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Lightshare 6FT 72L LED Birch Tree Holiday Light Review

LED Birch Tree Holiday Light


Decorative LED Tree Lights

LED tree lights are the artificial trees accented with LEDs and bendable branches or blossoms for decorative illumination effect. In the past, we love to add cherry light of candles or incandescent string lights to the Christmas tree and make the real tree glow during holiday season. Usually, the ashes, cinders or large electricity bill follow at the end of Christmas holiday. The new technology of LED lighting just solve this problem. LED tree light just looks like life like tree lit by LEDs and even surpasses the traditional Christmas tree in decoration effects. The LED decorative trees can be willow tree,bonsai, maple tree, blooming flowers and even color changing crystal light. They can light up the ambiance for every corner of the home, party or garden. Over time, more people prefer the use of LED tree lights for home decoration, party decor or holiday decoration. They are much flexible decorative trees for different seasons and different occasions.

LED Birch Tree Light


Lightshare 6FT 72L LED Birch Tree

This is one of the best reviewed new LED birch tree light from Lightshare. It looks like a real birch tree, especially when it is illuminated at night. The decorative light is designed to create whimsy and charm to any space at home or for the party. It is 6 feet tall and has 72 LEDs. The warm light it offers is soft and bright. An icicle twinkling decoration light or other colored stringed lights can even make the light more diversified. The LED tree light can be placed in almost every corner. For indoor decoration, we can place it in the kids’ room for inviting atmosphere, or in the living room. The artificial silver birch can bring the nature’s beauty to the home, especially in the winter when most of the trees depress. For outdoor decor, put it in the yard as the focal point. It is also a nice choice to decorate the party or other special occasions. The LED tree light has a rather long life span, which can work up to 30000 hours. Whether featured at a special event or stunningly nestled in the garden all the year round, the decorative led tree is sure to impress and vitalize the atmosphere.

10L LED Icicle Twinkling Light


Reviews on the Tree Light From Users

This LED birch light is a new one and since its being listed on Amazon, it has received several nice reviews. Here I would love to refer to the reviews from other light lovers. "My children were so delighted to see the Christmas tree that they immediately assembled it and put it on the balcony. When it is plugged in, the lights are on and it looks so romantic and mysterious in contrast with the dark night. The light will certainly enlighten our Christmas season this year and gives children a sweet and lasting memory. Besides, it is easy to assemble and disassemble and it can be reused later in holidays. It is also a good gift to friends. I have bought one for my friend and I hope her family will enjoy it as well.” Moms love to shop this or that very early for the Christmas season. This is a review from a mom, obviously. The kids love to see the tree light. The birch tree lit with LEDs can easily recall them sweat memory last Christmas and they are sure to expect more for the coming Christmas season. The light tree is even a decent gift to friends. The warm glow, the right size and multi-functional decoration makes it a choice of gift. Besides it is not the light for just one-time use. It can be used for party, for Christmas night, for birthday, or for next Christmas.

“The installation is surprisingly easy - 2 mins for a pregnant woman! I can adjusted the branches whatever I want. The tree is so pretty and elegant that everyone loves it. Especially there's no snow in Southern California, it adds a taste of "White Christmas" to our home. Highly recommended.” From this review, we can see, the light is very easy to assemble and disassemble. This is very important for the online purchaser or female buyer. Usually we would rather buy the products already to be use. But we can still accept easy installation. I love the snow effect of this LED tree light. For those who can hardly see snow in winter, the snow effect is really a luck. Just imagine, when you light up the birch tree light in summer, there must be screams-out as if the Christmas was coming. In the winter, it will just create us a beautiful sight of White Christmas. That is really wonderful.

“The LED birch tree i got looks like a real tree. And the branches are bendable so that my family can put any shape they like. It is steady when put on the ground. The extensive wire is long enough for me to pull the light tree to the window. By the way,the gift they sent me was wrapped separately. “ The tree branches are bendable. That means we can do a little imagination to it if we love to. It is firm, very important if kids frequently play around the light tree. What a good luck is, an extra sparkling light as free gift. The LED Icicle twinkling light looks nice.

LED Birch Tree Light for Warm Glow

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