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2022 MLB AL East MVP Candidates thru May 24th


MVP Candidates from the AL East Division #10 thru #4

The Five teams that play in the American League East division are basically a quarter of the way thru their seasons. Each Team has played between 42 and 44 games so far. A total of 46 players are currently qualified to enter my matrix system to see who is making a run towards a MVP type of season.

For my matrix I look at 10 categories and only Batters are considered for MVP award. Pitches have the Cy Young award.

So here we go.

#10 Vladimir Guerrero Jr Toronto Blue Jays 159.35 points

Guerrero Jr isn't having the type of season so far we expected from him. Batting only .263 with 29 Strikeouts. We are not seeing the xtra base hits with him having only 12 of his 40 hits being for extra bags. But he has a solid .803 OPS helped by the 20 walks he has already taken so far this year. I see him moving up this list as season progresses.

#9 Trevor Story Boston Red Sox 162.325 points

Sometimes you have to look deep into stats to see why this player is showing good form. Story is one of those guys. His .231 batting average is terrible and 49 strikeouts so far make you scratch your head. His OPS is average at .766. So what makes him earn a spot on this list. It easy when he hits he drives people in. He has 33 Runs batted in so far scored 23 times himself. He takes walks and steals bases. Sixteen of his hits have been for extra bases.

#8 Manuel Margot Tampa Bay Rays 167.125

Manuel hasn't played since May 14th but he has shown enough earlier on in year to earn a spot on this list. batting a great .348 with a great OPS of .912 has taken Manuel to #8 on this list. He doesn't have big power so extra base hits will be down compared to others. One of the big problems for Manuel is when he gets on base he has no help getting home. He has scored only 10 runs. He has decent RBI numbers but power numbers keeping him lower on this list.

#7 Xander Bogaerts Boston Red Sox 171.35

Xander is having a very solid season so far. A .323 batting average with 50 hits already this season. Power is what keeps Xander down on this list 13 of 50 hits are xtra base hits those numbers have to improve. only 17 runs driven in a 36 strikeouts hurt his case to move up on this list.

#6 Giancarlo Stanton New York Yankees 173.45

Stanton has had a pretty solid season so far. He has a .285 batting average with a .862 OPS. Driven in 35 runs and has 11 Home runs. Problem is he strikeouts a lot with 47 so far on the season and if he not hitting homeruns its usually just singles. Stanton should be in the top 10 all season long but don't see him cracking top 3.

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#5 George Springer Toronto Blue Jays 174.6

Springer has easily been the best offensive player for Blue Jays this season. He has solid numbers that when all come together gets him into the top five. Look at his numbers. A .272 Batting average with a .859 OPS. He has 17 xtra base hits with 8 being homeruns. Scored 26 runs driven in 25 runs. Only 14 walks with 38 Strikeouts. These numbers wont win the MVP but does put him in top five players so far in AL east.

#4 Anthony Rizzo New York Yankees 178.025

Rizzo is a head scratcher type of player this year. His .232 batting average isn't what you want but his .867 OPS is what you looking for. 20 of his 35 hits have been for extra bases with 11 being homeruns. He has scored 27 runs and driven in 26. He doesn't strikeout like other players with only 29 so far this year and he does take walks with 22 already this year. Just think how high he could go on list if he only had a better batting average.

Top 3 American League East MVP Candidates

#3 J. D. Martinez Boston Red Sox 193.35

What can we say about the way J.D. has played so far this season. A .366 batting average to go along with a 1.005 OPS. With those numbers you must be thinking how is he #3. Well J.D. does strikeout a lot and doesn't walk that much. His RBI numbers are down with only 21 so far. He has 16 doubles to go along with five homeruns for 21 extra base hits. He is having a solid season and if he keeps up this pace he will be in MVP conversation.

#2 Rafael Devers Boston Red Sox 203.525

So Devers comes in a #2 breaking the 200 point mark. His .337 batting average and .972 OPS to go along with 26 extra base hits with 10 being homeruns has him firmly in the MVP Picture. He already has 59 hits on the season and has scored 30 runs and driven in 25 runs. He doesn't walk that much which is something that needs to improve and cut down on the 33 strikeouts so far this season.

#1 Aaron Judge New York Yankees 224.3 points

Aaron is easily the MVP leader out of all the players in the American league East. He is on a crazy power pace with 17 homeruns already and 8 doubles. He has driven in 34 runs and scored 35 himself. He has 49 hits on season and 19 walks he even has stolen 2 bases. Aaron has one downfall Strikeouts over 47 so far this season. To win the American League MVP Trophy that number needs to slow down.

Top 10 MVP AL East Players

Aaron Judge224.3Yankees

Rafael Devers


Red Sox

J.D. Martinez


Red Sox

Anthony Rizzo



George Springer


Blue Jays

Giancarlo Stanton



Xander Bogaerts


Red Sox

Manuel Margot



Trevor Story


Red Sox

Vladimir Guerrero Jr


Blue Jays

Bottom 10 AL East MVP Candidates

Robinson Chirinos72.3Orioles

Taylor Walls



Bobby Dalbec


Red Sox

Mike Zunino



Joey Gallo



Jorge Mateo



Raimel Tapia


Blue Jays

Aaron Hicks



Jackie Bradley Jr


Red Sox

Brett Phillips



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