutes of The Season

And then, a few minutes later, the most decisive moment in the PL just unfolded. De Bruyne crosses the ball into the opposition box hoping for someone to get behind it. It goes in. Gundogan is there at the far end. He touches the ball. It goes IN. IT GOES IN. A third goal for City. UN-FRIGGING-BELIEVABLE.

City are in front. 3-2 is the scoreline. Just 9 more minutes to go now. Surely, it is over now. Surely, it has been clinched in the most dramatic fashion.

The hearts were pumping. It was staggering. It was really staggering. And Kun Aguero must surely be watching this. Surely watching it all, and smiling.

Ten years ago, it was Aguerooooooooooo.

Ten years later, it was Gundooooooooooo.


It was epic. It just was. And while everything was unfolding before our eyes at the Etihad, Liverpool took the lead through Salah. And then got another goal through Robertson. But it was over by then. Well over by then.

City held on. City did. The final whistle blew and the stadium erupted as City clinched a 4th PL title in 5 seasons. It was emphatic. It was staggering. It was just so special.

Manchester City, champions of England, once again. Oh, it was beautiful.

Thank you, Gundogan. Thank you!


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