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Lsu Championships and the Staff Changes

Tristan Williams is a business administration student, who is currently a senior at Illinois State University. He is a "die-hard LSU fan"

While looking at LSU and what they have accomplished with the past three head coaches, it is almost shocking to see that they have won championships with three different head coaches over a span of 20 years. They have all come in and got the job done within five years. Les Miles and Ed Orgeron didn't have near the resume that Brian Kelly does. Les Miles went on to Kansas football and didn't have a positive season before getting fired. In my opinion, it is evident that statistically, Les Miles is not a good head coach and neither is coach Ed Orgeron.

The resources that LSU has and the resume of Brian Kelly at Notre Dame give me confidence that we will be legit contenders this next season. I think that the fact LSU is the only Power 5 school in the state is a huge perk. I think this will be pivotal in the next couple of years and Brian Kelly will be able to leverage this to his advantage. I mentioned before in one of my other blogs about the academic requirements of Notre Dame compared to LSU.

I think that a lot of high school kids especially the top talents may get caught in the moment and don't do homework and things like that. We have to keep in mind people come from different social and economic backgrounds. So there may be kids that choose to work and work out overdoing school work. If you think you can go anywhere because of your skill, I think this tends to make students try less. I think that LSU will have a top-three recruiting class the next couple of years and by 2026 we will have another championship (or two, or three).

But, Losing Corey Raymond had an instant impact on the roster, Eli Ricks and Dwight Mcglothern both entered the portal. This was critical for us because we are already losing Derek Stingley and Cordale Flott. These are all proven corners and we also suffered from injury but with all these elite corners on the team, we were still one of the worst defending teams.

I just honestly don't know how this will play out because clearly Corey is good at recruiting and has developed many players but he also gets top athletes. My question is if he was good at recruiting and development, was it on Daronte Jones, the former DC for LSU or what is the problem?

Although we Lost Eli Ricks and Dwight Mcglothern, we gained Joe Foucha, Greg Brooks, Mekhi Garner, and Jerrick Bernard. I think that it was time for Corey Raymond to go... I believe LSU is DBU because of the athletes, not the coach.

I also think that once we see how good Robert Steeples does, it will be easier to continue recruiting for classes of 2023 and 2024. But right now, Corey left along with the relationships between essentially all recruits.

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