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Kenyan Man Gets Innovative, Launches Heated Swimming Pool in a Coldest Region in Kenya

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Divein Swimming Pool in Nyandarua, Kenya is the only swimming pool of its kind in this region; reason, it is located in one of the unlikely places, Kinangop, which is among the coldest places in Kenya.

In most cases, the temperature stands at 5°C (41°F) and thus nobody would think of putting up a swimming pool in such a place. Who in his right mind would consider swimming in such an environment?

Andrew Muiruri Guuru who is the owner says that he started this business venture to fill in the gap and tap the opportunity inherent for pool lovers since there are virtually no swimming pools in the whole of Nyandarua.

His Motivation to start a heated swimming pool

Mr Muiruri explains to citybiz why he started this business

“Why the pool in a cold place?- as an entrepreneur, business is about identifying a gap in an area and positioning oneself as a solution provider. People in Kinangop lack such a facility and used to travel far and wide, Naivasha and Nakuru in search of swimming services. So I was motivated by the need to address an existing need at the same time providing an unique edge to the hotel that would make people visit Divein”

But what would attract clients to a swimming pool in a cold place?

To ensure that his business is viable, Muiruri ensured that his swimming pool has heated water. As such, there are machines which ensure that the water is up to the required temperature. Obviously many people would be eager and enjoy diving in a pool with heated water. This trick worked instantly as he started receiving visitors not only in Nyandarua and Kinangop but also as far as Naivasha, Laikipia, and Nakuru.

The uniqueness of Mururi’s swimming pool owing to the heating which is not usual to majority of known pools in Kenya leave alone in Nyandarua or Kinangop where the pool is located. Besides, the level of hygiene is the highest as attested by him

“Our facility is always clean with the water sparkling clear that provides an inviting aspect to potential clients,” he says adding that the size and depth are able to accommodate all categories; Baby part- 2 feet, training swallow part 4ft, and deep end at 6.5ft. it's length is 25mtrs and width 10mtrs.

How the Heating is done

To ensure the water is constantly in the right temperatures, Muiruri ensured to invest enough capital for heating machines. They include commercial swimming pool heaters, hydraulic robot cleaner for cleaning the pool and the pool bed, and other water treatment machines

“To make the pool user-friendly, we use commercial swimming pool heaters from Davis and Shetliff with a capacity to warm our 350 cubic liters to up to 25 degrees. We also acquired and use a hydraulic robot cleaner to keep the pool bed sparkling clean and all other recommended water chemicals to maintain a friendly PH level, chlorine level, recommendable hygienic levels” Muiruri explains to city biz

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To extensive pool management and treatment ensures that the pool is safe, hygienic, and friendly, and unlikely regular pools, no regular draining of water is necessary.

“Based on the treatment of our pool, our water has an over 10-year’s life span before you can consider draining the pool unless you are undertaking some repairs and maintenance.

Charges and Returns

Despite the extra cost of heating the cold water, Muiruri still charges visitors and those who love swimming regular swimming costs which is 300 for adults and 200 for children.

“Adults full day swimming are charged sh.300 and kids, pupils and students sh.200 per person. Training is free so long as you pay the swimming fee but only on weekdays” says Muiruri.

Apart from regular swimmers, Muiruri has also tapped in schools both secondary and primary who used his swimming pool for lessons, practical and just relaxation.

“Main client are students, both primary and secondary school teams who we train for participation at secondary schools swimming competition such as karima Girls that goes to national levels in swimming” he reveals adding that “CBC was a huge boost as the entire region does the lessons here”

However, Divein swimming pool also attracts tourists who just want to come and see this peculiar project in Nyandarua.


Like many other businesses, the Divein Heated Pool's earnings also fluctuate depending on various factors like the season. However, Muiruri admits that it is self-sustaining, in the sense that it can pay workers all expenses related to pool management.

“On how much it generates depends on many factors as to actual figure it's normally a confidential issue but able to pay electricity bills for the entire project and all expenses related to the pool. In short, it is self-sustaining”

Divein pool borders Aberdare National Park which is a short distance away.

According to Muiruri, it is placed in a secure, serene, and quiet place. There is also a helipad point for choppers just for the sake of tourists who want to relax or swim.

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