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Life is Like a Baseball Game

Writings Using Baseball Terminology


Life is like a baseball game. You yourself are leading off in the batting order, and the Lord is hitting in the cleanup position. He’ll drive you home any time you get on safely.

---Billy Sunday, Moline Daily Dispatch, Moline, Ala., Sept. 17, 1919.

Life is like a baseball game. Some strikeouts, some get to first or second, others die at third. Plan you lives to score. Mental preparation, strong bodies, and a reliance on the good things bring a man or woman across the home plate.

---Roscoe Gilmore Scott, Beatrice Daily Sun, Beatrice, Neb., May 25, 1938.

Life is like a baseball game. Do not lose heart because of errors made early in the ball game of life. The players might make a few errors in the first inning, or the second inning, or the third inning, but the thing that really counts is the ninth inning. Despite the errors in the early innings, many a game has been won in the ninth. All of us are human, and we all make mistakes. But the things that count are that, despite the errors, we keep on pitching.

---Richard J. Cushing, Brattleboro Reformer, Brattleboro, Vt., Jan. 2, 1945.

Life is like a baseball game, the first base being, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God;” the second, “Neglect not the gift that is within thee;” and the third base, “Make your calling and election sure.” If we play the game fairly, we will not hear the Great Umpire of the Sky say, “You’re out.”

---Dewey Whitwell, Newark Advocate, Newark, Ohio, Feb. 24, 1936.

Life is like a baseball game. The same kind of faith and ability which it takes to win a ball game is likewise the basis of a successful life. It usually takes extraordinary courage and faith to overcome obstacles, especially when the score is top-heavy against you. In these days of strife, it is the fellow who can hit a home run that breaks up the humdrum of life and puts sufficient faith into action to win out in the struggle to make the proper record. It takes base hits to win a ball game. It takes square dealing to build character. The world is looking for pinch hitters. The big game of life often results in a tied-up score—nothing accomplished, no runs made.

---Herbert C. Sanford, Knoxville Journal, Knoxville, Tenn., May 1, 1937.

Life is like a baseball game. Nobody ever gets to first base on a foul ball.

---John Merrill Chilcote, St. Joseph News-Press, St. Joseph, Mo., May 7, 1954.

Life is like a baseball game. You can be advanced to second and third by someone else, but reaching first is your job.

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---Will S. Hall, Jackson Sun, Jackson, Tenn., Nov. 6, 1958.

Life is like a baseball game in that you cannot steal first base.

---Amos L. Boren, Selma Times-Journal, Selma, Ala., Oct. 2, 1959.

Life is like a baseball game. It is not your batting average that counts but the number of times you score.

---W.J. McAuliffe, Kingsport Times-News, Kingsport, Tenn., Oct. 21, 1962.

Life is like a baseball game. In life, like a ball game, there are two sides—right and wrong. Every day you live, you play on one side or the other. Time is the pitcher, throwing us opportunities every day. Eternity is the catcher.

---L.J. Jordan, Waterloo Courier, Waterloo, Iowa, May 31, 1987.

Life is like a baseball game—do the very best you can from first pitch to last pitch.

---Kim Jeffrey Johnson, Northwest Herald, Woodstock, Ill., June 2, 1996.

Whether you are in the game of baseball or in life, you must be prepared, because life is just like a baseball game. Just when you think a fastball is coming, you’ve got to be ready for a curve.

---Ted Hillock, The Californian, Temecula, Calif., March 28, 2003.

Life is like a baseball game. You take your swings. How you deal with your hits and misses is all that really matters.

---Rick Bentley, Fresno Bee, Fresno, Calif., Sept. 17, 2004.

Life is like a baseball game. You might get a home run. Or you might strike out. But you always get up to bat.

---Daniel Smith, Redding Record Searchlight, Redding, Calif., June 10, 2005.

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