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6 Questions Lebron Fans Can't Answer

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Why Did He Win ROY?

Roy is short for rookie of the year. Lebron's draft class was one of the best in history. Carmelo Anthony was a star at Syracuse. In the NBA he was a star. His first year in Denver was insane for him. His numbers were the best of rookie in his draft class. Dwayne Wade was in Miami making his presence known. Chris Bosh was at in Toronto doing great. That draft class was one of the most special ones. Sadly, he was not the golden ticket in it. It was the Cleveland Cavs star Lebron James.

Lebron was the top pick of the draft. Playing for his hometown cavs was his dream. Immediately, the cavs started growing. He was the chosen one coming into his first season. Lebron had the potential to be the Hometown hero. The Cavs year ended in disappointment but, lebron was not unnoticed. Unfortunately, the chosen one does not mean anything. He was not the best. Carmelo was.

Carmelo Anthony dominated the season and took Denver to the playoffs. Lebron did not take Cavs to the playoffs. Carmelo's displeasure did hurt but, he never seen mountains and he never seen snow caps. The anger he felt at the time was not going to override the great feelings he had. The Denver fans embraced him, they made it to the playoffs seven years straight. He loved Denver despite not getting the award he deserved. Lebron fans have yet to give a legit answer on how it happened.


Why'd He Not Go With Better?

The hype machine was in full effect. Lebron was the chosen one but, he was not the golden one. Cavs excelled each season he was there. Eventually, they made the playoffs. Things took an unexpected turn in 2007. The cavs ended up in the NBA finals. That team was said to be one of the worst. Truthfully, they were not. They just met a spurs team that was full of potential. Cavs won no game that finals but, the future did look more promising for the franchise.

Rightfully so, a young lebron cried. His passion didn't go unnoticed and the opponents consoled him. He was determined to get back. They had one of the best assistant coaches, Mike Brown, in the league as head coach. He was there for the 2007 cavs. Along with him came a lot more help to make it happen. The next season a step was taken back. The seasons after that one, cavs acquired championship vets.

In 2008 it was Ben Wallace. Cavs regular season ended with them going 66-16. In addition, he won season MVP. The next year, Ben was out and Shaq was in. Shaq helped his fellow draftmate, Dwayne Wade, win. He helped Kobe win. So it was only right he would help lebron. Cavs had a similar year with James winning MVP again. Sadly, they failed to make the playoffs both seasons. His fans have yet to answer why he went with worse and not better.

Why'd He Win Cavs Only One?

After failing after great seasons, Lebron wanted a change. In a one hour telecast, he mentioned he was joining his draft buddies in Miami. Prior to this, there were rumors that he was staying with cavs. So cavsnation was very upset. In fact, they felt humiliated. I was a fan at the time but now, I see why they felt that way. If it's hard to understand, I stopped being a lebron fan. Matters were made worse when cavs allstar, Big Z, went along.

He, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh teamed up along with other great role players. They became the villains of the league. Immediately, the heat became contenders. By the first seasons end, they showed they are. Heat made the NBA finals. They lost but they won the next. Lebron won season MVP too. That was the first time he won season MVP and a championship the same season. The next season was better. heat finished with the same record he won with cavs in the 2007-2008 season. He won season MVP both years but, he did not win the championship. The Miami heat did.

Why Shouldnt Cavsnation be upset? Never the less, he was coming home. After heat finals lost his final year, he confirmed it. Cleveland was somewhat excited since he learned to win. Once he came back home, he was ready. The cavs took it up a notch. They not only gave him the help but, one of the greatest coaches, David Blatt, in Israel. CaVs went on to make the finals that year. They failed in six to a young warriors team. The warriors came back stronger the next. Despite their strength, lebron and cavs came back roaring. They won that finals. They went back the next two but, only won 1 game in both of them combined. He was in position to win more but only got cavs one. His fans are too programmed to answer why he could not do it.

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Why'd He Only Win 1 Game?

This is one of the main questions that is ignored. Lebron fans read this and immediately nitpick. No team has won 1 game in a season. This question is about the finals. I touched on this in the last question. It's no excuse why he could not win cavs more than a game. If I played and am considered at the table with greats show the fight. He looks to have been satisfied to get cleveland their first championship.

Like Stephen A and many more, I don't entertain the jordan debates. Stephen A has said numerous times that he is none. Numerous players have and if they entertained it, they are responsible for disrespecting the sport. Its not only disrespectful to Jordan but, it is to him too. Jordan nor any great allowed that to happen. If they did, they lost the fight. Lebron let it happen. It's no reason the debate should have ever started.

Jordan won 6 titles and MVP's. He never played a game 7 in the finals. He has two three peats. Let's not forget, he never let his team get in a 3-1 hole. Before that milestone, the bulls held the record. They won 72 games and lost 10. Once in the playoffs, they steam rolled through. That 2016 championship can't be taken away but, it can be questioned. This is one of the questions that lebron fans have never answered.

Why Didn't He Win More MVP's?

Lebron won his first mvp during the 2008-2009 season. The years prior to that, the nation saw what was to come. So him winning wasn't much of a surprise. Cavs won 66-16 and he won league mvp. The next season he won the same award. When he got to miami, he won back to back season MVPs. None of us knew, those will be his last.

Cavs were in four finals. He won in 2016. He went to lakers and rested year one. The year after they won the NBA championship. After that, they lost the first round of the playoffs and this season, they did not make it. The only two things he won a franchise since miami is no playoffs. He went on to have ten finals visits.

His mvp campaign officially ended after his fourth. He was often on TV after games stating his displeasure. Subliminally, he's sent messages that he could win it each year if he wanted. It seems he'd win it this year with the stars of most the teams out. His fans cant answer why he hasn't won another while they played. This fact won't even be considered. His fans have yet to answer why he didn't. They'd rather say he was robbed.


Why Should Miami Be Mad?

As you could see, there is no reason for Miami to be mad. Heat gave him his first win in a finals series. Heat helped him win the finals the same year he won season mvp. Heat gave him his first championships. With that being said, heat made lebron what many think that he is. I heard him say he thanks Miami and Wade. His fans act like it did not happen.

His fans also act like Jordan never acknowledged pippen. When I read of them saying "Jordan never acknowledged pippen" I wonder if they watched "The Last Dance" Documentary. Jordan did and rarely spoke on politics or social injustice. That's because he was focused on doing his job on the court. His contributions off the court he did not need to broadcast. Lebron does.

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