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Latest NFL News and Reaction

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Welcome back to another BALLER CENTRAL article!!!!! Just a reminder that we are now on stereo!!!!!! It is an audio only podcast app so if you wanna hear us make sure to follow @yaboyphil781 and @akeemnyjel to get notified whenever we go live. Today’s article will be reacting to the NFL’s latest news. Let’s get right into it.

Julio Jones is a Titan



You see that correctly folks!! Julio Jones is now a Tennessee Titan. He will be moving from NFC to AFC as he tries to capture a Super Bowl with a new team. We believe it is a lateral move for him all due to the downgrade in QB but at least he has King Henry to run the ball to try to open up the offense more. Everything falls on can Ryan Tannehill get Julio the ball because we already know the talent of Julio Jones.

Aaron Rodgers skips OTAs



This one was pretty obvious and seems like it will last a while. Aaron Rodgers is still not happy and will do whatever it takes until his needs are met and it looks like he wants out of GB. The Packers have Jordan Love take every rep he can in case this saga reaches the regular season so at least they have somewhat of a gameplan.

CBS and Nickelodeon strike Gold


Who would’ve thought that Nick and CBS would win an award together? They have won a broadcasting award for their work for the playoff games they televised during the NFL season. This only solidifies that we will see even more slime in the end zone for many years to come!!! This was an excellent move to reach a younger fan base.

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Chad Ochocinco makes his Boxing Debut


Over the past weekend we saw Chad Ochocinco a former WR in the NFL box in an exhibition match. He made the announcement during his I Am Athlete podcast and had most of the co-hosts laugh at him but it was Chad who had the laugh who put up a decent performance despite being knocked down late in the fight. It’s just another thing to knock off his bucket list and we are excited to see what else he has on that list or if he will box again.

Those are our reactions to the latest NFL stories!!!!! Make sure you check us out every Wednesday night at 8pm for our stereo lives!!!! This upcoming Wednesday we will have our boy John Meyer who is a Jets, Giants, Knicks, and Mets fan on the live. Make sure y’all tune in!!!!!

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