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Lakers and Stocks Talk

Yawnie has been an avid NBA fan and a fan of the Lakers for 25 years.


The Los Angeles Lakers will be fine

The Los Angeles Lakers have had a multitude of injuries this year. Lebron James missed 17 games this year due to a bad ankle. Anthony Davis missed 2 months of action. Dennis Schroeder was out for 10 days due to health protocols, and so many more Lakers players missed games as well. Injuries are a part of the game and due to all this the Lakers had to play an extra game in the play in tournament to make the playoffs. They were successful against the Warriors, but it was a tough match up as they only won by 3 points, thanks to a game winning 3 pointer by Lebron James.

After all that this season, the Lakers qualified for the 7th seed and are facing off against the 2nd seeded Phoenix Suns. After a game one loss thanks to 34 points by Devin Booker and 21 points 16 rebounds by Deandre Ayton. The Lakers honestly needed this wake up call. They bounced back and looked more like the dominating Lakers of last year. In game 2 they took control early on and never looked back. Anthony Davis took game one offensively and was his normal elite self in game 2. During the broadcast on TNT, it was said that Davis stayed after game one to take shots and was serious throughout practice. Davis and Lebron both answered the challenge in game 2.

The Lakers fully regained everyone on the team 2 games before their play in game with the Warriors. It is clear that the Lakers have not had anytime to gel together. They also need to work in Andre Drummond with Lebron, and AD as they have not played much together since the addition around all star break. Honestly the Lakers will be fine and I believe anything can happen with this team. The Lakers had the best defense in the league this year, and lookout when their offense catches up. Their offense is very good with Lebron, Davis, and Schroeder had a great game, but things will be great once the rest of the supporting cast is consistent.

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On a side note, things do not look good for the Los Angeles Clippers. Luka Doncic and the Mavericks are playing outstanding and what an amazing feat to steal 2 games on the road. Kawhi and Paul George were the only ones to show up, but the rest of the crew needs to show up the rest of the series. As a life long Lakers fan, this is just a common occurrence as the Clippers will always be the Lakers' little brother until they can deliver a championship.


My new found love of the Stock Market

I started this journey around June of 2020, and have not looked back. It all began with an investing app called acorns that automatically invests for you. This was a great start for me because I had no idea what I was doing. Watched a lot of youtube videos and read as much as I can. Still learning each and every day, but I see myself doing this for life. To anyone who has not started investing, you can always start now as it is never to late to begin. Now I am confident in picking my own individual stocks and etf's. I look forward to writing about my journey more and more on here. My strategy is always changing because you always have to adjust with the stock market. I am no where near where I wanna be as a trader, but I am just glad I haven't given up and continue to fight every day.

In trading there is a lot of emotion involved with it. I have gone through so many different emotions in the almost one year of time becoming a trader in the stock market. None of this is financial advice. You should always be prepared to make money or lose money in the stock market. Prices fluctuate all the time, and the stock market is meant to gain you good money over time.

I've seen my account go from the most money I have ever seen in my life to going back to what I have put into my account. That's just the way it goes, and you have to always remember to lock in your profits. Most people learn the hard way, but it is now a constant reminder to always secure gains in the stock market. I will keep up with my journey and go into more detail in future blogs! Take care folks, and thanks for reading.

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