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Kifaru Marauder Tactical Pack

Review from gearwebsites.com...Awesome.



The choice of the Spec-Ops community.

First thing I want to say is God Bless Our Military.

OK.The review that I am going to talk about is on Military and Law-enforcement equipment.Now if we narrow it down to the most important part of an operators need then it would be the Backpack.Not just an ordinary recreational pack but a Tactical Assault Pack.An example of this would be the Kifaru Marauder Pack.

This is the most important part of an operator equipment.Well beside the weapon that needs to be with the operator always.

There are options on what type of backpack needed.1 to three day pack or one week full load mission style packs.

Now we are squared away about assault packs.

I introduce to you the Kifaru Marauder tactical 3-day pack.This is the most versatile pack to date.Also with the name Kifaru international you are in good hands with this company.

Kifaru products are proudly made in the USA.Of course in our Military the soldiers need to proud of the equipment they encounter.Knowing it's made on our American soil.

The 3-day pack is the most used in missions that are sent down range.Go in and Get Out!!

But most important the soldiers need to carry mission essential items.Such items are MRE to 117 radio.Simple attachment of utility pouches using the PALS web that is standard in today's Assault packs.

13 Oct. 2015 - Kifaru No Longer Makes This Pack. Too Bad. This Was My Favorite Pack. Unless You shop On Ebay.

Kifaru Marauder Pack



1) 2,500 cubic inches

2) PALS webbing on the exterior and interior of the pack

3) Omni suspension system

4) Quick eject buckles.Awesome feature.Almost like the release buckle of the T-10 Charlie Parachute.

(For the Airborne...RISERS!!!)

5) Adjustable sternum straps

6) Tough 1000 Denier Cordura Fabric

7) Option to carry a full hydration bladder 100 oz

8) Made In the USA!

9) L-18 x W-7.5 x H-12 inches

As you can see in the image above the eight rows of PALS web.This is the standard of today's Tactical Pack as I mentioned earlier.This pack is about 4Ibs.With that small added weight it is not much on your back.Rack it up to full load and you start to feel the slight heaviness.

But that is no problem with the Kifaru Marauder.It has the lumbar support pad with dual density foam and pack lock.This as mentioned on their website.On the system you also have the option to have the aluminum or composite stays.Meaning that if your back is flat then use the aluminum rod that comes inserted in the back.

Now with a normal curve back you have the option for the composite stays.This will contour to your back and help you with the weight savings of the pack.

From my experience my Kifaru has the basic aluminum stays.This is just fine for me.No need for style.But that is one of the option you can choose.

Aluminum rod stays


Both of the images you see up and down are the Aluminum stays that I am talking about.My back is a normal curve.But the option is to get the Composite stays.This option will cost you another 40 dollars extra.But anything with Kifaru you are squared away

Aluminum rod stays pulled out.


Padded lumbar support

As mentioned earlier with lumbar support this feature does help in aiding your lower back.I can tell you that after a 15 mile ruck march you can feel the "Pain! In My back!"

So this is a treat to your lowers.

Anatomical Lumbar Pad



You can see the images below where I attached a Voodoo utility pouch on the inside flap of the Kifaru marauder.You can do more than this.There are a lot of utility pouches on the market.So shop around. On the side of the Marauder pack you can see my other Voodoo utility pouch again.This what the doctor ordered.Simple but functional tactical pack.That's how I like it.

Utility pouches


So there you have it the basics and some little explanation of the Kifaru Marauder pack.Your views and opinion may vary comparing to mine.So the best thing to do is shop around. To be honest with you cheap will gets you know where.You get what you pay for always.Kifaru Tactical packs start at 380 and above.Depending on the options.

The waist belt is an option also.I kind of disagree to this before and now I agree with it now.Because it makes sense.Each soldier has different demands and needs.Each individual may vary on the waist.The options are four choices.

1)Non-padded=Plain or PALS web.

2)Padded=Plain or PALS/Power Pull setup.

Chose the Non-padded PALS version.I myself do not need too much padding at the waist.

But as for me this pack is the one.I also have a Mystery Ranch three day Assault pack also.It's a Tri-Zip style pack.

KIFARU and MYSTERY RANCH is the only packs that I buy.

I think we are squared away in this review of the KIFARU MARAUDER PACK.

Aloha Oe.


Utility pouches

One of the great ways of utilizing the PALS webbing on any tactical pack is multiple attachments. Here I have three of my favorites.

1 - 5.11 Tactical 10.6 pouch

2- Voodoo Tactical pouches

You can position these pouches anywhere on the pack. I like to attach my 5.11 10.6 pouch on the lower part of my KIFARU Marauder

Then from there the Voodoo pouches will be positioned to the side of the backpack.

Voodoo Tactical pouch


Voodoo Magic

I did a Voodoo on my Kifaru Marauder pack. Easy on. Easy off. Just quick snaps of the strap guides and the voodoo pouch comes off quickly.

5.11 10.6 on.


Here is the 5.11 10.6 pouch. This is one of my favorite utility pouches to add. 4 simple button straps and button it up and you are squared away.

Kifaru w/ 5.11 10.6 utility pouch.


5.11 and Voodoo pouches


Over all I am very satsified with the out come. Everything is simple and functional. This pack is perfect for hunting and traveling.

Kifaru Marauder pack, 5.11 Tactical and Voodoo tactical makes a good combination. These are my choices.

There are many one out there but this ones I chose. Choose the one that fits your needs and have a safe one outdoors.


marlonpupuli (author) from sunset beach hawaii on December 27, 2011:

I thought the standard issue army ALICE Pack was the best looking back then.The Kifaru really holds up really well down range.Outbound Dan maybe it's not a bad idea and throw that radio on your back and go ruck running...HOOORAH!!!

Dan Human from Niagara Falls, NY on December 26, 2011:

Wow, that looks like a much better pack that the assault pack I had in the Army. It looks like it actually has some support. Makes me want to throw a radio back on my back...okay maybe not. Great hub, thanks!