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Kevin Durant Hates These People The Most

The two-time NBA champion has been in the league for a while, and he’s had his fair share of confrontations with people


Kevin Durrant is well-known for being laid back and one of the league’s nicest players. Every now and then in the league, Kevin Durrant developed a dislike for certain people, particularly those in the sports industry.


Lil B


Charles Barkley

Kevin Durant also had some run-ins with Charles Barkley, who is a Hall of Famer. As a result, when it comes to dealing with Barkley, Kevin Durant is hesitant. One instance, in particular, was when Barkley claimed Durant was a bus rider to two championships. That Kevin was never the Golden State Warriors’ leader and that he took the easy way out by winning in the Bay Area. Kevin Durrant retweeted pictures of Barkley with two hall of Famers who have previously won championships. Referencing the fact that Barkley has played with superstars and has yet to win a championship, Kevin has won two with elite superstars such as Steph and Klay.


Bob Myers

The two-time NBA Finals MVP and current Nets star expressed his displeasure in an expletive-filled Instagram comment after hearing Warriors GM Bob Myers describe their 2018 title as a sigh of relief. Kevin Durrant had moments when he didn’t feel appreciated by the organization, and Bob Myers made him feel that way when they won their first championship. Steph had been here since day one, and he was just a backup. Furthermore, Bob Myers did not handle Kevin’s injury delicately during the 2019 finals; instead of simply sitting out, Kevin felt he was rushed back to the floor to compete. It demonstrates that the Golden State Warriors were not looking after Kevin Durrant’s best interests.


Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless

Since joining the league, Kevin Durant has had numerous encounters with these two, particularly Skip Bayless. As a sports anchor, you evaluate a player’s performance, whether it is good or bad. However, Skip Bayless can sometimes take it a step further, the same thing with Smith. Skip ridicules Durrant, and Smith says things that tick Durrant off sometimes. Skip has referred to him as having soft skin and even trolls him on social media. Kevin Durant probably dislikes these guys because their criticism sometimes extends beyond the game of basketball. He even wrote on Twitter that he doesn’t like Skip Bayless.

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